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What My Patients Say…

Take a moment to read through some of the testimonials, thank you notes, and stories I’ve received over the years from my patients.
-Dr. Greg Malakoff

Dr. Greg Malakoff gave me my life back
I’ve spent my life as a professional musician/recording artist. From my first paid performances in 1966, up until just two years ago, I was an absolutely fearless performer. I wasn’t just confident – I was a total monster. I knew exactly what I was capable of. My vocal skills and mastery of guitar had never failed me – until the last year or so.

I knew I had back and neck problems that required chiropractic care, but much like finding a guitar tech that not only knew what he was doing, but was actually willing to do it, finding a chiropractor that really knew what he was doing and was willing to do it seemed like an impossible task – until my guitar tech turned me on to Dr. Greg Malakoff. The other chiropractors I saw did next to nothing to help me. They got me and my wife in and out as quickly as they could, and what little they did do was minimal and ineffective.

My first experience with Dr. Malakoff was incredible. Where the adjustments from other chiropractors barely produced a single pop in my neck, Greg’s adjustments had my neck going off like a machine gun – and the difference in the way I felt was dramatic, and the results were lasting.

Things being what they were, I was unable to connect with Dr. Malakoff for nearly two years. In that period of time a LOT of things began to go wrong. I began to lose my voice and my prowess at guitar playing, regardless of how much time and effort I put into maintaining my abilities. At 64 years of age I had myself half convinced that it was age taking it’s toll. I thought my days as a master level performer were over. Simple songs that should have taken no time at all to master were taking months of daily practice – and still netted me no results. I found myself fumbling through things that should have come easily, sounding like an amateur. It got to where my voice wasn’t even hit or miss – it was gone. Each and every time I went on stage to perform I was terrified and embarrassed. That was extremely unnerving after a lifetime of being fearless at what I did. I got to where I wouldn’t practice with my wife in the room – and she noticed that I wouldn’t play or sing around her, where before it was common for me to do so.

My back was giving me daily problems, and I had a severe pain in the back right hand side of my neck that was so bad that turning my neck a certain way would almost have me blacking out. Doctors did nothing, but push pharmaceutical drugs on me to mask the pain. Test after test showed nothing wrong, and our doctors repeatedly said ‘Mr. Isenberg, you are in excellent health.’

Finally, this past week I was able to schedule an appointment with Dr. Malakoff. I told him what was going on. He adjusted my neck and the results were literally life changing. Within a DAY I saw dramatic changes in my voice and guitar playing. Within just a few days that unending and excruciating pain in my neck was almost completely gone. I went from feeling like an invalid to feeling fantastic. All sorts of changes were taking place. In short, Dr. Greg Malakoff gave me my life back. I didn’t think a chiropractic adjustment could produce results so life changing – but it most certainly did.

The good doctor told me to read his blog ‘The Chiropractic Adjustment – and why you want them.’ Every bit of it made perfect sense. My stage fright was a result of the cortisol my body was flooded with every day. The fact that my brain wasn’t getting the proper flow of information caused my lack of motor skills – stifling my ability to sing and play guitar properly. The stress and depression was crippling me.

Chiropractors, like every profession, has practitioners of every level – from masters of the art, to those who shouldn’t be attempting to adjust anyone’s neck. Dr. Greg Malakoff is a master of what he does. Like I said, I’ve been to many chiropractors and he is simply the best. I meant it when I said he gave me my life back. I honestly thought my life was coming to an end. Now I know I have a great life ahead of me – thanks to the expertise of Dr. Greg Malakoff.

M. Isenberg

Thank You So Much
I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me and giving me good advice! You’ve never met me and didn’t have to do that at all. So that means everything to me! I truly appreciate you getting back to me! Thanks a million! 🙂

E. K.

A Natural Born Healer
While looking at Greg’s biography on this website I realized I was the girl he was talking about. Growing up, I was of the opinion that Greg was a natural born healer. I suppose that that’s the reason why I allowed him to do adjustments on me, not even questioning the fact that he had no formal training. Eventually, Greg became a licensed Chiropractor and I became a Registered Nurse. As I became older and wiser, and a bit more discriminating about who I would entrust my health to, not only did I go to Greg for adjustments, I brought my infant son to him as well. I can honestly say that for 40 years, my family and I have been getting positive results from our adjustments from Greg.

Darlene Stango, RN

Outstanding Knowledge
Greg’s experiences in life and as a doctor have blessed him with an outstanding knowledge of mind-body health and function. He is well rounded with his holistic approach to exercise, adjustment, philosophy and nutrition.

Alana Zabel Yoga Instructor

A Sincere Thank-You
I just want to thank you for keeping me aligned in the last several years. My overall physical health has improved tremendously. Your knowledge of nutrition and vitamins, addition to your magic touch definitely keep me going. I appreciate very much all you have done for me, thank you.

Marika R.

The Best
Great Web site Greg. Very informative and easy to use. As a former patient I know you’re the best. Best of Luck.

Dan S.

Fantastic Chiropractor
Dr. Malakoff is a fantastic chiropractor that has relieved me of back pain on several occasions and restored me to perfect health.

Melissa B.

One Of The Nicest People
One of the nicest people I met in L.A. … he came out to Germany to visit me… I believe in what he’s doing… he helped me too when I was living in L.A. and had some health problems … go check him out!

Astrid E.

He Listens
The thing that’s special about Dr. Greg is that he actually LISTENS. I came in with an old injury and strong preferences about my treatment. He gave me a spot-on diagnosis and incorporated an effective treatment that both respected my requests and gave me relief. Dr. Greg is kind and caring and sincerely wants his patients to get better.

Diane R.

Adjusted Since Childhood
I have been using chiropractic care since I was little tot.  It has helped me with so much.  I still go and probably will go till the day I leave this earth.  I would rather go to a chiropractor than an orthopedic that just wants to cut me open.
Like anything else you just have to find a good one.  I miss the days when you use to adjust me and my children.  I can’t believe that you started working with us back in 1982.   I wished you lived closer.  Thanks for all the info you have shared with us.  I am looking forward to your next article.

Rose F.