Did you receive immunity from that vaccination?

A question that is not allowed to be asked is, is injecting healthy children with toxic substances safe? Despite being told by the authorities and the media outlets that they seem to own, that there are no studies to prove that vaccines are not safe, there are probably thousands of them. Peer reviewed medical journals such as The Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine and others have published articles raising concerns of vaccine safety and efficacy.

Many people believe that vaccines are more effective than they are. As my graduate school microbiology professor Ed Alcamo would joyfully tell us, toilets cured more disease than all of medicine. What he meant was that many diseases were eradicating themselves before vaccines came along for them. Well with the help of clean water and sanitation.

We see a lot of diseases in developing nations because of malnutrition. Often just vitamin A can ward off disease.

Evidence is indicating that normal childhood diseases are protective against cancer, all kinds of cancer and heart disease. A naturally acquired childhood infection such as measles puts your immune system to work. You develop authentic, lifelong immunity from that work out. It’s far superior to artificial temporary immunity that you get in a needle. Studies of Japanese indicate that if they caught chickenpox, rubella, measles, and mumps, they had much better cardio vascular systems.

A vaccine stimulates a different part of your immune system than fighting off an infection the old fashion way. Vaccines cause mutations in the disease bearing microorganisms, the same way antibiotics change bacteria. The DTaP shot teaches the Pertussis bacteria to evade the vaccine. A vaccine may be effective for one strain of the disease causing organism, but then the other strains come back much worse.

So what do you do with such a crappy product? Blame the parents of course. Are parents really out pacing evolutionary adaption? Herd immunity is not going to be achieved because high vaccination rates promote evolution of the germs. We see the pathogens getting stronger because they are fighting to survive the vaccine. In un-vaccinated populations, their environment reduces the virulence of pathogens. As mindless as these little buggers are, they know not to kill the host. Well in most cases.

Comparative analysis of vaccination rates versus health statistics reveals that a vaccinated population is not healthier. A study of 34 developed nations discovered that the infant mortality rate was higher in the countries that were the most aggressive in vaccination schedules. Countries such as Switzerland and Sweden that require only 12 vaccinations have a lower infant mortality rate than the U.S. which happens to have the 34th worst infant mortality rate. Keep in mind, this particular study only studied 34 countries and we were last. This does not address quality of life. The vaccine manufacturers are still stonewalling any connection to autism.

If all that is not bad enough, our CDC is a training ground for future vaccine company employees. The head of the CDC for 7 years was Dr. Julie Gerberding. She became the president of Merck Vaccines Inc. The media receives 70% of their income from the industries’ advertisements so they are not going to do a story about how the research scientists cheat to get results that they are ordered to obtain. Said as simply as possible, if you have kids, you are screwed.

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