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What Is The Best Chiropractic Care?

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What Is The Best Chiropractic Care?

Mobile Chiropractic CareWhen you’re in Pain who is the Best Chiropractor for you? Let me make the case for why you  may want to call me.

3 Critical things you should know when you’re in pain.  1. Not all pain requires MRI’s, CAT Scans, EMG’s, X-Rays, other expensive tests, and exotic treatments that also can take weeks to schedule.  2. Most often severe back pain is best managed with highly skilled/competent chiropractic care. 3.  How available and near you is a chiropractor specialist?  I’m very near you since I am totally dedicated to house calls only.  Many of my patients are in so much pain they can’t get out of bed or off the floor.

Top Chiropractic Care for the Best Experience.

Because I have over 30 years of experience, I can typically help my patients when I arrive at their door.  Better for you, is my post graduate degree in neurology.  The additional 3 years of intense training, the only postgraduate Chiropractic training recognized by National Accrediting Agencies provides me with not only exceptional-top chiropractic skills, but also cutting edge diagnostic abilities.  More often than not, I can help you without having to order a litany of expensive tests.  I have specialized in just mobile chiropractic care for the past 10 years and I’m positive you’ll feel the difference.

Other important factors that makes me unique. 

If you’ve been near me, you know I have also invested in expensive, high quality physiotherapy modalities that I bring to each home/office visit.  They help resolve the complex spinal cord reflexes that are often involved with the issues that make many people feel the need to go to an emergency room for their severe pain.  I often use a protocol of 6 different therapies before using the most effective one of all, my hands.  I find that this treatment protocol provides the best outcomes.

  • The Arthrostim delivers frequencies that interrupt pain signals from the spinal joints and also helps to reduce spasm in non voluntary spinal muscles, which is a result of the pain signals, and becomes a vicious cycle.
  • The vibrocussor delivers different percussion frequencies that patients find not only very enjoyable, but often helps to start reducing their discomfort.  We have different nerves in our body and they respond maximally to the correct stimulus and my expertise helps get maximum results because knowing where, when and how to use all methods available is critical to you having a beneficial outcome.
  • The rapid release tool is used to break up the fascial pain.  Muscles do not have pressure receptors, they are in the fascia around the muscle.  Myofascitis is usually present when you are in pain and it needs to be addressed as well.
  • The Eradicator is something that I put together.  At 3,000 rpm the rapid firing of the contact head is going to shut off the spinal cord reflexes that do not respond well to medications.  It often eradicates the patients pain significantly.  Most patients love this one the most.
  • I use these tools in different sequences depending upon what your body is showing me.
  • I bring highly specialized support belts that can work miracles if you are experiencing what I call a back attack.  What makes these belts different and so effective is that they have a pillar design to apply pressure to the muscle spindle nerves.  The result is you are able to function while healing.  When someone gets a back attack, it can last for 3 months.  Many of my patients cannot get off the floor when I arrive.  With pain that severe, you are not going to recover from it immediately.  The belt can often make you functional enough to even go to work the next day.  You will not be completely better and all out of pain, but compared to the way you were, you are going to be grateful and happy for the percentage of improvement.  These belts work in only certain types of back pain.  If it works you will notice it immediately.  If it doesn’t, I will not sell it to you.
  • Additionally, you don’t have to be too near me for me to be near you since I’m traveling much of the day.  You should always give me a call because quite often it works out very well for both of us.

While there are many chiropractors to choose from, I assure you that if you choose me, you will be receiving a top level of service that is not usual and customary, it is exceptional.  If your situation requires more than chiropractic care, I associate with concierge medical doctors and you’ll receive the best of both worlds.

This is how and why I can better serve you. This is what makes me so different from all the others.  You’ll appreciate the prompt care, the flexibility of being treated at your location, the ease of beginning treatment, the number of options available concerning treatments, and the amount of time spent with the doctor and not an assistant.

If you look at my Yelp and Google reviews, you’ll see many patients that were more than just very satisfied with my top expert care.  You deserve only the best and I try my best to deliver an excellent experience.

To make things easier for you, I’ve decided to place just a few quotes here from my 100 “5 Star Yelp reviews.”  Yelp only lists 65 at the moment, but they are all there if you search hard for them.  But here is what I think you would want to know without having to spend too much time searching.  I also have 100 different 5 star reviews on Google.

  • “Amazing chiropractor!  Went above and beyond!   I’m an ER doctor and I found him to be fantastic at his practice and great bedside manner!”
  • “Dr. Greg is amazing, he is dedicated and has a true passion for healing people.”
  • “He really helped me as I couldn’t move my head, so I couldn’t drive to a chiropractor.”
  • “Greg was an absolute great experience and a great person to meet. My aunt was suffering from her neck being stuck and we called Greg after finding him on Google and within an hour he was at our home. He came prepared with everything he needed, machines, bed, etc.”

I could go on for 90 more, but I think you have a better idea of who you are inviting into your home/office.

Serving the West side of Los Angeles:  Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, Bel Air, Cheviot Hills, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Las Feliz, Downtown and Surrounding areas including nearby cities in the Valley.  If not sure if you are near me call and ask.

While the State Board of Chiropractors frowns upon anyone calling them the best, I like to discuss what is best for you. Over the years my practice of Chiropractic House Calls has grown because what many people find to be the best is the convenience of having a highly skilled doctor arrive at their home.