What My Patients Say…

Take a moment to read through some of the testimonials, thank you notes, and stories I’ve received over the years from my patients.

-Dr. Greg Malakoff

Lost without Chiropractic

Dr. Greg…I am addicted to my chiropractic appointments and do not know where I’d be without them!

(That is how much they help me!)

Josephine F
Willingness To Share

Dear Dr. Malakoff:

On behalf of the students and faculty at Culver City High School, I want to thank you for your participation in our Annual Career Day. I have received many positive comments from both students and faculty. Your willingness to share your expertise contributed to the success of this event. Please let me know if you would be interested in Project Shadow.

Kathleen S.
Headaches were Relieved

My nine year old daughter had been experiencing headaches for over two months with no relief after going to allergy and other doctors.

After six visits with Dr. Malakoff, her headaches were relieved.

Kathy B.
The Treatment Made Sense

Dear Dr. Malakoff, I want to thank you for the time you spent with me explaining in detail what was going on with me. I was not sure about the Chiropractic procedures, but you made me feel safe. We also developed a working relationship that allowed the adjustments to really make sense, and work in my body. After a few visits I felt some of the pain and reasons why I came in go away.

Wesley G.
Chiropractic Care Helped My Tennis Game

Chiropractic care has helped me immeasurably on two occasions. I am a professional tennis instructor which means two things; that I be physically fit and mobile while my body takes a continual pounding on the court. The first occasion of the doctor’s help came after I sustained an ankle injury of unknown origin-it wouldn’t go away. For three months it would take me a couple of hours of hobbling around the court before it could feel comfortable, but I could always feel the problem was there. I came to Greg and after 40 seconds time on the table the problem was taken care of forever. The second occasion was of a more serious nature-tennis elbow. I had a very bad case. I tried resting my arm, wearing braces, icing etc. nothing had that much effect. After a few treatments my days of playing in pain were on the wane. Today I play without pain. I didn’t think it would be possible.

*A very big personal note from Dr. Malakoff. I knew Ken since we were two years old and he was truly my best friend throughout my life. He was also the greatest tennis instructor I ever knew, but he didn’t just teach well, he won many big tournaments throughout his career and even played on the pro circuit for a while. Ken passed away in 2010 from lung cancer. His passing is an immeasurable loss to all that were lucky enough to have known him. R.I.P.

Ken G.
Kind And Gentle

Dear Greg,

Thanks for being so kind and gentle. You’re a terrific doctor and there should be more people like you that truly care. It’s rare today to find someone like you; you make the pain a lot more bearable with all that patience. You’re a special person and I’ll miss having you as my doctor.

My Headaches Went Away

I’ve been going to an orthopedic for a year with no results. He did put me in the hospital several times, tried different drugs and a neck brace. Also he sent me to see a neurologist. The neurologist told me he couldn’t do anything for me, I told him I was going to go a chiropractor, he said I shouldn’t go to a chiropractor, that I should see a real doctor. When I left his office he was mad, but I was madder.

I’m going to Dr. Malakoff for about four days now and I feel a lot better. After the first visit, my headache went away, which I had for one year.

Thank you very much for the time you spent with me and for helping me feel a lot better.

Thank you

Laurie G.
Gave Me Advice

Dear Dr. Malakoff,

I enjoyed my visit to your facility and I am pleased to say that I was impressed. I greatly appreciate you looking at my hand and giving me advice on treatment.

Very truly yours,

Damon G.
I Could Breathe Again

I walked into the office not able to breathe through my sinuses and after one adjustment I was able to breathe through my sinuses.

Thank you Dr. Malakoff

-your future full-time patient

Lou O.
Couldn't Walk

Dear Dr. Malakoff,

I would like to thank you for helping my husband, Joel. He was in severe pain in the back and could not walk. After your adjustments (two) he really showed and felt an improvement. He is good as new now. He believes in chiropractic care now. I’ve been a firm believer in chiropractic health care for a long time. I was struck by lightning when I was eight years old. Thanks to adjustments I’m doing fine. Keep up the good work in helping others.

Louise K.
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