Suspicion breeds Confidence

That sounds very Orwellian and 1984ish.  You think that would be a satirical slogan mocking a big brother totalitarian nightmare scenario, but when I started thinking about our daily lives and realizing how much freedom we have lost since I was a kid, it seemed clear that we’ve been in this Orwellian nightmare for way too long.  I’m not allowed to talk about politics here, so let me talk about my other favorite subject.  Health.

Maybe we should be suspicious of the foods we eat.  Is that beverage loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup really as healthy as the label implies with the incredibly fit couple on the label, enjoying life to its fullest merely because they are drinking it?  Is that drug with 80 side effects going to make me any healthier after I ask my doctor for it?  Even though sunlight actually reduces cancer, is vital for cell metabolism, and helps relieve depression, I’m sure the people who are telling me to stay out of the sun don’t have any way to profit off of me needing anti-depressants to get through my day. 

I’m sure for just suggesting these thoughts; some will label me a Donald Trump like clown.  Maybe I should come up with another paranoid statement like the one that started this. 

Ridicule is a great tool for preventing common sense from prevailing. 

With the epidemic like increase in life style diseases, I don’t understand why anyone still wants to follow the lemmings off the cliff.  The suicidal lemming like creatures I refer to is us and the cliff is our current health care system.  While our authorities brag that we have a shinny ambulance waiting at the bottom of the cliff to take us to a hospital, we should all be demanding a fence at the top of the precipice.

Sorry no substance in this blog, but you can read all the other ones I wrote that have a little more meat and potatoes to it.  Next time I’ll share a couple of strategies that my patients find easy enough to use that prevents them from taking a header off that mean cliff.  Or said another way, you don’t have to take that nose dive into sickville.

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