How do you legally kill millions of Americans for over 50 years?

You give them a food pyramid that is designed to kill them. Our food pyramid defies all common sense and encourages us to eat ourselves to death. Just when you thought that pyramid was gone, they come out with a new method for nasty birth control, it’s called My Plate. What they want you to have on your plate is a very brain and heart damaging style of eating.

Our brains are made of approximately 75% fat. Does it really make any sense to not eat any fat? Well it does if you are a corrupt government health official. This is old news for many, but the news media’s job is to confuse you about health issues. Lately, they have sent out warnings about Coconut Oil. They want you eating the food that killed so many and destroyed even more lives, margarine. Not even insects will eat it, but a good advertising program got the top of the food chain, you, to eat it.

Coincidentally, this news about the dangers of Coconut Oil came out around the time they want to sell you a vaccine for cholesterol. Do you really need protection from Cholesterol when it is vital to our survival? The liver makes cholesterol so I’m sure they’ll want to talk you into cutting yours out soon. O.K., I jest, most doctors know that we need a liver or do they? After all, they do say Tylenol is good for you, even though it is the number one reason for liver disease. Or is it alcohol? Sometimes it is hard to tell when reading stats.

The American Heart Association is not going to warn you that their false conclusions come from their deliberate cherry picking of data. Any study that contradicts the findings that they want to find is considered unscientific and discarded. Hundreds of studies on the subject, but the AHA could only find 4 that were to their liking. Remember if you don’t have heart disease, how is the AHA going to make a living? In this case with regard to coconut oil the AHA is deliberately lying to you with science. As if we’ve never seen that before. Turns out, the 4 studies that the AHA did allow into their study, did not study coconut oil at all. But according to them, you shouldn’t eat it anyway, even though the health benefits of the mid chain branched fatty acids in coconut oil are tremendous.

I watched as our government influenced by industry created a nation of people with Alzheimer’s because our brains need fat since they are mostly fat. But they need the right fats and they have told us to eat the bad ones. We have a nation on statin drugs that reduce cholesterol that also induce painful muscular side effects including the one that is the reason why people take it in the first place; but when your heart muscle hurts it is usually because you are going to die. People that take statins get more heart attacks than people that don’t. But why listen to me, ask your doctor, and he’ll probably tell you that the entire world should be on statins from birth. Of course that makes sense, to them, because they are crazy. A patient said to me last week that he has gone to many doctors and they all say the exact same thing on the subject, almost word for word. Drug reps don’t get paid those big bucks for nothing. If you were to do nothing but change your lifestyle, the odds are more in your favor.

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