Just because your doctor wants you to drink poison, doesn’t mean you have to, at least not with these results.

Since Fosamax is in the news again, I feel compelled to hit this from a different point of view, but first one paragraph of review. Every one of my patients who have ever taken Fosamax has told me that they feel like they are being poisoned. And of course they are right. I have discussed previously that the purpose of Fosamax is to kill the normal bone cells called osteoclasts. The function of an osteoclast is to constantly remodel bone. If it has been poisoned and killed, it cannot remodel the bone and all the debris that it normally removes from the bone remains. Your doctor can now show you a bigger looking bone on your X-ray because it is covered in its waste that sadly, is not any stronger and you remain at risk of fracture besides all the other side effects normally seen with this drug.

And here is the science that recently makes the news and might not be as clear as I was above. “According to the FDA analysis of the FLEX trial, the rates of vertebral and non-vertebral osteoporotic fractures were similar whether participants continued to receive alendronate (Fosamax) for up to 10 years (a rate of 17.7%) or were switched to placebo for the extension period (16.9%).”

What patients are not aware of is this frightening concept of lying and manipulating the public. The FDA does not do its own research and depends upon the drug company to demonstrate that their product is more effective than placebo. This is done with two clinical trials. Here is what is diabolical about this situation besides that the results could be only 5% or 6% better than a placebo. For example, a drug company may have performed 20 clinical trials. 18 could have demonstrated absolutely no efficacy. The FDA will gladly accept the two that has a 5% or 6% chance of being better than nothing at all (Remember, that is what placebo means-nothing at all).

Think about this. The country is being told that a poison is good for them based upon turning in two studies that prove that their drug may be better than not taking anything at all, and the other 18 studies that confirmed the drug to be worthless or dangerous don’t have to even be considered.

You might be asking yourselves, what is he really saying and if you are, then please read this again, but in a nutshell, don’t be a victim of this.

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