The journal of endocrinology, discovers neurology with regards to weight loss.

The journal of endocrinology, discovers neurology with regards to weight loss.

Some ideas that you are not going to get from a non chiropractic mind from this 2012 Study from The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

At this time of year patients have some kind of weight loss goal.  What they don’t have is any idea that chiropractic adjustments positively affect their weight loss outcomes.  This study from 2012 discussed the sympathetic nervous system’s role in weight loss.  It subconsciously regulates many body functions and one of them is the metabolic rate after the intake of calories.

42 individuals were studied for their muscular neurological activity and it was discovered that the weight loss resistant subjects had significantly blunted sympathetic responses to oral glucose ingestion at base line compared to those subjects that had normal sympathetic nervous system activity with corresponding successful weight loss.

Said a different way, people were given a high carb meal.  The subjects that were able to respond to that burst of carbohydrates with proper nervous system function were the ones that were able to obtain their weight loss goals.

Your body has the ability to adapt, but when it can’t you could have trouble losing weight.   Chiropractic offers a way to drive down the sympathetic tone by directly affecting the brain stem and brain structures higher up such as the hypothalamus.  This has been demonstrably proven with measuring decreased levels of cortisol after an adjustment. This occurs because the nerves that are stimulated in the spine affect the hypothalamus.  What this study didn’t discuss was that cortisol is for running away from big scary animals and when you are doing that you need to have blood in your legs not your stomach.  That means your digestion slows down.  Being stressed out all day producing high levels of cortisol may have something to do with weight gain.

A skilled chiropractic adjustment immediately lowers your stress levels as measured by a decrease in cortisol in your blood stream.  Stress kills and it appears it may also kill your weight loss plans.

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