How much are you worth? I mean in real dollars.

I read somewhere that they figured out that a live body if sold by parts was worth $45 million. The same exact body with all the same parts when dead was worth a $160.

Said another way, if you break a carrot and place it in a cast, rub it with neomycin, spray alcohol on it, iodine, mercurochrome, and give it Tylenol, at the end of six months when you remove the cast it will still be broken in half. Why did it not mend itself? Asked a better way, what is missing? Life. Life is what heals. Without it, you are only worth $160.

Chiropractors do not work on backs because they have a back fetish. It is where 20% of your central nervous system is. When are we considered dead? When we’re brain dead. Life comes from your brain and gets to the rest of your body through the spinal cord. Chiropractors work with the life force that made you and keeps you alive. If your life force was in your elbow, then we would be strangely attracted to that.

Chiropractic is like sex; even when it is bad, it’s good. That is my way of saying that I’ve discovered that my patients only believe me to the extent that I believe me, yet even though I do believe me, many do not.

Said yet another way, I’m pretty sure chiropractic could do better by you. Where we stand on health is our brand. Fortunately for you, we do not subscribe to the medical theory of health, which is to remove your parts and pour drugs in. I have dozens of articles I’ve written on this blog and I’m told they were interesting, yet even my personal friends that have known me for decades will ask if chiropractic could help them. Well, only if they are still alive.

If you think you’re going to get better advice from the real experts let me have some fun with you for a moment. Let’s step into my common sense corner. Come a little closer, we still have some room left. This is just an example and will not be a discussion on the controversial subject.

The FDA and CDC provide strong warnings to pregnant women not to eat fish contaminated with mercury. Vaccines contain much more mercury than the fish. I’m not anti fish. I used to eat it because it was good for the brain, well before the mercury started destroying it. With what is left of my brain, I’m gently pointing out that the people in charge of your health do not want you to be healthy; there is no money in it.

I mentioned above how the brain powers the body with its life force. For the next blog, I’ll explain chiropractic in a way that I never heard a chiropractor ever describe it, and I have spent much of my life hanging with chiropractors.

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