It’s Just Your Health, Why Should You Care?

Somehow medical doctors got it all wrong when it comes to health and are still allowed to own it, it being defined by me as all wrong.  Before I go any further, if you go through the windshield of a car you don’t want to visit me.  If you have a life threatening disease it is way too late to see me and be thankful that you have them.  But when it comes to health, I don’t recommend seeing a specialist that only understands what disease is.

While doctors like to play with your organs, chiropractors look at your organs as something that is to maintain your musculoskeletal system.  That is a giant misunderstanding of human beings right off the bat.  Old text book diagrams show the majority of nerves going to organs.  If you read a new medical textbook, one written after 1990, which was called the decade of the brain, you would know that the musculoskeletal system has 90% of the connections with the nervous system.  That is probably why I said they had it all wrong.

Said in a way that it might actually have some understandable significance; this means that 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine.  Faulty movement of the spine, yes that means you, will cause dysfunction throughout your body, can affect every aspect of your health because your brain controls it all and proper spinal mechanics controls your brain.  This is something that you are not going to hear at the beginning or the end when they speak really quickly on a drug commercial.  It used to be every 4th commercial was for drugs, but it sure feels like every other one is now.

If you are getting your health information from a commercial that sounds like this, then you might also want to consider that you are being severely lied to.  (My idea of every drug commercial rolled into one.)   Tell your doctor that you are sick and have a myriad of diseases before asking your doctor for this pill that will cause you to have even more diseases.  Our product can very likely kill you, but ask your doctor for it anyway because the models that we paid are smiling at you right now.

When the lawyers finally get around to a class action lawsuit, your spouse will receive a small amount of money and the drug company, even though they were forced to pay millions, have made billions.

There is a better way, there is a different way, it is called Chiropractic.

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