Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease?

Why the insane exponential increase in autoimmune disease?

The following information is what I thought was interesting from a 16 hour lecture along with information that I have obtained from over 40 years of study.

Half  of health care costs are attributed to 5 basic types of patients.  Patients in the autoimmune disease spectrum are typically forced to buy drugs for these diseases that are ridiculously expensive and offer extremely limited benefit.

There are over 100 auto immune diseases and some think many more fall into this category.  We often here about a few such as Hashimotos, Lupus, Psoriasis, Crohn’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  If you have a weird condition that nobody can explain, it is probably an autoimmune disease.  Things that we are familiar with like Asthma, Allergies, and Eczema are not considered actual autoimmune, but they are on the spectrum and they go away when given the same natural approach to treatment.  Your parents may have it, but that doesn’t mean you have to have it so it is not a classically genetic inheritable disease.  We have seen patients that were able to reverse these diseases.  The chances of that happening are much lower if you seek traditional medical treatment.  You can take measures to protect yourself against it.

While trees get their energy from the Sun, we get ours from the nutrients that our gut takes in.  For us, there is no other energy source other than what we put into our mouths.  Our symptoms manifest from what we eat.  Symptoms, say those created by Hashimotos (hypothyroid), could be brain fog, joint pain, fatigue and some Hashimoto antibodies can be present.  You don’t want to stare at the leaves of a tree when you have a sick tree.  The leaves are not what is defective.  You may want to look at the roots to figure out why it is not growing or getting sick.  Keep in mind that there is more than one branch on a tree.  Modern medicine chases the leaves, your symptoms without addressing the ROOT cause, which is usually your gut and what you put in it.

Thirty percent of people that have one autoimmune disease have another one.   So those symptoms on the other branch picture them as apples, could be numbness, blindness, paralysis, and these are signs of Multiple Sclerosis.  The conventional medical model is to give you a drug for every symptom/apple on your branches.  But we don’t want to focus on that, we want to focus on the roots.  What you are putting into your gut.  Our gut is our number one life support system.  If it is not  healthy you are not healthy.  If you don’t have the right balance of bacteria you are going to be predisposed to autoimmune disease.  Our current medical and agricultural system is geared towards killing all those bacteria that we need to be healthy and human.

Autoimmune disease is one of the most misunderstood conditions in medicine.  Most of medicine operates off of an old paradigm.  They think that your immune system is over active.  It’s over aggressive and it is attacking it’s host.  This is not the case.  A person with an autoimmune disease has a dysfunctional immune system.  It has lost it’s ability to differentiate who is good and who is bad.  The immune system is misguided, it knows there are opponents in the body that it should attack, but it’s not working right, it can’t see the good guys from the bad guys and it strikes whatever it runs into first.

The shorter time you have an autoimmune disease, the easier it is to reverse.  The ANA test used to detect autoimmune factors can be reversed.  Most drugs we take are going to cause inflammatory responses that help create autoimmune symptoms.  We all know how corrupt the drug industry is with its influence over our politicians, but we may not be aware of how that all got started.  Back when medical schools were just beginning, they received giant donations from Rockefeller in exchange for his drug companies having control over the curriculum.  Today if a doctor is not prescribing medicine they are getting in trouble with drug companies.  There are laws that make only their harmful, dangerous, poisonous products acceptable as cures.  If you were to say that vitamin C could cure something you could go to jail.  The reality is, is that most drugs are the only thing that will not afford a cure.  The money is in having a life time disease like diabetes where you will die if you don’t take their cure, which is not a cure, it is a way of managing your disease.  In fact, the treatment for diabetes, Insulin, makes you worse and we’ll get to that in some more detail further down somewhere.   Our health care system is incredibly corrupt.   Our bodies were meant to be well and they have taught us that we should be sick and buy their products that will guarantee that we get sicker.  This is not an accident, this is intentional.  Industry does not care about your well being.  The autoimmune industry is massive.  About 100 Billion Dollars is spent on their treatment.

Many diseases are now being thrown into the autoimmune category.  Diseases like Type 2 diabetes and autism can be lumped into this category.  Autoimmune is slow to develop.  We may not recognize the symptoms developing.  Digestive symptoms can be what is opening us up for future disease.  Additionally, chemical toxicity primes our immune systems to go haywire.   The pesticides of the agricultural industry are not only killing the bugs in the fields, but they are killing us.  I have 7 blog episodes just previous to this detailing all that.  In a nutshell, for every cell of ours that is human, we have hundreds that are not, but necessary to keep us human.

It is not healthy for us to eat our average food in the grocery store that traveled over 1500 miles from a central factory farm.  Our food is not only empty of nutrients, but loaded with dangerous chemicals.  They create slow growing diseases that our medical system profits from.  Our food is sourced from financially motivated corporations.  Our government continues to make laws that put little farmers out of business.

Some details.

Our thyroid glands seem to be misunderstood by many doctors.  The blood tests for the Thyroid don’t necessarily mean anything on their own.  TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone.  It is not produced in the thyroid.  It is produced in the pituitary gland and it tells our thyroids to do something.  That something is, is to make T4.  It makes a little T3, but mostly T4 although it is the T3 form that your body wants.  So the T4 gets converted in the liver to T3.  Our livers are under constant attack not only from chemicals, but also all the extra carbohydrates that we eat.  It is so busy doing so much, that it could have difficulty making our much needed T3.  I’ve been to 3 endocrinologists that looked at my T4 and TSH and said case closed, I’m fine.  But I have symptoms of low thyroid and they didn’t think much of my elevated liver enzymes and triglycerides.  The point is, a lot of disease that causes a lot of suffering can go unnoticed with that kind of physical and clinical examination.   Chances are your doctor is not going to order T4 T3 TSH.  There are two different types of T3 and T4, Free and Total.  We also want to get reverse T3.  This could be high in people developing disease.  Lastly, you want to know your antibodies, TG TPO.  If your antibodies are high, that typically signals you are developing autoimmune disease.  Selenium is necessary to convert thyroid hormones.  It is necessary in Glutathione reduction reactions and this is vital to our health. We can overcome these conditions, but not when you had everything cut out.  Gluten is a big offender that prevents healing.

Molecular mimickery.  Our gut has tiny pin holes that is letting a lot of garbage get into places where it shouldn’t be.  This is known as leaky gut.  Some of the bacterial proteins look like human tissue.  Their waste leaks back into our cells.   Klebsiella  and Pseudomonas bacteria produce proteins that look like our joints.  Our immune system suspects something and starts attacking them, but they look like our joints and away starts the Rheumatoid Arthritis, which can mangle your joints into painful knots of junk.  Until we stop the process at the gut level, your disease is not going to go away.  Eating petrochemicals is not good for your health.  You have to stop the molecular mimickery long enough to repair yourself.   Many people are discovering that they don’t want to live on Methotrexate.

Our Adrenal glands are under constant attack because we push ourselves to the limit.  Our cortisol levels are too high.  This means we are forcing our livers to make more sugar.  This signals the brain to crave more sugar still. High cortisol allows us to run from a tiger.  When getting ready to run from a tiger, you don’t need to be cooking a steak.  You need quick energy and sugar is the way we survive that attack.  However high cortisol means you are not going to digest your food.  Undigested food causes disease.

A better and more efficient way to supply our bodies with energy is going into Ketogenesis.  That means not eating any carbohydrates so that we are now burning our fat stores.  It can take months to straighten this mess out so this isn’t something you are going to try for a few days.  Autoimmune patients understand that allergies are a part of their problem.  The root cause of what creates allergies, are the three big bad guys that help our immune systems to attack our bodies is Toxicity, Pathogens, including things like Lyme’s Disease, parasites, and damaging foods.

It is critical that a Hashimotos patient stops eating gluten.  The gluten molecule is almost identical to the proteins in the thyroid.  Your immune system just got done searching for all the gluten.  It’s about to put it’s feet up when it comes across your thyroid gland that is a nice bowl of something that looks like gluten so it eats it and your doctor has a name for it, Hashimotos disease.  In order to get the Hashimotos attack to calm down, you need to stop eating junk.  If your immune system decides that it is under attack from this new form of gluten that is foreign to our bodies, it is going to rev up  and search for every molecule of gluten in your body and along the way it is going to eat you as well.  Research has shown that a single gluten exposure can have a reaction that lasts up to six months.  So if you think that you are only going to eat it once a week, that theory will not work.  If you are sensitive to gluten then it has to be avoided completely.

The bio mimerckly of type 1 diabetes.  The beta cells in the pancreas  are similar to the casein in certain cows milk and when the immune system initiates an attack against the bad milk we get an autoimmune destruction of our pancreas.  Goats don’t have the gene that makes the bad type of casein protein in commercial milk.  Jersey cows  and Daisy cows do not have the entire mutated gene that Holstein cows have.  Holstein cows are used for milk because they make more, but they have the mutation that creates havoc in our bodies.

Stress is cortisol, a hormone that weakens the IGA immunity in your gut.  Women are afflicted with a much higher rate of autoimmune disease than men so that indicates hormonal imbalance is a factor.  Hormone imbalance is a key factor for infertility.  Special 24 hour urine tests can assess how all the hormones are breaking down is useful.  High insulin states lead to high estrogen states.  More likely to have headaches, anxiety, depression heavy menstrual periods.  But the imbalance causes sugar cravings, which starts the cycle.  Cholesterol is the precursor to all hormones.  If you want to be sick and diseased all of your life, take cholesterol lowering drugs.

There is massive infertility today.  If the body is not well it knows it is not a great time to reproduce.  Glyphosate brings down sperm levels.  The earth has been oversaturated with it.  So do cell phones.  They are usually in a man’s pocket right next to the sperm producing organs.  Pregnenolone is the top hormone precursor that will break down to DHEA that will convert to Testosterone.  Testosterone gets converted to estrogen.  Cholesterol is above pregnenolone in this chain.  Statin drugs, the drug that every doctor wants every human being on from the time of birth is designed to stop cholesterol production, which ironically stops human reproduction.  So it’s really really good for you, say the people in charge of your health.  Excuse my sarcasm, but as a chiropractor for the past 34 years I have heard almost every day of my professional life from patients, that they wanted to ask their real doctor.  Hard to believe, but when you are healthy, your body can do what it was evolutionarily designed to do, reproduce.  Unsuccessful fertility treatments can be because on a biological level, an unhealthy body knows that it should not reproduce because that extra stress may kill the host.  An unhealthy person does not have to have symptoms and more likely than not, your doctor’s check up is not going to discover that you are on the road to a full blown disease that they will be able to detect, but once you have it, will then treat generously with medications that will make you sicker.

To get the body well, you need to deal with the upstream sources.  Once you start healing, your biology doesn’t pick and choose what is going to heal, everything starts getting healthier.  When you are healthy is when you are ready to procreate.  Going to an infertility clinic is most likely not going to do too much to improve your overall health.  You can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get pregnant with high tech methods, but your body is smarter and if you are not healthy it is going to be a lot harder to get pregnant.  Tricking your body into overcoming a complex biological process may not be the wisest way to go here.  Infertility clinics have about a 16% success rate.  But if you are a certain age, you are told you must go to one or it will be too late for you to have a baby.  You can spend years their besides millions and get no results.  They are not going to discover that you are not healthy, they are going to try and fool your body into getting pregnant.  The stress alone will alter your hormone cycles.  The fear created by being told that you will never get pregnant if you don’t go to the infertility clinic can stop you from getting pregnant.  Stay tuned for part 2.

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