The Politics of Bad Health Part 2

The Politics of Bad Health Part 2

With 7 billion people on the planet it’s becoming obvious that our leaders are not competent enough to manage them.  Especially when it comes to health.  We have a lot more of disease and perhaps the first thing that is going wrong is that we think we have more disease.  What we have is a lack of health.    And we have a lot of craziness from our leaders when it comes to all the things we can stick in our body.

Marijuana is believe it or not, still illegal in most states, probably because it could be harmful to children.  Yet,  methamphetamines aka speed, crank, meth, is legal for children that are diagnosed with ADHD.  But these kids are not stupid, they’re selling the drugs to their friends.  One out of ten children are diagnosed with ADHD and given speed to manage the condition. Besides all the bad stuff about speed that you already know, lets consider a big problem that you might not consider, especially if you are on the spectrum yourself.

The adrenalin that it produces puts the user into a fight or flight response.  When you are in this condition that was designed by nature to help us not be eaten by a more savage creature than ourselves the brain is not open to creative thinking.  No creative thought can be made when in this state.   This drug is almost mandatory and one reason for it it is so that they can take a multiple choice test and spit out the right answer that they would have a 25% chance of getting right without the drug.  The ability for our children, our future, to think outside of the box has been chemically taken away from them.

These new life style epidemics are coming at us fast and furious, sought of like the movie franchise.  By 2035 one out of three kids will be diagnosed with Autism.  At this rate, to think that our politicians can fix this is suicidal thinking.  There isn’t enough time between now and then for our government to reverse their direction.  We need to think outside this current box that we have been forced into.  We need to outrun this epidemic, but how? Certainly our current leadership is not in a position to fix this since they have participated in creating it.

We need to look at our biome for the answer.  The biome that our government polices are determined to destroy.  This is not a good plan because we cannot live without our biome.  Our smartest, brightest, most prestigious minds, don’t seem to understand that simple concept.

There is no such thing as a bad bacteria.  What allows that bacteria to become pathogenic is the imbalance that our life style is affording them.  Most bacterial infections that killed most of us was from not having toilets.  The invention of the toilet saved more lives than all of modern medicine.

Let’s think about something that we never associated with bacteria.  Microbial dysbiosis is now considered a problem with human breast cancer.  In a healthy human breast, in the woman, that has cancer in the other breast, there is a different ecosystem.  There are unhealthy bacteria living around the tumor in the cancerous breast.  Doctors are not taught that we are completely infiltrated with bacteria that moderate disease processes.  The healthy breast had a healthy bacteria that drew oxygen into the area.  In the cancer breast a few inches away the bad bacteria moves in and thrives because the ecosystem is already in collapse. But this was originally misunderstood and doctors thought that breast cancer was caused by Methylobacterium. Then they realized that it was a shortage of this bacteria that was the problem.  The more sterile the breast became, the more deadly the cancer became.  The purpose of the bacteria is to protect the breast and more chemo and antibiotics makes the situation worse.

The CDC and the New England Journal of Medicine have a study regarding antibiotic usage in treating breast cancer.  The cities and states where more antibiotics were prescribed resulted in  the death rates being higher.  The ecosystem of the breast collapsed from the antibiotics. Why would it collapse?

7.7 million pounds of antibiotics are entering patients via doctor’s prescription pads.  What is going on that we need so many antibiotics?  883 prescriptions for every 1,000 men, women, and children is not a good goal.

There is one antibiotic that we all get more of we don’t have a prescription for it.  We don’t want it and we don’t knowingly take it.  That antibiotic is not in any PDR.  It is called Glyphosate.  It is the active ingredient in Roundup from Monsanto.  It is designed to make insects stomachs explode.  It is the most abundant herbicide used on our crops for the past 30 years used worldwide.  4.5 billion pounds of Glyphosate are poured annually into the soils of the Earth.

It has never been patented as a weed killer.  It was originally packaged as an antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic.  It kills the organisms it touches.  A simple single cell organism will die almost instantly from it’s touch.  It has the same affect on plants.  Unless of course they have been genetically modified to protect them from this super poison.

The birth of GMO crops was around 1996, not all that long ago.  That was the first time that we changed the foods that we ate so that we could spray an antibiotic onto a crop.  It’s important to realize that those things we are killing bacteria, fungi, parasites are what feed the plants through their root system.  The corn in that soil is not the corn that we ate a generation ago.  It is empty of nutrients.  The nutrients that feed our food come through the bacteria in the soil and they are hit with 4.5 billion pounds of  antibiotic/poison.

We are sterilizing the soils of the earth and they need to be anything but sterile.  Kids today that don’t play in dirt are much more prone to being generally sick because the bacteria that our government is bent on destroying is what protects us from disease.  Glyphosate blocks the Shikimate enzyme pathway that makes a unique group of Amino Acids

There are 26 amino acids that make the structure for all life on earth.  Like the 26 letters of the alphabet, these amino acids have to create over 200,000 proteins that make up the human body.  Most of these 26 amino acids can be made by humans on their own accord.  There are 9 of those that are like the vowels of the alphabet that are completely critical to every single word/protein.  The vowels of the amino acids that are called essential amino acids cannot be made by human cells.  They can only be made by the bacteria, the fungi, the plant cells themselves.  We have blocked in our plants and the soil life around it the ability to make these essential amino acids.  We have blocked the Shikimate pathways ability to make these vital compounds.  They are blocked from entering into our food chain.

If you were a giant evil corporation that slowly mutated from a company that made Hitler’s nerve gasses called Monsanto you would say it is safe because there is no biologic target in the human body.  It only targets bacteria.   Therefore it is safe for humans.  Unless of course you are trying to build a new human being in which case you have to misspell most of the words in the vocabulary of the proteins that will build that baby because they are deficient in letters.

Our children are literally being born without the essential building blocks of health and they are lacking the nutrients to build a healthy brain, a resilient immune system, and an extracellular matrix that would build a barrier system between the outside world and your immune system.  You probably by now forgot how this paper began, but I was discussing how severely damaged our children are.  How is it possible than in just 50 or so years we can’t reproduce a healthy kid?

Stay tuned for part 2.

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