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Same Day Chiropractic Treatment in Los Angeles

Same Day Chiropractic Treatment Near You

Same day service: If you call me and you have an emergency, I will do what I can to be there the same day. Quite often I can get there within an hour or two because I limit my schedule.  If it isn’t an emergency, but you still want a chiropractic adjustment the same day, I’ll be at your door at the earliest possible time to deliver your chiropractic treatment. In most cases, I can be there the same day, especially if you’re near me (relative term, I’m mobile).

What is “Full Real Chiropractic Treatment”?  I am a board certified Chiropractic neurologist and also an old time doctor of Chiropractic.  After 40 years in various types of practices I can say I’ve seen it all when it comes to the wide variety of different treatment styles in the profession.  I joke, but if you were to see 80 chiropractors you could receive 80 different types of treatment.   In a lot of chiropractic offices near you, you may receive some electrical muscle stimulation and a heat pack and the equivalent of a light massage at your first visit, which is often not the same day you call them. Many chiropractors, believe it or not, do not have the skills to adjust the way experienced chiropractic patients prefer. Real old time chiropractic treatment is what creates the best results.  Quite often patients are only receiving partial treatment.  There has been a major shift in the profession over the decades and most students are not being taught the techniques that created the fantastic results that chiropractors were famous for obtaining.  They have been instructed to be fearful and so gentle that not very much occurs in the way of results.

I deliver full treatment. Not only do I have the primary tools a chiropractic office should have, but I also adjust your spine and neck as needed, thus giving you a full treatment. A REAL chiropractic treatment, often the same day that you call me, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is never a charge to speak with the doctor. If you live in Los Angeles, call (310) 663-9975 for a free emergency or non-emergency phone consultation.

Can You Really Get Same Day Service?

In most cases, absolutely. Unless I’m on a call that is far from your location or we have a schedule conflict, where my schedule doesn’t fit yours, I’m almost always able to deliver same day chiropractic treatment. I’d say 99.5% of the time if someone wants same day treatment and they’re near me, I’m able to make it happen.

More on Full Real Chiropractic Treatment

As the saying goes, self praise stinks. So do yourself a favor and read the many 5-star reviews written by very happy patients (see below). They are happy because they received a real chiropractic treatment on the first day that we meet. Even the most severe acute back pain patients typically feel significant improvement when I’m done with the first visit. Please be aware this is not any form of guarantee, it’s just a typical result.

I’ve developed my protocols of using physical therapies and chiropractic together to provide the best results.

No need to wait until the next day.


I serve most of Los Angeles. Call (310) 663-9975 for a free phone consultation.