Some Nutritional Nastiness and how you can avoid it.

Some Nutritional Nastiness and how you can avoid it.

Whenever I speak about what creates most patients to be sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, I get this look that my dog gives me when I give her a plastic chew toy instead of a tasty treat. This is really not difficult material. We need approximately 80 different nutrients to be healthy. The average American diet provides maybe 20?

A “relative nutritional deficiency” occurs whenever an optimal diet does not provide the nutritional needs of the body. One example of this is when there are inadequate concentrations of serotonin in the body, there is an associated nutritional deficiency of the critical nutrients required to synthesize the vital neurotransmitter. If it is somehow discovered that you require more serotonin to stop you from experiencing poor mental health, they will give you a drug that will change your synapses so that the serotonin will stick around longer. They are not going to recommend you take nutrients so that you could make more of the serotonin. Why the very idea of giving you the natural nutrients that are required to make that neurotransmitter is blasphemous and doctors seem to actually get punished by either just not receiving gifts to lately, mysteriously being murdered.

Prescribing drugs for nutritional deficiency symptoms is what most people will receive in the form of treatment for similar conditions. Drugs cannot manage a nutritional deficiency; only nutrients can. The television set will brain wash you into asking your doctor for the wrong treatment and your doctor is too busy to discuss the right treatment if he knew what that was.
Worse, our government and insurance companies are not going to pay for you to not be sick. They are only going to reward you with reimbursement if you are sick. Then they’ll pay for the drugs that will keep you sick. They are not even going to encourage you to eat healthy accept maybe print up a little food pyramid that has been consistently all wrong from the beginning because special interests need you to eat lousy so that you will keep the economy going by being sick and buying drugs.

As Dean Wormer said in Animal House, “Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is no way to go through life son.” I highly recommend not asking your doctor for some of this insane poison they are pushing on T.V. Since you are listening to my recommendations, I also recommend eating well. That is an incredibly meaningless recommendation because I see people that think they are eating well by getting some kind of thing called a nutri bar. It’s filled with junk, but the label does say something about health on it. So eating well means, real food, food that is not contaminated with lots of chemicals. Food that is not all chemicals like a Twinkie. Come on, you know what I’m talking about here.

If you don’t control what goes in your mouth, the government and insurance companies will be controlling your chances of recovering from it, and when they get involved, your chances at being healthy are not looking too good.

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