Some more Tidbits about nutrition that you might want to know.

Some more Tidbits about nutrition that you might want to know.

When you are deficient in nutrients your body makes it easier to absorb them.  However, you have to buy some these days to get them because our food supply is almost void of them.

Dietary supplements  are regulated by the FTC.  They have different requirements than drugs being regulated by the FDA.  Supplements can have zero risk.  In exchange for that, the company selling the supplement does not have to prove it’s efficacy.  A drug can cause life altering  very bad side effects, but it has to prove that it does do what it says it does.

The FDA will let a drug be sold knowing that it will kill people just as long as the drug does effect what they claim it to do.  The FDA will require a supplement company to submit paper work to them and possibly in the future they may look at it if it turns out that supplement is not safe and then they can take it off the market.

The FTC is involved with false misleading claims.  The FDA is involved with safety.  For example if a product claims to support heart health the FTC requires proof that it would prevent heart disease.  However there is no burden on the manufacturer to support it’s claims until the FDA or FTC demands it.  The manufacturer is responsible for what is in their product regardless of where it was sourced, what country it came from,  which is usually China or India.  China at this point supposedly has higher standards than India.

Nutraceuticals is a made up term from the 90’s.  Back around the 1930’s vitamins were being discovered.  The first one they noticed was vitamin A.  The next one was vitamin B1.  Etc.  There are now different classes of supplements.  Vitamins and minerals.  Essential Fats and oils.  Metabolites.  Metabolites are not considered essential, but they are involved in  human metabolism that may help create a desired effect.   Herbal extracts have no nutritional value, but they have chemical extracts that have some kind of physiological effect on your body.  Herbals are similar to drugs.  They just contain the chemical still in the plant.

The FDA defines a drug not by what it does, but by how it is described by the manufacturer.  For example vitamin C  when advertised as supporting the immune system is considered a dietary supplement.  If it was advertised as something that reduces the incidence of the common cold, it is now considered to be a drug.  Now the FDA would say that you are selling a new and unapproved drug, cease and desist.  Of course it is not a new drug, but the law is written in accordance to the language used to promote the product.

They now have prescription fish which is no different than what you can buy without the prescription.  The only difference is the prescription can say it lowers your triglycerides and the off the shelf bottle says it supports heart health.  It’s the same product.  This pisses off the drug manufacturers so they put out information that says that the supplement industry is unregulated and dangerous.

There are hundreds of different brands out there, but most of it comes from just a handful of sources.  However, the price variation is extraordinary.  There are more expensive ways to extract the nutrients.  CO2 extraction is more expensive than using chemicals.  The higher priced fish oils use CO2 extraction.   Quite often, the quality of the nutrients is not related to it’s costs.

You can start an organic farm on very bad soil and just because you comply with the regulations for growing organically, it doesn’t mean there will be all that good stuff in your plants if it was not in the soil to start with. There is not enough land/space in the United States to produce all organic food to feed us all.  It is a luxury.  The volume of food that this country demands cannot be met with just organic food.

The term microbiome refers to all the non human DNA found on and in our body.  AKA, bacteria.  Decades ago, the microbiome were considered stow away bacteria, they found a place to live.  We now realize that the microbiome is a fundamental component of human health.

The 3 main factors that determine the health of the individual is physical activity, nutrition, and your microbiome.  Western living has greatly damaged our microbiome.  The increase in food sensitivities every year is proportional to the damage to our microbiome.  Why is everyone now sensitive to gluten?  The bread is the same.  They didn’t do anything to the bread.  The microbiome has lost it’s ability to regulate the inflammatory reactions to these proteins in our gut.  Normally, they should not bother us.  Gluten has also been increased by GMO.  Our microbiome is in a state of dysbiosis.  This occurs by a reduced variety of food.  People often eat the same things now.  Foods that support the microbiome are fibers.  Kids today don’t like salad.  High saturated fats damage the microbiome.  Kids love French Fries.  High sugar loads damage our microbiome.  Kids love soda.  Even a sedentary lifestyle damages your microbiome.  A Western diet is devoid of all the things our microbiome requires.

People don’t like the way fiber tastes, so food processers removed it.  Wonder doughy bread is more consumable because it tastes better.  So companies make that kind of stuff because they want to stay in business.   It is good for them, but it damages our health.  When we continually eat badly, certain parts of our microbiome go extinct because there is no support for them.  Fermentation is very microbiome friendly.  So foods like cole slaw, pickles that are fermented help our microbiome and helps regulate our autoimmune system.  Autoimmune disease is at epidemic levels in America.  We also see an increase in asthma, allergies, etc.

Peer review is a process in which a journal will have experts investigate something.  There is a lot of bias in medical publishing aka a hit job.  Any agenda can get published.  This process should not be trusted.  Last year they said coconut oil was bad for you.  This year they said that probiotics is bad for you.  These studies are what is bad for you.  Many bad studies are promoted heavily by the media since the drug companies that sponsored it are their main source of income.

Their goal is to make you unhealthy so you’ll buy drugs, not things that are healthy for you.  Often the studies provide no information to how it was performed and it can be performed to get the results that they set out to get which is not science at all.  A sound byte out of the conclusion is often misleading or just plain lying.  It is a complete misrepresentation to what the research was and that is if the research is even good in the first place.  Consumers have a desire to invest in their health.  However, the buyer must beware because there are a lot of bad actors out there selling you stuff.  I have no idea if that jelly fish product is actually good for your memory even though their scientists assure that it is, but I suspect it is total nonsense.


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