Simple Strategies to Survive Outdated Medical Advice

I can’t say how many times I have dreamed of just telling a patient that, they do not need to know what I know, they just need to know that I know it, but it has been a recurring fantasy throughout my career.  The situation has only gotten worse thanks to the Internet.  Patients today come in armed with some article, ready to do battle with me, or tell me how their doctor thinks I’m crazy.    

Let’s look at what I hope we can all agree is stuff that you should know.

USA today October 14, 2003 the headline was, “obesity predicted for 40% of America”.  Of course it’s even worse now.  While most people would look at that headline and conclude that we’re getting fatter, I see it as, if the experts that were in charge of our health care system were right, then why are we progressively getting worse?  I’m sure I would even get an argument over that simple observation.

While the country continues to blindly accept the medical diagnosis of obesity, it’s time to realize that what we are suffering from is chronic adaptive physiology.  Living adjacent to Hollywood I guess I should understand that people would think of obesity and diabetes as something you just magically catch, but these types of patient’s bodies are just trying to survive their environment.

As a physician I found that it’s almost impossible to change the way people eat.  So I thought I would try and change the way people think.  The traditional way of treatment versus a natural way could be likened to dependency versus responsibility.  I think that USA Today headline allows me to make the statement that, life is too short and the way you’re doing it, it’s going to be shorter. 

Of course I don’t specifically mean you or maybe I should?  Maybe I would have been better off selling shovels, but that cynical remark does not hide the fact that someone we care about is going to die because of a lack of information.

One way to combat synthetic bodies made from synthetic foods is to incorporate a system of functional wellness.  I figure if what you were doing was working you wouldn’t still be reading this.  So I am going to start typing really fast now.

Every overweight patient is an endocrine case.  Fat cells are now considered to be an endocrine organ.  That wasn’t the case when I went to school.  We now know that a fat cell can grow up to 16 times its size.  In addition they can multiply.  What this really means is each excessive fat cell has the ability to wreak havoc with your entire endocrine system. 

The hormones it produces increases insulin resistance, which in of itself causes a myriad of diseases.  However it also affects the smoothness and quality of your blood vessels, which can lead to strokes, increases blood pressure also not good if you want to prevent a stroke, slows down the immune system, reduces the efficiency of sex hormones (MBS-man boob syndrome), is a leading cause of the new epidemic of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-not a fun way to go, increases cancer, inflammation, etc..  Inflammation is now understood to be a common denominator for dozens of disease processes.

So we eat ourselves into a pathological state and expect a magic pharmaceutical pill to restore our health.  At best, the purpose of that pill is to keep you alive one more day, not to promote health.  You may say we are living longer and the cliché answer is, but not any better.  Observing my patients it could be also stated this way; we are dying too long and living too short.  In 2009 it was calculated that 100,500 cancers were caused by excess body fat.

Here’s an easy way to figure out if you should keep reading this.  Divide your (body weight) by your (height in inches squared) and multiply it by 703.  This is your body mass index.  An ideal number for adults is 25.   By the way my BMI is 26 and I’m simultaneously unhappy and embarrassed.  But I will lighten up on you, pardon the pun and let you know that the healthy range extends to 29.9.

Since obesity is so strongly related to cancer it is important to know that 95% of cancers are due to damage to cells occurring after birth, which means genes only account for 5% of cancers. This means that you can change your whole genetic expression by foods you eat.  Think of genes as a can of gasoline, but it is your environment that acts like a match that sets it on fire.  That’s a terrible analogy, but I’m going to keep it because I’m too lazy to remember a better one.

I always like to state the same thing twice, but in a slightly different way.  People from countries with low colon cancer rates suffer a significant increase in colon cancer after moving to the USA.  Eating is supposed to be an act of nourishment, not assisted suicide.  The number one cause of blindness and amputation is uncontrolled blood sugar.  As I stated above, it’s quite difficult to control your blood sugar when you have extra fat cells disrupting your endocrine system.

Right about now you might be asking, what is it that I actually do.  I offer nutritional support for those with and without a condition.  Why you say, that’s nothing.  You are correct sir.  Well almost.  I release the body’s ability to self heal.  I know that is not as impressive as getting you hooked on some kind of prescription drug, but deal with it.

A good consultation is vital and yet chances are the HMO does not provide your family physician the time to perform one.  With the consultations I see being performed; you might as well go to a veterinarian. 

If you do not take time for your health today you will have to make time for your sickness that is coming.  Fighting with people over what they eat is one reason why I stopped practicing for awhile, so this is all I’m going to say on the subject; just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need it.  So consume less bread, pasta, rice, beans, and alcohol and try eating more broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, collard greens, cauliflower, onions, beets etc. 

Do you really think that I think you’re going to do that?  Come on, the taste of that stuff could kill you.  Unfortunately, they are necessary to combat all the lifestyle diseases now plaguing us, especially obesity.  Fat cells store toxins.  One reason why people can’t lose weight on a diet is because they haven’t gotten rid of the toxins that are holding on the excess weight.  It just stays there no matter how much you starve yourself.

Whether it is irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, obesity, and so on, the standard medical protocols are almost the opposite for what these types of patients need to do to heal.  I can say this because the textbook used by all medical schools, Guyton’s physiology, describes normal metabolism.  I’ll give just one example. 

Fiber is 100% necessary to build healthy gut lining.  A patient with Crohn’s disease is told never to eat it.  With the current standard of treatment being steroids I just do not see how this patient is going to get well.

Patients armed with the power of the Internet, will pick a fight with me over anything, for example; they might refuse to eat cruciferous vegetables because they read an article somewhere that said it could decrease thyroid function.  That study came from research performed on rabbits and there is just no way you could eat enough of those vegetables to shut down your thyroid, but that is all the excuse they need to continue to remain sick. 

It almost reminds me of when I was a kid and one day my mother started serving margarine because the doctors said it was much healthier than butter.  Thankfully I wielded a lot of control as a child and when I threw it in the garbage it never reappeared.  Today we know that margarine is one of the most damaging poisons we could eat.  I bet there are still a lot of people still eating it because of the successful marketing done 50 years ago.

I am going to place below a hyperlink to a lecture by Dr. William Lee titled, “Can we eat to survive cancer”.  I’ve gone to many lectures such as this over the years and they typically can cost me at least $500.  This is one of the best I’ve ever heard and you do not have to travel and stay in a hotel room to hear it.  After listing to this entire talk you will understand why I felt it was so vital for you to hear it.

This talk was given to the public and you do not need to be a doctor to completely understand it.  However there is a 50-50 chance you may be slightly overwhelmed by this amazing information, so I will be glad to answer your questions and provide an easy way to implement this fantastic message of hope.  You can reach me at [email protected]

Although the USA Today article I started this off with is scary, it doesn’t point out the obvious, which is even scarier.  Eating has become a matter of life and death.  But don’t be afraid, there are simple solutions.  Or as Christina Ricci said in the Adams Family, be very afraid.  The choice is yours.

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