How posture affects longevity and can prevent an untimely death.

How posture affects longevity and can prevent an untimely death.

Posture can be a predictor of early mortality.  How our nervous system fires our muscular-skeletal system to oppose gravity is not something the average person thinks about with regard to their overall health. The alignment of our body is not just good for cosmetic reasons.  The ability to maintain good posture predicts the ability to thrive.

The thoracic spine is very significant with regard to trunk stability.  40% of the elderly present with a hunched over spine known as hyperkyphosis.  This can impair pulmonary function and lead to vertebral fractures.  But it also affects balance so that can include a hip fracture.  The number one cause of death in a person over 60 is a fall and it’s complications.

There is a difference between structural hyperkyphosis and postural hyperkyphosis. Chiropractic can make a strong impact on the health of society because we can correct postural hyperkyphosis.  This huge benefit is so far just from adjusting the thoracic spine.  However, the cervical spine is much more involved with our balance system.

I look at my dog and from a neurologists point of view and I see an animal on 4 legs with it’s eyes close to the ground.  She is not having a whole lot of trouble not falling down.  Humans being the bipeds that we are, have our heads way up from the ground, which means we are opposing more gravity than the creatures below us.  It would make sense that our balance system is in our ears.  Well that is where it starts.  The signals from the specialized nerve receptors in our ears go to different parts of our brain stem to control eye movement.  We all know that when we can see in a room our balance is better.  If you don’t believe me, turn out the lights and walk around and see if you notice a difference.  It is so important to keep our eyes level with our horizon that if our eye muscles are not working properly, our spines will become deformed in order to maintain that balance.  It’s called scoliosis.

It gets much more complicated from here.  Some of those nerves from your inner ear apparatus known as the vestibular system go to your brain to make us conscious of what gravity is doing to us and how we are responding to it.  Some of the nerves go to our cerebellum which is a balance center.  Many of those nerves go to your intrinsic spine musculature so that you don’t have to think about all the things you need to do to resist gravity and stand straight.  Many more nerves that surround your spinal joints go back up to the brain to let us know where we are in space and time.  If you lean over and do not have a pathology, you do not get dizzy.  That is because the nerves in your neck joints tell  your balance system, which includes fluids in your canals in your ears to not make you spin, it’s only your neck changing position.  These subtle little things are not subtle in your nervous system.  A slight mechanical malfunction in the spinal joints can create vertigo, which has debilitating consequences.

We are just talking about one system in our body, our balance system, which relates to our posture.  Consider that with this same basic relationship, the spinal joints have control over every aspect of our health.  Chiropractors are not back doctors, we are brain doctors, and it is our brains that determine our health.  By now, most people have seen an example of this.  O.K. maybe not.  I’ll try this a different way.  Until around 1987 science knew for a fact that the immune system in our body worked independently.  Then just like that, they realized that our central nervous system controlled it.  Every aspect of our health has our brain involved in it.  If our brain is not working properly due to a dysfunctional spine, which is 20% of our central nervous system, all other systems are at the very least, being stressed out.

You can go to your doctor for whatever complaint you have and he is going to give you a drug for it.  It can’t do what a chiropractic adjustment can do, which is improve your brain function, which improves everything else.  You don’t have to have a low back pain to see a chiropractor.  That is what the medical authorities would like you to believe.

What I’m sure of, not believe, is that they haven’t really considered what their textbooks in anatomy and physiology are really about.  If you read them carefully, you would realize that a chiropractic adjustment is going to have the best affect on your overall health.  Not because I say so, but because the textbooks in medicine explain how the body works.

It is sad that a group of drug companies have corrupted that understanding and have pushed their treatment that causes more harm than benefit over a system that utilizes the bodies natural reflexes that often produce much better and dramatic results.

Our bodies were designed with a certain blue print. Medicine knows how that blue print leads to our functioning.  Sadly, they have forgotten that it was their research dollars that figured out the whole mystery.  I don’t know what I know from a chiropractic text book.  The books used in our schools were their medical textbooks.

It is amazing at how differently the two groups interpreted that information.  Understanding that blue print is essential to making our machines run optimally.  One group thinks you are sick because you didn’t take enough drugs today.  My group thinks the answer lies in letting our nervous systems run optimally.  That cannot be accomplished with a drug.

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