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There is never a charge to speak with the doctor. If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

About Dr. Greg Malakoff

B.S.: State University of N.Y.

Doctorate: New York Chiropractic College

Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurological Board (DACNB)

Quality home care since 1998.

28+ years of clinical experience.

Mobile chiropractor emergency in LA
Mobile Chiropractic is becoming very popular because people are realizing the benefits of having the office come to you. Private, individualized care is something that patients desire, but find almost impossible to obtain in traditional doctor’s offices.

Why is my service different than other mobile chiropractors?

A lot of chiropractors have gone mobile since I started this concept 12 years ago.  What I notice is they seem to all have offices.  That means they are not as available to mobilize and come to you when you need them.

Without the constraints of an office you benefit from my reduced overhead costs,  making my fees more competitive and my services more accessible.

It takes a lot of skill to perform mobile chiropractic care in Los Angeles and because I worked in a hospital and have 34 years of experience, I’m sure that you will be glad that you contacted me.  Whether you require urgent emergency type care or just a typical house call, I am equipped to meet your needs.

Corporate Call: The Modern Corporate world is discovering that having an on-site mobile chiropractor visit once a month lowers absenteeism and increases productivity.

House Calls: These days it is not just celebrities that want to avoid the public waiting room of a doctor’s office. There is nobody ahead of you at your house, so you are not waiting.


Hours are strictly by appointment only, and all appointments will take place at your home or office. I’m available weekends for care, so please just call me to schedule an appointment. Fees will vary depending on the situation.


There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  There can be a $50 to $100 cancellation fee depending upon circumstances if less than 24 hour notice is given. Thank you for your understanding.

Dr. Greg Malakoff, Mobile Chiropractor | 310-663-9975