Is it Flu Season again?

I get the feeling it is flu season again, not that I ever get it, but I’m seeing more signs than usual at drug stores to get a flu shot. Although, I suspect those signs are up all year round now. At this rate, I’m waiting for when I could be afforded to get a flu shot at Staples or Office Depot.
When I was a kid the teacher would yell at my mother for letting me go back to school 3 days after being home sick with the flu. The school would argue that all the other kids would be out for over a week. That was about 55 years ago and with respect to that, not much has changed.
They didn’t understand then how chiropractic could help my immune system. The science is in now, but they still can’t understand it because I guess they are pretending that they don’t know how to read. Kidding, it’s pretty simple science, but the state of our economy rests upon our nation being sick. That is where the real money is made. But you could do better and maybe even save some money by adopting the only scientifically proven alternative form of health care that actually prevents sickness and promotes wellness.
This is not achievable with medicine because medicine is based on a diagnosis and you must have something before they can treat you, but if you have it then you haven’t prevented it, you may have detected it early.
After 55 years I’ve noticed that a lot more high profile athletes are using chiropractors, not because they have a bad back, but because they notice that they function better with regular adjustments.
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