Posture is declining at the speed of technology.

Posture is declining at the speed of technology.

Bad posture creates brain deficits. Everyone is slumped over and it is damaging their brain. Chiropractors are the posture experts and here is why. Chiropractors activate the sensory cortex of the parietal lobe, the motor cortex of the frontal lobe, the cerebellum for coordination, and the brainstem to inhibit flexor tone. Flexor tone is what is making us resemble someone with Parkinson’s disease. The difference is Parkinson’s posture is caused because the brain is damaged, forward slumping posture is causing brain deficits.

Our eyes are for orientation and our head posture will adapt to keep our gaze even with the horizon. Our spine integrates sensorimotor information from the brain to the body and back again. Our vestibular system provides the ability to balance upright against gravity. When you get a chiropractic adjustment, you are receiving benefit to all those systems.

A simple way to assess the brain is through tracking eye movements. Just simply observing how your eyes converge is allowing us to evaluate cranial nerve three which has it’s control center in the mesencephalon portion of your brain. We don’t need a functional MRI or PET Scan to observe that area of your brain’s function. Checking that your eyes can converge equally let’s us know that your brain has the ability to keep your head level because your eyes can remain parallel with the horizon. This is a vital human function. Animals are designed to be looking at the ground. Because we are standing, our nervous system has evolved to be quite superior although my dog seems to have more common sense these days than some people I know.

Often, we see patients with dysfunctional postural patterns that begin with poor eye coordination. A divergent eye or an inability to converge your eyes to the midline can result in a chronic head tilt. Patient’s don’t notice this head tilt, but they do notice all the problems it can cause from headaches, to bad digestion and just about any other problem that the Television set is selling a drug for. This poor postural pattern causes our central nervous system’s output to be diminished and our brain and spine controls all functions in our bodies. Even our immune system, which was not believed by scientists until as late as 1987. I always love to bring that up because Chiropractors stated it was so in 1895.

Our spine is the communication channel for sensorimotor integration, which means the better your neurological input, the better improved precise output. That is something that you want. We can assess how well you are doing in that department by just checking your balance. If you sway to one side, it is usually that side of your brain that is not working optimally. Left that way, the dysfunction continues to get worse until you are at the point where you want to ask your doctor for something that you saw on T.V. Your doctor will not tell you that this could have been corrected by a chiropractor long before it was no longer correctable. Keep in mind, the purpose of every drug on T.V. is no longer to cure something, it is to keep you on it for the rest of your life.

Poor balance tells us that your vestibular system is not functioning optimally and it is now causing your flexor tone control of your brain to run out of control and is creating that slumped over posture that is creating actual stress hormones to be increased and also makes it hard for you to get enough oxygen. A lack of oxygen is the number one cause of all disease according to medical textbooks.

So something as simple as posture can be the root cause of all disease. No wonder why we were told to sit up straight and stand straight. But we have portions of our brain that allow us to do that automatically since we all know it is tiring to think about. However, this functionality is often missing in the average patient. A chiropractic adjustment helps restore these abilities that we are born with, have hard wired into our DNA from eons of evolution, but are now missing because of our lifestyles.

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