Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease. Part 4 Lyme’s Disease

Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease.  Part 4 Lyme’s Disease

Lyme’s disease is hard to diagnose because it can have over 150 different symptoms.  You can have a tremendous variety of presentations.  They found an ice man over 100 years ago and he had the Lyme disease Borrelia species in him so it is not as new as a disease as we think.  There are different strains of the bacteria.  The spirochetes, which is the class of bacteria they fall in, like to drill deep so they are not floating around in the blood and they won’t be detected.  When they change into a cyst form they become a thousand times more resistant to antibiotics.  It has a stealth form where they go into the cells and our immune system attacks our cells.

Lyme is invasive and also gets other existing bugs to work with it.  CDC states that it is now 300,000 people a year being affected with Lyme’s.  You can have the Borrelia bacteria in you, but if you are a healthy host it doesn’t have to affect you.  Instead of focusing on the darkness, that the disease that has entered your body, you can focus on the light, doing the healthy things that will make your body a lousy host for disease.

The basic Eliza and Westphal immune tests have too many false negatives and positives so it is a waste of time and money for detection of Lyme’s.  If we go beyond the standard testing that is very inept , there are boutique labs such as DNA Connections that have a better track record of detecting Lyme’s.  But it is basically a clinical diagnosis.  If you have wandering arthritic type pains, it is a good hint.  Costal/rib pain that persists is an indication.  But it is very complex and that is why it is the new great mimicker that used to be owned by Syphilis another spirochete bacteria.

Conventional treatment is to kill the bug.  We must annihilate it.  But a better way is to build up your health.  Why is your immune system not dealing with it.  Heavy metals protect the bacteria.  There is one form of the bacteria that produces mucous.  It is hard to penetrate that blanket of mucous/bio film.  The ingredients of bio film are minerals copper, iron, but also can have heavy metal toxins mercury and lead.  They act as a shield against our immune response.  Parasites can also be present.  Better to remove all these shields first than to just try and kill it with antibiotics, which in a cyst form, can be nearly impossible since they now can become 1000 times more resistant to the antibiotics.

Our brains drain waste fluids when we are sleeping into the lymph system,  But if your bile duct is backed up, which is the last stop for the lymph to be drained  then the liver and gallbladder need to be helped as well.   A symptom of Lyme’s is brain fog and it is not easy for your brain to drain as it is and having a liver and gallbladder not functioning optimally is a problem that is most likely going to be totally overlooked as a solution to your disease.   When heavy metals bind to proteins in the body the immune system may try to pull them out.  When it digs into the tissue to get the heavy metals out, it damages the tissue.  We see this with a leaky gut.

If we don’t cleanse our livers on a regular daily basis, they become garbage cans.  As toxins accumulate in the liver and can’t be flushed out, or we do not provide the liver with the nutrients that the liver needs to get out the junk,  the liver cells convert to fat deposits.  Fat is where our bodies put toxins to be stored.  One reason why people can’t lose weight is because their fat cells are loaded with toxins and your body is protecting you.  You lose that fat without first losing the toxins, they are going to cause you harm.  Your body knows this, so it keeps the fat on you.  You have to detox first to lose fat in a healthy way.  We see often the liver not getting rid of toxins and becoming fat storage bins instead.

A fatty liver is going to lead to a lot of disease.  Fatty liver disease can be from alcohol, but there is also a non alcohol form.  We also see a lot of it in miners that don’t drink, but it was the heavy metals that they were exposed to that created the fatty liver.  You may think you are living a healthy lifestyle, but your liver is processing a lot of chemical toxins from our modern lives.  One piece of the puzzle to why our immune systems are not working so well.  But we can learn to avoid them.  At least some of the time.

To treat a disease we need to treat the whole body, not just the disease.  We can’t control what we breathe, but we can control what we eat.  Lyme is a chronic infection.  H. Pylori is a chronic infection that causes acid reflux and ulcers.  We have lots of chronic infections without knowing we have them because you don’t always have a raging fever with them.

Multiple autoimmune processes going on at once could be a sign of parasites.  Parasites are extremely hard to detect.  They usually do 3 stool tests to diagnose the condition, but it is pot luck trying to find an egg under the microscope.  We think of parasites as something that causes problems in our stomach or at the other end with diarrhea.   But they can cause problems throughout your body.  The inflammation created by the parasites in the gut can make it leak.

That causes what we’ve been talking about throughout this series.  Two thirds of our immune system is in the lining of our gut.  The lymphocytes leave your gut lining and travel throughout your body.  When they have been triggered by the parasitic infection they can now carry the parasites messages to your joints, your skin, your eyes, and your lungs.  Modern day adrenal fatigue syndrome is rampant and parasites are typically overlooked as a cause of the problem.

If you were to dissect out all the nerves in the gut, they would weigh 4 times more than all the nerves in the spinal cord.  I just read that, but I don’t know if I actually believe that, but I do know for sure the gut is loaded with nerves and for good reason.  One reason why many gastro-intestinal illnesses have their origin in the mind.  The healthy bacteria in our gut effect the mind.

For example the bacteria can produce cytokines that can cause the brain to make more serotonin,  one of our happy neurotransmitters.  A healthy gut can help produce a healthy brain.  Our entire industrial agricultural system is geared to kill all the healthy bacteria in our guts.  So is most of our medical system.  The medical system allows the agricultural system to destroy our health because it is very profitable for them when you arrive sick.

A leaky gut is an intestinal issue, they become swollen and inflamed.  When things get inflamed they expand.  In this case the gut wall expands and it becomes to permeable to things that were not meant to permeate.  This means that everything that goes in your mouth can enter directly into your blood stream.  This creates a gigantic immune response.  70 to 80% of the immune system resides in the gut.  It is there to protect us from things that are not supposed to be entering our blood stream.  The things we eat today, damages our gut and our immune system becomes overworked and breaks down.  These things were supposed to be broken down by our digestive system before entering our body.

In my first year of undergraduate college biology, the professor explained how our entire digestive system is really outside of our body even though we think of it as inside.  It is a tube that is in us, but with a little geometry she showed how it is outside of us and the things that we eat need to be digested in order to get into us.  Our modern food supply has made our guts so leaky, so permeable, that all these things that were never meant to be in us are now overwhelming us.  Don’t think it is just Monsanto with their chemicals.  Just hot spicy foods or alcohol can damage your gut lining.  Our guts can repair if we eat better and that might be a good idea since it is not only part of your brain, it is a big part of your immune system.


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