Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease? Part 2

Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease?  Part 2

Can your mind be restored?

We don’t need an alive body without an alive mind.  We still do not understand the disease process of Alzheimer’s.  We do know that beta amyloid shows up, but there are lots of people that have it on autopsy that had healthy minds.  We lose memory when we lose synapses and there are all kinds of things that can cause that.  There is no simple answer, it is a multifactorial process.  Why are our brains atrophying? A new theory is high glucose levels.  Another name for Alzheimer’s could be Diabetes Type 3.    We have an incredibly high sugar diet.  Corn Chips, potato chips, bread, pasta, etc. almost everything we eat is sugar or going to be converted to sugar.  The lack of exercise to burn off this sugar is a problem as well.

There are 7 stages of Alzheimer’s and up to stage 5 can be reversed.  The whole thing can be prevented.  Diet is our number one defense.  Sugar spikes cause Alzheimer’s, cancer, and diabetes.  A sugar spike is when that something you ate, causes your sugar level to go up 20 points.  It is also important to know when not to eat.  We should only eat within 8 hours or less out of our day.  No snacks after that.

The immune system works by an antibody being exposed to an antigen.  For the rest of your life that antibody is now looking for that antigen.  If you don’t eat it, your immune system gets a chance to rest.  If you don’t eat 16  continuos hours out of the day your immune system also gets a break.   When it gets a chance to rest, when it doesn’t see that same old thing that you should not be friends with, in other words people usually eat the same thing all the time, when you are not, your immune system has the ability to now look for new things that are not good for you.  Fasting is not just a spiritual practice it is a health practice.  Fasting 16-18 hours a day is quite beneficial.  Fasting is important to keeping a healthy mind and body.

How can the Europeans smoke and drink and have less cardiovascular disease than us?  They eat well.  They don’t eat GMO’s.  GMO’s are pesticides that have been genetically incorporated into the foods to kill animals.  An insect is basically an animal.  They have the same cellular components that we have.  Monsanto says that the GMO only kill the critters with an enzyme pathway that we don’t have.  That  doesn’t mean that it doesn’t harm us.  It kills the trillions of bacteria that help make us function as humans.  Europeans try to ban GMO’s.  Rinsing your food with hydrogen peroxide can decontaminate some of it.

For DNA to work all day long, it needs to have water.  We do not hydrate ourselves.  When we are dehydrated, the DNA that is all bound up cannot untangle itself to replicate and make proteins, which is what we are.  Liquid is the medium in the body which everything happens in.  Cells are small factories.  They create waste products.  Cells dump their waste right outside the door.  It has to get carried away via the lymph system.  We have arteries and veins that are one continuos system.  Lymphatic vessels are an open ended vascular system.  They have no muscles in their walls so lymph doesn’t move unless you move.  We are stiff in the morning because our muscles have not been contracting and our lymph is not circulating.  Lymph is waste material.  You want to keep that stuff moving.  When NYC garbage workers went on strike and the trucks were not moving, it only took 3 days for the city to collapse.  It became a health hazard rapidly.  People were throwing their garbage right out their front doors.  You do not want your garbage sitting outside the cells front door.  The lymph only gets carried away when you get carried away and decide to move and drink water.  Lymph vessels do have valves to stop the flow from reversing and back flowing into the tissues, but to move it forward and out, you need to squeeze it which means contracting muscles, and that requires movement on your part.

The lymph system eventually gets carried back to the circulatory system.  The lymph system also requires lots of water.  Bottled water is usually tap water, but it is has been sitting in plastic bottles for months collecting toxic chemicals.  Water should be stored in glass after filtered with carbon.  Water needs minerals so reverse osmosis is not so good.

Staying away from fats is deadly.  The unhealthy oils that we’ve been told to cook in are dangerous.   Olive oil and coconut oil is good brain food.   Trans fats are damaged materials.  Our bodies will use damaged material to rebuild but then those cells are damaged.  They leak.  Lots of information in this series about leaking cells so keep reading.  We must have healthy fats to build a healthy body.  The USDA food chart is what has caused the epidemic in disease and the decline in our health.  We should not be eating carbohydrates all day long.  We could live forever without ever eating one of them.  We need fat and protein to live.  We can exist without carbs.  Vegetables, nuts, low glycemic fruits, are good for us, things in a wrapper and box, probably not.

Men that had prostate cancer had  60% less progression with just 30 minutes of vigorous exercise at least 3 times per week.  Getting your heart rate up to 150 if you are under 50, 140 if you are over 60, 130 if you are over 70.  The optimal heart rate goes down as we age.

Alzheimer’s is not a disease.  It is the end stage of a decades long progression that ends in a catastrophe.  Calling it a disease makes everyone think that they caught it.  If you caught something you might not be thinking about how do I reverse decades of unhealthy living.  Alzheimer’s can be prevented.  It may seem I’m jumping around, but I prefer to think of it as mixing it up and you need to mix it up and do the things mentioned above as part of a healthy life style to keep your memories longer.

I was just listening to a neurosurgeon discussing neuro plasticity.  That is what makes us human, our brains ability to connect synapses and create new pathways so that each neuron/brain cell can communicate with others.  The more connections we have, the more human we are and the better chance of surviving an unhealthy event such as a stroke.  He specializes in waking people up out of commas.  He said that one of the most important parts of his regimen was to insure good nutrition.  Another was movement.  Even if you have a comatose body it needs to move.  Multisensory stimulation was also important to making the brain work again.  Just shining a light into the eye can wake up the brain.  Combined with all sensory stimulation increases your chances.

What causes a brain to fall apart the way we see in Alzheimer’s?  Nutritional deficiencies.  Being void of essential fatty acids, minerals, B vitamins, or full of heavy metal deposits are culprits.  The heavy metals seem to create amyloid material.  Fluoride is also toxic to brain cells and we are forced by our government to drink it.  The autoimmune component is our immune system trying to clean up the junk.

Common toxins that affect the brain are Aluminum, Mercury, and Glyphosate  We can prevent Alzheimer’s by preventing these chemicals from entering into our bodies and that is not easy.  How do we avoid sugar.? It is in almost everything we eat.  If it is not added, that bread you ate is going to be converted into sugar at the end of your digestive chain.   In someone that is very sensitive, even fruit can stress out their liver and get an inflammatory response.   The average U.S. citizen consumes almost a hundred pounds of sugar a year.  Excessive sugar crystalizes our red blood cells and that means oxygen and nutrients are not circulating.  These sugar crystals have barbs on them and as they float around the circulatory system.  They cut up and damage our vessels.  This is why diabetics have poor circulation.  The blood vessels can’t expand and contract very well.  By 2030, fifty percent of America will have Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is when you have had so much sugar floating around for so long that the insulin receptors shut down and do not allow the sugar to pass into the cells for use.  The cells are so saturated with sugar that they shut down the pathways for more sugar to get into the cell.  This is called insulin resistance.  When sugar can’t get into brain cells amyloid plaques develop creating Alzheimer’s.  If you recall, Amyloid proteins interfere with our recall.  By locking the door the cells become resistant and that is not good because the only fuel that our brain can use is sugar.  Without fuel your brain is not working and since it is your bodies control center it affects everything, which is one reason why Alzheimer’s is fatal.

To correct the beginning of Alzheimer’s you have to get away from the things that are proinflammatory.  That means cutting out all the things you probably like to eat.  Inflammation in the brain leads to Alzheimer’s because it damages the receptor sites, which are like a keyhole, they are the channel for how things get into our cells.  They are geometric in form and inflammation changes their shape and it is their precise shape that does the filtering of what goes in and what doesn’t.  This all occurs on the membrane and that is where life is really happening at the cell level.  Things have to get in and out of the cell through receptor sites and if they are physically transformed from inflammation you are not doing well. If the cell becomes damaged because of oxidation or inflammation it now becomes a vicious cycle.  The receptor is slightly not working right and that causes not only molecules that are vitally needed inside the cell to remain outside, but it causes things that need to be outside to remain inside.  One way to stop all this is to have half of your plate covered with vegetables.  The other half should be things that don’t turn into sugar.  This allows your brain to heal.

The reason why they say we only use one percent of our brain is because there can be 60,000 synapses on one nerve cell.  We have approximately 100 billion nerve cells and when you times that by 60,000 synapses the possibilities become over 200 trillion different outcomes/thoughts/responses.  What does a trillion look like? A trillion seconds is 32,000 years to give you a perspective on what a trillion is besides just bigger than a billion.    Stay Tuned For Part 3

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