You may be vaccinated, but are you immune or about to get unhealthier?

You may be vaccinated, but are you immune or about to get unhealthier?

A few random thoughts from what I remember reading last week on what seems to be the most controversial 3rd rail topic of health.

There is no such thing as a safe vaccine.  It’s not possible.  Our immune system changes at different stages during our life time.  Our immune system is not the same when we are neonates, one years old, two years old etc.  It is also different for genders and lord knows we have a lot of new genders around these days.  It changes during hormonal cycles, etc.

The people selling vaccines make things up and it hurts people.  One way to your own destruction is total trust in the system.

Tens of thousands of genes can be affected by vaccines.  Not too long ago, 2014, science didn’t know about the brain lymph drainage system.  This helps to explain some of the neurological disease we see after vaccination.  To watch people on T.V. say that science can’t be debated makes me wonder if they know what science is?  For one thing, it is constantly changing.  When I was a kid there were 3 sub atomic particles.  Now there are dozens.

From what I can tell, there are no metrics for what a healthy immune system looks like.  Add into the mix that for every one cell in our bodies that are human, 10 are foreign microbes that work to help us be human.  Antibiotics change our microbiome and that makes measuring what makes an individual healthy a little tricky.

The authorities state that any problem with a vaccine must be coincidental.  They can’t predict non specific effects.  A safe vaccine can’t be safe for everyone.  Everything in life can turn on genes.  Aluminum is added to vaccines to increase the inflammation response because a baby has strong antiinflammatory mechanisms.  A lot of disease we see today in young people is of the inflammatory and immune response kind and we never used to see this.

No human protein is exempt from bacterial influences.  Our Immune system reacts to proteins and it needs to learn what not to react to.  Sudden death is associated with certain proteins in vaccines.

For dessert, I read somewhere those DPT vaccines increase the chance of death by a factor of ten.  It may kill more than it saves from the diseases of diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus.

Vaccines change gene function.  There are 33 known allergy genes that can be activated from a vaccine. Anyone see kids with asthma these days?   66 asthma genes can be activated. You see anyone being forced to march for cancer?  67 cancer genes can be activated by vaccines.

I’m not saying to not take the one you have your heart set on taking, I’m saying that I don’t recall any of this information on the warning that you would see for a drug on T.V.  Too bad those poor vaccine companies can’t get the school district to be a part of their sales force and force you to pay for it.  Oh they have.


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