Why Chiropractic is necessary to be optimally healthy.

When we lay our hands on you we are not just getting rid of a pain, we are truly transforming your nervous system, we are changing your endocrine system, your blood, in short; we are changing you, for the better. While people come to us because they hurt, they soon find out that they overall are functioning better and often adopt the chiropractic lifestyle.

So why are so many people not healthy? The odds are very stacked against you as in not in your favor that you will have a chance to reach your true health potential. Sure there are lots of drug commercials that are begging you to get your doctor to prescribe you something that will kill you, but I just came across something just as scary.

There are dozens of important health agencies that are not going to recommend chiropractic care, but the very top one, the World Health Organization, actually agrees with the philosophy of chiropractic. Their mission statement, their gold standard from 1948 to right now is what chiropractors have taught their patient’s way before 1948. The problem? The head of the World Health Organization had no idea that their definition of health is the Chiropractic professions definition of health which is health is more than not just being sick. The head of the World Health Organization had no idea that we do what their mission statement is, their definition of health, which happens to be ours.

This means that the people in charge of the organizations in charge of your health have no idea that there is a profession dedicated to creating health. What do M.D.’s do? They are great at treating disease. Unfortunately, the side effect to many of their treatments for disease is to create more disease.

The journal of Neurological Science states that, “The quality of healing is directly proportional to the functional capability of the nervous system to send and receive nerve messages.” Nerve transmission is what the spine is for and it is 20% of the Central Nervous System. It should be called a brain cord instead of a spinal cord.

So health is an optimal state of well being, not merely the absence of disease and healing is having a nervous system that works optimally. That is what chiropractic is all about.

Approximately 80% of baseline activity of the Central Nervous System is due to mechanoreceptive input, most of which are located close to the spine as joint mechanoreceptors in ligaments and joint capsules. That is from the textbook used by all neurology schools by Kendall and Schwartz. The physiology textbook used by all medical schools, Guyton’s, states that, If afferent signals are eliminated, the cerebrum would be incapable of functioning in a conscious manner and would approach a permanent state of coma. You might know that better as the time when you were locked in a dark closet from birth and let out 6 years later only to discover you were not really functioning as a human being.

Afferent signals simply mean sensory information and if you are not getting sensory input you are in big trouble. You can relax though because those mechanoreceptors are also known as gravity receptors and gravity is the one constant stimulus on earth and our nervous systems developed as a function of gravity. Another famous neurology textbook by Carpenter states that the input of sensory nerves to the cerebellum is 40 to 1 vs. motor fibers coming out. That’s pretty much it. Our nervous system is either sending or receiving nerve signals and our cerebellum needs to receive 40 times more than it sends. Said a different way, our brains are receiving most of its information from the nerves that chiropractors work with. If your spine isn’t working right, neither is your brain.

Said even a better way at least for all you people that go to the gym, those beautiful trapezius and Latissimus Dorsi muscles also known as Traps and Lats have about 2.2 and 1.4 mechanoreceptors per gram of tissue. The muscles deep in your neck that move your head around have on average over 200 mechanoreceptors per gram of tissue. The point, working out is important, but so is working on your spine. The information that is required by your brain for it to work properly is coming from the tissues that chiropractors were once ridiculed for paying so much attention to.

A key to health is adaptability and chiropractors enable you to adapt optimally. If you paid attention to the above, you now know why chiropractors get the results that no other doctors can get. Every aspect of your life is dependent upon how well your brain is receiving information about its environment and it receives that information through your spine.

Now I have a question for you. Would you rather you and your kids have a back problem or a brain problem. A back problem is a brain problem and the answer to that question is, you would prefer to have a back ache than to have a stroke. Before you have either you might want to reconsider your previous ideas on what health is, especially if you were thinking of asking your doctor for some poison that you saw on T.V. I cited a stroke as a brain problem, but most people don’t have one. It was just an example. Our brains don’t have to be not functioning at that drastic of a level for everything I said above to be relevant to your health.

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