The Politics of Incredibly Very Bad Health Part 3

The Politics of Incredibly Very Bad Health Part 3

How did we get into this horrid mess?  Why can’t we produce a healthy kid these days?  We are destroying our human biology by removing it’s vocabulary.  Our foods are deplete of the nutrients that make us.  The pesticides and herbicides destroy the bacteria that make the amino acids, our building blocks that we cannot make.

But then it gets worse from there.  Alkaloids are the medicinals in our food that make us healthy, protect us.  We’ve said for thousands of years that we should let food be our medicine, yet we have destroyed the medicine in our food.  Before 1996 we still had some healthy food and soil.  Glyphosate destroys the shikimate pathway that allows the alkaloids to be made.  Alkaloids are medicines that make the antimalarials, the anti parasites, the things that balance our ecosystem.

We have an epidemic of Lyme’s Disease.  We have taken out the compounds in our foods that would have allowed us to fight disease.  Kids are now seeing a rate of 1 in 6 incidences of asthma before the age of 6.  Australia started using Glyphosate before the U.S. and their kids are now 1 in 4 with asthma.  They removed the medicine that would have prevented asthma in their children by just eating fruits and vegetables.  Anti cancer compounds come from green plants.  Well they used to.  We now have special algae beds that are protected from glyphosate that grow the anti cancer chemicals and they sell it for $28,000 per gram.  We used to eat that stuff for almost free.  It is 4 times more expensive than gold.  It is a naturally occurring compound that should be in your food, but it was taken out by Monsanto.

Doctors don’t complain about Monsanto because they make a lot of money off the chemo.  Cancer is a 435 billion dollar yearly industry.  So we’ve been getting a lot of things subtracted out from us.  The ability to make a healthy body and the ability to eat things that would fight disease.   Glyphosate is one of the first toxins to be water soluble.  For a toxin to become water soluble is a disaster for the planet.  We want toxins to be fat soluble so that they can be sequestered away by our microbiome, our liver, etc. before they hit our brain which is 75% fat.  Glyphosate goes into every water system on the planet.  In the farming areas 75% of the air and rainfall test positive for Glyphosate.  It has gotten into every niche of the ecosystem.

Between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the Mississippi River has accumulated so much Glyphosate that it is now referred to as Cancer Ally.  This region has the highest rates of cancer in the developed world. Some of the most impoverished people live in this region.  The people with the most cancer are the farmers that are trying to grow food to feed us.  While the government gives farmers lots of money to not grow certain foods, they will not give them a voice in their own health.  They can’t convince our leaders to stop killing them.  They have four or five cancers.  They are knee-deep in this chemical toxin.  We are all participating in our own genocide.  Cancer used to be predominantly in the Northeast and West.  They are now in the Mississippi Delta due to this toxin.

Genetics does not explained a cancer curve like this.  Each human cell contains 1 meter of DNA.  The average human body contains about 50 trillion cells.  If we were to string all of our DNA from end to end it would wrap around the circumference of the earth 4 million times.  However, we only have about 20,000 genes that are repeated through those DNA strips.  A flea has about 30,000 genes.  We are two thirds as complicated as a flea at the genetic level.  We are idiots at the genetic level.  From this point of view we are supreme idiots on the planet.

However, we have been made brilliant in our flexibility because 99% of our genome does not code for a protein.  It codes for the micro RNA that decides who we become today.  We are the most plastic of species because almost hardly any of our genetic information is concrete.  Most of is this plastic environment of micro RNA doesn’t make any proteins at all.  They just circulate through our bloodstream and change the way that our mere 20,000 genes are behaving.

This means that our micro RNA can alter our 20,000 genes to make 4 million different bodies.  Are you sick?  Do you have a disease?  You have cancer, heart disease?  Then you need to build a different body and you can.  If we greatly change our ecosystem it can change the expression of our DNA.  You can change as a human being, literally.  We are far outnumbered by the genetic material that is around us.  We are one species with 20,000 genes.  Our mitochondria with 14 quadrillion cells inside of them are living in our cells.  The mitochondria have 37 genes.  Multiply that by all the genetic information in the bacteria that occupy the mitochondria they have much more genetic information than our human cells.  Then how about the bacteria that are not in our mitochondria.  There are 300,000 different species of parasites in us.  That’s another 2 billion genes.  We have 5 million different species of fungi.  That’s another 2 trillion genes.  We don’t know how many species of viruses we have.  They suspect that there are 1031 different species of viruses as of 2018.  That means we have 10 million more viruses than there are stars in the entire universe.

We have a multi billion dollar industry to vaccinate us against a few of them.  We have come into existence, we exist today because of all these little creatures that big Pharma and big Agra are making billions of dollars to kill.  If these little germs wanted us dead they would have won a long time ago.  Our gene pool is the entire planet Earth.  We need to see our ecosystem as our support system not something that needs to be destroyed.  We have a system in our body that keeps the outside world from our inside world.  It took me weeks to visualize this reading my histology textbook in my first year of med school.  It is referred to as tight junctions between cells.  Our tight junctions are the site where much of the injuries that are occurring that allow us to become sick with our new diseases.  Glyphosate destroys the tight junctions of our cells.  To summarize this, modern living has caused us to build insufficient bodies.  We have taken away the natural compounds which would treat the diseases that we develop, and then for the final insult we take away our self identity by destroying the cellular mechanisms that keep the outside world from entering us at the cellular level.  We are eroding the boundary between the outside world and our inside world with glyphosate.  We are literally losing ourselves.  We can put this back together.  Mother Earth in her soils from 50 million years ago seems to have predicted our future insanity to what we would do to her in the modern-day times.  She has made an antidote to roundup the most vicious chemical ever created.  You’ve heard of it.  Probiotics.  Well, hopefully there are some left in our soil.

Editors note:  I retained much of this information from a series of lectures and it may not be exactly correct?  But the big ideas certainly are.

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