The Politics of Very Bad Health

The Politics of Very Bad Health

If you ask why American kids are 70% more likely to die before adulthood than kids in other rich nations you could find yourself in a lot of trouble with the law.  Why shouldn’t Americans be concerned about a new study that ranked 20 wealthy countries on childhood deaths and the US comes in dead last.

The first thought to come to your mind should be, is there something wrong with how we train our doctors.    It should trouble everyone that 50% of American babies die more on their first day of life than  every other industrialized nation combined.  Our experts argue that it is because we have more premature births than they do.  So, why are our mothers giving birth too early?

According to the CDC, the flu vaccine given in the first trimester causes miscarriages.  A 7 fold increase, yet they still recommend the flu shot to pregnant women.  One out of six children now have a developmental disability in the U.S.   50% of the children have a chronic illness.  This is not how we were 50 years ago.    When I went to school all of this was unheard of, today, the schools are packed with sick kids.

This is the sickest generation of children in the U.S. that we have ever seen.  Something has gone disastrously wrong.  Maybe this is where it started?  Before they passed the national vaccine compensation act, we were getting about 11 vaccinations.  Around 1986 when they were protected from damages and it was illegal to sue a vaccine manufacturer it was magically discovered that  we required up to 53 vaccines to be able to safely walk the earth.

We had an approximate rate of  12% with regard to autoimmunity disease in the 80’s.  It is now 54%.  Autoimmune disease is now a rampant epidemic. Probably over a hundred different ones at this point.  If you have something weird and the doctors don’t know what it is, it is probably an autoimmune disorder. But why are our own bodies attacking itself?

I’ve heard experts  blame it on the air, the food, the water supply.  Perhaps we should take a look at the one item for consumption that is designed for only one reason, to change our immune system for life.   A confused immune system is autoimmune disease.  What will happen if you question the one product that is designed to confuse your immune system?  They’ll get the media and celebrities to hunt you down.

Could it be possible these vaccines are making our bodies think that it has a disease that it doesn’t have? The experts actually say this on television, the flu this year was so strong that they died even though we gave them a flu shot and Tamiflu.  If you look at the results and benefits of Tamiflu, you might start to think about not taking it.

Is there a reason why we can’t find one set of  rules of engagement when determining if something is safe? Turns out that there is not one single double blind study that compares a vaccine to a group that thought they got a vaccination aka placebo.  They say that they can’t  use the scientific method to approve vaccines because it would be unethical.  They believe that that it would be inhumane to not let a group have them.  To have a placebo group of children traveling through life would be a crime and it is now a crime almost everywhere in America.  That is how the CDC gets away without using science to determine if the vaccines are doing more harm than good.

They have a mandate from our government to put their vaccines into every single kid in the country.  How do they keep track of the harm?  Their method consists of our doctor reporting if a patient comes back with a horrid complaint after the vaccination.  In 2016 the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting  System (VAERS) had 59,107 reported injuries.  432 people had died from vaccines.  There were 10,000 Emergency Room Visits.  1,000 permanent disabilities.  Does that  sound like one in a million?   I’m not a epidemiological  mathematician, but I’m pretty sure there are not 59 thousand million people living in America.

Health and Human Services investigated their own system.  They discovered that VAERS only captures fewer than 1% of adverse events.  This means that in 2016 there could have been 5.9 million injuries from vaccines not the 59,000 reported.  432 deaths might be 43,200 deaths.  10,000 E.R. visits becomes one million.

The Institute of Medicine is the most prestigious in the world.  In 1991 there were a lot of complaints about the DPT vaccine.  The Institute of Medicine was asked to investigate the situation.   They said that 6 of the injuries were caused by the vaccine, 4 were not, but 12 types of cases such as  aseptic meningitis, chronic neurological damage, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, insulin dependent diabetes, etc. were classified as that there was no science that existed.  In other words, they had no way of discovering whether the vaccine caused those diseases or not.  You’ll see why this is important in a moment.

In 1994 they asked the same question for a few of the most popular vaccines.  Now 38 of 54 complaints could not be determined if it was from the vaccine.  Autoimmune disease is literally the body dissolving itself and we have no idea if the vaccines are doing it.  Well I have a very good idea that it is.  But the real scientists are not doing any science to understand it.  It’s not allowed. It would be unethical.

The CDC when confronted with this horror, said maybe we need to do a better job, so they commissioned another study in 2011.  Varicella, Hep B and MMR are under the microscope this time.  CDC had  155 different types of injuries constantly being reported.  They asked the Institute of Medicine to find out if the vaccines were causing these injuries.  16 of the injuries were proven to be from the vaccine.  5 were determined to not be a problem.  But of the 155 of the most common reported injuries they had no idea about 134 of them.  Not only do they not know what they are doing, but much worse, they don’t care.  They are going to continue with destroying the nation’s health and punish anyone that doesn’t agree with them.

All the experts guarantee you that their products don’t cause autism.  You might want to ask, based on what?  Based on the 2011 report the scientists told the CDC that the evidence is inadequate to accept or reject a causal relationship between the diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccine causing or not causing autism.  They cannot say yes or no, but everyone seems to think that means an absolute guarantee that it doesn’t.     If you go to the CDC’s website or read the insert wrapped around the vaccine it says Vaccines do not cause Autism.  They proudly cite the 2011 study.  The study that said that they don’t know.  The CDC, the FDA, all of them, the media, are lying to everyone.  Autism is now in one out of 36 kids in America up from one in 10,000.  We don’t have freedom of thought, freedom from medicine or freedom of religion.  They are taking away the grounds of religious exemption from parents that don’t want to put their kids in harms way.

If you believe in God then it is unlikely that he created us and then said you are on your own.  He gave us a Central Nervous system to control and coordinate our immune system.  Our immune systems used to work much better before all this science.  As a chiropractor I’ll state that when I was a kid that was raised by a chiropractor that lived next door, the school would yell at my parents for sending me back too early after having the flu.  I’d be going back after 3 days, while most of the kids were out for 3 weeks.  People think that we are back doctors.  We work on the back because 20% of the central nervous system is in the spine.  It wasn’t until 1987 that science admitted that our central nervous system controlled our immune system.  Chiropractors were ridiculed for knowing this back in 1895.  By the way, I had two immunizations my entire life, both for polio.  One of those two polio shots was because I was living in a country where they were using the live attenuated virus vaccine and I would have caught polio from someone I kissed that was vaccinated with it.  Sorry, one tetanus shot after stepping on a rusty nail.  I never had a flu shot and never will.  I’m not telling you what to do, but I have just told you what they are doing and it doesn’t look like there is any hope in sight with the kind of statistics that we are seeing.

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