Just what is a chiropractic adjustment good for?

To my surprise today, I discovered that most people don’t know what happens when the chiropractor performs a chiropractic adjustment or “cracks your back”. It’s kind of a hard topic to explain even after being in the advanced neurology program for over a decade, but I’ll try and make it simple.
If you are human, chances are you get emotional thoughts and are subject to physical traumas and chemical toxins. These have a real impact on your spine which is 20% of your central nervous system. They make spinal muscles malfunction and it effects your movement and the majority of input into your brain comes from the special nerves around your spinal column that are for detection of movement. Additionally, inside your spinal cord are many nerve reflex centers that go on to communicate with sympathetic chain ganglion that effects your blood pressure, immune system, and all of your visceral organs as well as your disc and nerves that control your muscle tone.
So is a chiropractic adjustment just good for joint pain, muscle spasm, and balance? Nay Nay we say. Unless you have had all your organs cut out because your HMO was running a sale, you could benefit from an adjustment even if you were not in pain and didn’t have trouble balancing when walking. Just that one small section of the spinal cord that we have control over effects at that level things like hypersensitivity, tingling, numbness, balance, coordination, and posture. Now how much would you pay? Wait, don’t answer yet.
All glands in the body work via your blood stream except one, the adrenal gland also known as the stress gland. That has direct nerve connections to your spinal cord and that back cracking affects your gland that deals with your stress. If you have an HMO, then you have stress. If you live in a town that has more than 5 people you have stress. Everyone can benefit from a chiropractic adjustment.
Do doctors usually recommend a chiropractic adjustment?
People often ask me, with significant attitude why their doctor doesn’t believe in this and I honestly don’t know why they don’t believe in the expensive medical textbooks that they were forced to buy in medical school that explains all this. But I’m sure if you were to ask him about the relationship between the spinal chord and cerebellum, he would be forced to admit to it. But if a book has been read on the subject that was written after 1990, it would also be known that the cerebellum does an awful lot of things besides keep you from falling over.
It goes on to communicate with the thalamus, pineal gland, and cerebral cortex. No big deal you say? Well it also goes to the vestibular nucleus then to the dorsal motor nucleus, and nucleus tractus solitarius. Why should you care about that? You shouldn’t unless maybe you care about not having nausea/vomiting, irregular heartbeat, constipation/diarrhea, allergies, auto-immune disorders, high blood pressure, asthma, and things like that.
Things that you would never go to a chiropractor for, but may be realizing now you made a bad decision by not giving it a try. Poor circulation, restless leg syndrome, referred pain, numbness and tingling, were once thought only should be treated by a medical doctor. It is now understood to have a much higher probability of success at the crazy chiropractor that wants to crack your back. Hopefully, you might have a slightly better understanding of why Chiropractic treatment is so powerful and most certainly not just for your low back pain without tingling, according to old medical texts.
The earth used to be flat, you could fix someone’s brain by drilling a hole in it, and now the big trend in medicine is to make you a heroin addict.
There is a better way, a different way, it’s called Chiropractic.
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