Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease part 3. More brain stuff.

Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease part 3.  More brain stuff.

It turns out that we do make new brain cells.  They are made deep in the brain such as the hippocampus, which has to do with memory and the amygdala, which is related to emotions.  if we don’t make synapses to these new 7,000 nerve cells that are made per day, we lose them. I can’t believe I even typed that.  This is so radically different from what I was taught in medical school back in 1980.  Forget about for now how do we keep them, this offers a lot of promising hope for mankind.

Our brain is one giant Cholesterol fat sandwich.  We have been told that our cholesterol is too high and each week they lower the number so you can’t escape their drugs that lower your cholesterol and IQ.  The more statins they sell, the more brain damaged people we have.  Then we are told to eat sugar.  We are told this on commercials and even our own government’s food pyramid and other advise advises us to eat lots of sugar.  Burning sugar for human fuel is like burning wood in a fire place, it leaves a lot of dirt around.  Burning ketones off of our fat burns a lot cleaner, so Ketogenic diets are extremely beneficial.

DESS is important to consider.  Diet, Exercise, Sleep and Stress. The Mediterranean diet is quite useful for the brain.  Ketogenic and Paleo diets are as well.  You should want about 4 ounces of protein at a meal.  Not too much.  Mostly vegetables and healthy fats.  This is a prescription for better cognition.  Cortisol, which is what all stress gets converted into is very poisonous to hippocampal neurons, which is a memory center in the brain.  Remember?, I just wrote that above.  This is one reason why police find witnesses unreliable.  What they witnessed was very stressful and that stress caused short circuits in their memory and they can’t remember what the suspect looked like.  All these things have been underestimated over the years.

Sleep is an important factor because of the lack of melatonin being created by the pineal gland.  Melatonin is neuro protective the way anti oxidants are to our bodies other cells.  Melatonin is one of the most powerful anti oxidants our bodies produce.  Growth hormone is the most powerful anti oxidant and after that it is a horse race between glutathione and melatonin.  After that catalase and S.O.D. super oxide dismutase.  You need Selenium to produce glutathione and our food supply is incredibly short on that as well as just about every other mineral we need to be healthy.  All these things come in supplements and I suggest taking them so that you won’t have to take drugs that will rob you more of these nutrients, which in turn will create in you what you are trying not to have by taking those drugs.

If you are not sleeping you are not getting melatonin.  It is produced while we sleep.  If you don’t sleep, you don’t get that protection.  You are prone to neuro-degeneration.  Sleep deprivation in young people is very harmful to them since they are developing rapidly.  Ninety days of getting less than six hours of sleep causes disruption in 700 different enzymatic systems in our bodies.  Enzymes are the chemicals that allow chemical reactions to occur.  Most of these enzymes and their pathways start decaying after only thirty days of sleep deprivation.  Staying awake with energy drinks and coffee is causing brain damage.  One reason why energy drinks are so harmful is because the increased metabolism causes you to use up more nutrients and you become depleted even if they added a few into the drink.  If you are nutrient deficient and are exposed to toxins you become a toxin sponge.  You are going to have difficulty getting rid of those toxins.

Conversely, if you don’t have nutrients your cells can let more toxins in.  Nutrients act as a gate keeper against toxins.  If we have waste accumulating in the body, we can’t stop the inflammation.  We also become very attractive to bugs that are not healthy for us.  Selenium, Magnesium, Iodine Zinc work well in neutralizing the poisons we ingest from our food.  Zinc and Selenium help neutralize mercury.  Iodine helps to neutralize fluoride.  If we don’t get these and most likely we don’t, we are becoming more toxic.  But if you weed your lawn and leave the wholes, you end up with something that looks just as bad as it did with the weeds.  In other words, you need to not only detox, get rid of the bad stuff, you need to put the good stuff in to take its place.  Those holes in the lawn are perfect places for new weed seeds to take root.

Vitamin D is another key nutrient for good brain health and overall health.  Without vitamin B homocysteine becomes troublesome.  Vitamin B can methylate it and make it not harmful.  This is the number one killer, heart disease.  A lack of vitamin B and C is a main cause of it, not a deficiency of statin drugs.  Most doctors don’t even order homocysteine levels on blood tests, but it is very important to have vitamin B and C to combat heart disease and our brains have lots of blood vessels as well.  We don’t want them getting hard.  Remember the old name for heart disease was hardening of the arteries.  If you are taking statins to protect your arteries you are causing incredible harm to your entire body.

The ketogenic diet has been used for over 100 years.  It has helped epilepsy when drugs didn’t work.  It works for a lot of diseases because a lot of diseases have the same cause in common, which is inflammation.  Ketones provide an alternate fuel for brain cells that burns cleaner leaving less inflammation debris around in the cells to cause disease processes.

Being given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s implies that you caught a mysterious disease that we know nothing about.  Well a lot has changed, but chances are your M.D. hasn’t seen any of these changes written about here.   Stay tuned for part 4.

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