It’s the holiday season so what better time to talk about depression. Part 1

It’s the holiday season so what better time to talk about depression.  Part 1

We’ll all be going on a diet soon, but keep in mind, you want to avoid the mental depression diet, also known as the American diet.  To combat this diet, doctors have a bunch of pills that they like to give you.  You’ll be dependent upon them for the rest of your life, but antidepressants are very in style right now.

As Shakespeare once asked, To eat a calorie rich/nutrient poor diet or be mentally ill?  Well it was something like that?  Science has recently discovered that depression and anxiety begin in the intestines, not the brain.  The gut brain axis is real.  That gut feeling people can experience is because we have a very long nerve in our gut that goes directly to our brain.  Our modern therapies target neurotransmitters in our brains, but you would be better off targeting the bacteria in your gut.  They literally have this ass backwards.

When we sterilize our gut bacteria early in life with antibiotics, sugar filled carbohydrates create chronic low grade inflammation and that increases the risk for depression and eventually losing your mind in later life.  Yes I’m referring to Alzheimer’s.  Our microbiome is vital for our existence and to exist in a state of good health, yet every aspect of our modern culture is designed to kill the microbes that keep us alive and human.  I’ll be right back, I have to get an antimicrobial wipe with some antimicrobial hand cream because I think I just touched some dust.  Kidding, but I always recommend to my patients that they go eat some dirt.  Well if you could find some that has not been contaminated by Monsanto’s  chemicals of certain death.

SSRI’s are a class of drugs, sold in the billions, that regulate how long serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter/hormone, stays active in the nerve synapses.  Your brain gets hooked on them.  Something cheap and not addictive is common bacteria.  Gut bacteria/microbiota control our serotonin.  Ironically, the SSRI known as Prozac is actually an antibiotic, it has antimicrobial properties, it is killing your gut bacteria that would regulate your serotonin in a healthier way.  Talk about job security.  Yes you could have a choice.  To be or not to be was the actual quote from Shakespeare that I mangled above.

Doctors will tell you that anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, aspirin, etc. reduce the risk of depression.  So what I said above is not so crazy, that inflammation is a key factor for mental states.  Sadly for you, NSAID therapy, (Motrin, etc.) is not safe for what they are labeled for, let alone for the treatment of depression.

Stay tuned for a long series on how we can regain our sanity by eating sanely.

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