The recipe to the very super secret sauce.

As I promised yesterday, here is my one of a kind explanation of why chiropractic gets the amazing results that it does. At least I’m pretty sure it is one of a kind because it is way too complicated, but I’ll try and make it simple, which means it will be longer than usual.

Last blog I said that we’re dead when we are brain dead and therefore, life came from our brain, went down our spinal cords, and communicated throughout our body.

No one ever asks me what powers the brain so I’ll ask you, hey, what powers the brain? Not one of my patients or chiropractors I’ve asked ever gave me the answer that I long to hear.

Thanks to president Bill Clinton, who spent lots of money in the 90’s to figure out how the brain worked, I think I can answer the above question. After reading a lot of the new research and taking an advanced neurology course for over 10 years this is what I have for you.

There are theories about how when we were something less than what we are now, say fish, which crawled out of the ocean and eventually stood up on two legs, and here is the one I like.

In order for us to eventually stand up against gravity’s pull on earth our brains had to develop. And develop they did, our cerebellum’s are the most advanced in any species because we are standing on two legs. Turns out it takes a lot of brain power to do that, so much so that a large portion of our brain is dedicated to it and it is considered to be our subconscious, this way you don’t have to think of the millions of calculations it is performing every second to stand up.

What actually drove that part of our brain to get so big? Turns out our nervous system requires stimulus to work. It is not always light out so the nerves in our retinas are not always stimulated. Mozart is not always playing in the wilderness so the ears are not being stimulated by sound energy. There is only one constant source of energy on earth to stimulate our nervous system and it is gravity. You could say we became human because of gravity. It drove our nervous systems to where it is today, at the top of the food chain.

The largest nerves in our bodies, the 1a’s and 1b’s, which are muscle spindles and Golgi tendons are also the nerves that surround the joints that tell us where we are in space and time. In most text books these nerves are referred to as proprioceptors. I’ve seen once or twice that they were also referred to as gravity receptors.

We don’t think of gravity as energy like light and sound or electricity, but our bodies are powered by it. This is one reason why people that exercise are healthier than people that don’t. The maximal stimulus to our nervous system is gravity and the people that maximize it are the people that do Yoga. They are the healthiest people I see in my office. When they are stretching a muscle for 30 seconds or more, they are firing those gravity nerves, which tell our brains where our body parts are without having to look for them and that maximum stimulus is powering up our brains. Muscles when mapped over the brain take up the largest part of it. Medical doctors once drew it the opposite way and in textbooks you would see that most of the connections to the brain were coming from our organs, which is very false and perhaps attributable to why we are so sick even though we have so many medical doctors.

So exercise good, couch potato bad. Maximum stimulus good, minimal stimulus bad. An example of that would be, you closing your eyes and me pinging them with my fingers. You’ll see stars but you will see more if you just open your eyes into the light. Light is the maximum stimulus for a retinal nerve receptor. Shine some light in your ear, not so maximum, actually nothing is happening.

The absolute maximum to our brains, which we agree is our life generator, happens to be a chiropractic adjustment to the upper part of your neck. The area that some people don’t want touched. Sadly for those people, it turns out that the most amounts of special gravity nerves are located in and around the upper two neck vertebrae. In 1895 chiropractors guessed right for all the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until 1990 that we got the science on why it works.

The joints respond maximally to a good chiropractic adjustment. There are approximately 200% more of those nerves in your neck joints and surrounding tissues than in your other very big muscles like your traps and lats. Being that our brains work as a consequence of temporal and spatial summation of all its nerves, this means that you have a much better chance of getting your brain working, turned back on, by the blast of electrical input from the chiropractic adjustment.

Science is discovering that most disease even if it is in your gut, is brain based. Chiropractors discovered that long before science, but the science is in and it turns out, you want your brain working optimally. It is controlling every aspect of your health. The quality of spinal joint function is what is maximally powering your brain. Chiropractors are not only working with the vital life force that leaves your brain, but we are working with the way our bodies utilize gravitational force that drive our nerves that put information into our brains. The better quality of nerve signals into your brain results in better quality of life.

So in a nutshell, fighting gravity good, sitting bad. If you want a lot of brain dysfunction, autism spectrum disorders, etc. play baseball on a computer instead of real life.

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