The wonderful world of Psychobiotics

Modern medicine now refers to prebiotics (non-digestible ingredients) in foods and supplements as psychobiotics. I learned about this from a report published in popular It was titled, “Forget Prozac, Psychobiotics are the fuure of Psychiatry. However, that is very doubtful since Big Pharma is not going to allow anything to interfere with their $34 billion psychotropic drugs business.
It turns out that the little critters in our gut that create acid discovered over 100 years ago, counter the protein making intoxicating bacteria and that promotes mental and physical health. Don’t count on any of that information being put to good use.

As it stands now, we have almost an entire population that needs to be de-programmed off of sugar-carboholic madness. We need to reprogram our genes at this point. Something like cole slaw, sauerkraut contains prebiotics, but I doubt you will find mental asylums putting it on the menu. That could interfere with their business. We have been misled by fat-phobic dietary guidelines that have not only resulted in the current diabetic, obesity (diabesity) epidemic, but a rise in autism, mood disorders, aberrant behavior, learning disabilities and end-of-life dementia.

Food companies responsibilities are to their shareholders and they don’t want to stop lacing their products with brain stimulants. As their profits climb so do the waiting rooms in doctors’ offices. They have no incentive to fix the problem with these wild profits. The American diet created lots of jobs taking care of sick, overweight, moody, demented people. High calorie malnutrition is destroying the minds of Americans. It has long been known that MSG destroys the sense of satiation. We are witnessing a mass overeating epidemic.

The carbohydrate-rich diet that was almost literally forced down our throats by the nation’s food guidelines, leads to an early death. Higher carbohydrate intake (bread, rice, pasta, cereal) increases the risk for death by 28%, while diets higher in fat reduce mortal risk by 23%.Now how much would you pay. Don’t answer yet? There’s more. If you do as you are told, you can also get more dental decay, not just more diabetes, and if you are lucky, you get to die quickly. However, that is usually not the case with chronic disease created by nutritional deficiencies, that were intentionally created. It was most definitely intentionally created and I would think that would be considered mass murder, much larger than the genocide of WW II. This week the news was busy whipping up anger over two children that were smuggled across the border and died of flu. So I wouldn’t be counting on the media to be doing any stories that are going to make their main advertisers angry.

Leptin is a satiation hormone that lets us know that it is time to stop eating. Fructose sugar/carbohydrate-rich diets damage normal hormonal control of food intake. We become insensitive to our leptin levels when we overeat. Leptin resistance is overlooked by modern medicine. People that try low carbohydrate diets often fail. Our genes have been imprinted and need to be reprogrammed. If you just cut down on the carbs, your genes will still be getting the same signal. Because our DNA is so unique, chances are that there is no one size fits all diet.

A recent study revealed that there are nine ways leptin insensitivity changes personality. Patients on a low-low-carb/no refined sugar diet have been observed to experience predictable positive personality changes.
The use of nutraceuticals in place of antidepressants and other mind-altering drugs is something that I would choose for myself. I figure the worse thing is, I’ll continue to be crazy as I look better.
Treatment with anti-depressants only provides a complete remission of symptoms in approximately 50% of patients with major depression. As we know, antidepressants may cause side effects, such as sedation, constipation and weight gain.

One such nutraceutical is Resveratrol, the molecule found in red wine, know for anti aging capabilities. It has a positive effect upon our microbiota in our gut. Insulin resistance (the inability to utilize insulin to break down sugars into energy) and consequent diabetes is often accompanied with mental depression and anxiety.

Laboratory rats that are fed a high fructose diet exhibit hyper-anxiety. When these same lab rats were given the anti-diabetic drug metformin or resveratrol simultaneously with fructose, their anxiety was reduced, but more so with resveratrol than the very dangerous metformin that many doctors have stopped prescribing, but many more still do. Even when laboratory mice were chemically-induced to become diabetic, anxiety-like effects were reversed with resveratrol. Stress in laboratory animals causes laboratory animals to crave sugar and lose nervous control over limbs. Resveratrol has reversed these behaviors, partially by its ability to counter inflammation and oxidation.

Hypothryoid (low-thyroid) can produce depression-like behavior in human and animal studies. Resveratrol has reversed this depression in animals when hypothyroidism has been intentionally induced.
Resveratrol elevates the activity of the Sirtuin1 survival gene. Chronic stress raises Sirtuin1 protein levels in the hippocampus of the brain. When Sirtuin 1 activity is reduced in the hippocampus there is an increase in depression-like behavior in laboratory animals.

Resveratrol raises levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a protein targeted by many antidepressant drugs. It was found that resveratrol raises BDNF levels and relieves mental stress.
Resveratrol has been found to prevent leptin resistance. So this simple but expensive nutrient is working to save us on many levels. People that are mentally depressed usually do not associate their mood is linked to inflammatory status in their body, which also affects immunity. When piperine, an extract from black pepper is used to increase the bioavailability of resveratrol (quercetin has similar action), there was a greater effect upon mood. These nutrients inhibit an enzyme, that most people are familiar with called, monoamine oxidase (MAO). This enzyme is known to induce mental depression. There are many MAO inhibiting drugs.
Resveratrol is just one of many in a class of nutrients known as polyphenols. Hopefully, these will be more commonly employed to treat what is ailing us, physically and mentally.

Stay Tuned for Part 7

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