Nutrition facts are not always facts to be believed.

Nutrition facts are not always facts to be believed.

Many people told me to go to a certain nutrition website that has facts in their title and I’m wondering why the first article I read out of thousands to choose from had some incredibly dubious facts.

The medical doctor stated that cholesterol drugs are good for Alzheimer’s because it lowers the cholesterol levels in the brain.  A brain is 75% fat and lowering fat in my opinion is not what  your brain wants.  How can I dare say such a thing without any double blind studies, which would be impossible to perform anyway, since I’m stating it is not what a brain wants and it is probably never going to be possible to get a statement from the inner workings of the brain on what it really really wants.

But I’m pretty sure if something is composed of 75% fat and it was only operating on 35% fat it would not operate very well.  I’m basing this on complex arithmetical facts that 35% of something is less than 75%.  I have no idea how less good fat your brain has, this is just a big picture thing going on here.  That of course doesn’t take into account quality.  If a brain requires 75% healthy fat and it is composed only of french fry oil fat, it would be safe to assume that is not an ideal situation.

Combine this ridiculed common sense with a severe uptick in Alzheimer’s disease since the nation was forced to eat trans fats from things like Margarine and we might be getting closer to the truth.  Well that, and Alzheimer’s is now considered to be a form of diabetes, as in Diabetes Type 3.

What does that mean?  The high levels of sugar are causing the brain cells receptors to block anymore sugar from getting into the cell.  Brain cells are highly active and dependent upon energy and there are only two energy sources we can utilize, sugar and ketones.   Ketones are ideal for brain activity and maybe the reason why the experts mock you for eating a ketogenic diet.  So with less sugar getting into your brain cells, a lot of things are going to go wrong, one of them is your memory.  That makes Alzheimer’s probably the only disease that I can think of that actually eats away at who you are.  It is sadly ironic that this eating away at who we are is partially being caused by what we eat.

Wait, it gets worse.  According to a study published in the journal Neurology, suffering from depression multiplies your risk of Alzheimer’s — and not just by a little bit.  Those whose depression started before age 60 were nearly four times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those with no history of depression.  Depression currently strikes 350 million people.  Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death and is predicted to double in the next generation.

There is a whole knew field in science studying the gut brain connection.  I’ll give you one tidbit that I like from it.  The vagal nerve that goes directly from our gut to our brain signals it when it is hungry.  Well, we now know that the bad bacteria and fungi tell our brain that we are hungry because they need sugar.  But sugar makes us fat and that alone is depressing.  But sugar itself can lead to mood swings and depression.

People fail on diets because they haven’t gotten their microbiome straightened out before starting the diet.  It is not easy to straighten out your microbiome and just eating lots of probiotics is most likely not going to be successful.  I think I’ll write something about this down the road.



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