Obtaining good health can become difficult and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

People tell me that they want to obtain good health. Sadly for them health requires discipline not a magic drug that they are supposed to ask their doctor about. Lately, there are so advertisements on television telling you to ask your doctor, that your doctor doesn’t have time to see a patient.

We have become the sickest nation in the industrialized world for many reasons, but one is because we are lazy and want to take short cuts. While chiropractors deal with the energy system that creates and maintains life, staying healthy requires us to expend some energy not just absorb it.

We all had health class in school, well at least my school, but it was not taught well. I don’t mean to demean the importance of cutting your toe nails correctly, but that class never taught what I learned years later in graduate school. To be honest, it is difficult for me to do all the things I know that need to be done so I realize that patients are going to have a greater difficulty applying just even the simple principles that are not too complicated.

We can transform our health by allowing the transmission of life energy. You know, that power that keeps our hearts beating while we’re sleeping. Little things like that, that we take for granted.

Having optimal alignment allows our bodies to adapt to the flow of life around us. This might sound too mystical for some so said a different way, it also allows us to neurologically take advantage of the one true tangible source of external energy, that one source of energy that is always present on earth. Give up? That would be gravity and if you have been reading my previous blogs, you would know I’m a big fan of gravity. One reason is because it keeps us from floating away. The other reason is because there are special nerve receptors in our joints and muscles that convert the energy in gravitational forces to power up our nervous systems. While science discovered this in 1990, Chiropractors got lucky in 1895 and guessed right. Sadly, that means a lot of people were persuaded not to take advantage of the energy systems that power our body, that our spines were designed to maximally utilize. After this, it gets complicated, but stay tuned, one day I’m going to tackle this demanding subject in greater detail for you complicated people out there.

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