The Science of Death and Destruction: Finally, the End.

The Science of Death and Destruction:  Finally, the End.

Yes, this series has come to an end, but this is the most important one.  If you are wondering why I dedicated 14 blogs to the Science of Death and Destruction, then you need to read this last one again.  After the 4th paragraph, it starts hitting home about how you have been abused and it is easy to understand.

It is not the lack of exercise that caused the obesity epidemic, it is the poison in our food supply.  A ketogenic diet does not work for everyone.  80% of people that are overweight are insulin resistant.  They have some form of metabolic syndrome.  They overproduce insulin for the same amount of carbohydrates.  There are other factors as well that can cause insulin to be overproduced besides carbohydrates.  The same amount of carbohydrates when stripped of fiber will act differently hormonally.  A carbohydrate restriction diet will work  somewhat well for these people.  The 20% of people that are not insulin resistant that are overweight do not respond to a ketogenic diet.

Baked goods whether gluten-free or not are not really food.   You have the same amount of carbohydrate from a sweet potato versus a bowl of cereal and the sweet potato sugar will signal your hormones that you have consumed enough calories.  The brain takes a few days to a week to adapt to running off of a mix of fat and carbohydrate.  Some may get what they call the low-carb flu.  Resistance training is critical to keeping off weight and maintaining a healthy metabolism.  Your muscles can store about 300 to 400 grams  of carbohydrate as carbohydrate.  If you do high intensive resistance training it depletes all the sugar very quickly.  Within a few minutes.  If you eat those carbohydrate after you’ve burned up all your carbohydrate stores your body can soak them up without turning on insulin and without triggering fat storage.

Low-carb can fix your metabolic syndrome insulin resistance. Some people can lose 30 or 40 pounds rather quickly, but then they hit a wall and what do you do then?  Some people have the willpower to eat low carbs forever.  For people who can’t do that resistance training is an excellent way to allow some carbohydrates into your diet.  Both in low-carb and Paleo diet’s there is significant metabolic adaptation.  If you were once 250 pounds and are now 200 pounds your metabolism is about 15% slower than a person that has always been 200 pounds.  So if you do a low-carb diet or Paleo diet you will always have to under eat forever.  The price you pay for maintaining your weight loss is eternal vigilance.  Studies revealed that if you ate the same amount of carbohydrates all at once in one meal you’d have better weight loss that you ate the same amount of carbohydrates throughout the day.  Some people do better losing weight by eating carbs just once a week.

Aerobic exercise is good for your health, but it’s not going to help you lose weight.  It’s excellent for heart and brain health, it increases levels of BDNF in the brain, which is brain derived neurotrophic factor.  This protein promotes the survival of nerve cells.  Aerobic exercise three times a week is as effective as most antidepressants.  The effects are wonderful, but that is not really going to help you lose weight.  Low-fat diet products are a complete farce and very unhealthy.  Almost everyone still believes that saturated fat is bad for them.  It’s actually hard to find low-fat diet advice now, but people still believe it.  Low-fat dietary advice has been slowly tiptoeing away from the public domain since 2000 because if they were to just come right out with it people would riot.  We have been fed completely reversed bad advice over the last 35 years.  The cholesterol lowering drug people have not given up and will persist with things like don’t eat shellfish.  They have not backed out of their stance on saturated fats, which of course is totally wrong.  The food industry is strongly invested in all the scientists that they bought.  They still want you eating polyunsaturated vegetable oils.

Huge multinational companies profit off of our fear of saturated fats.  The makers of Crisco had targeted the American Heart Association back in the late 1940s.  Procter & Gamble has owned the American Heart Association from way back then.  Shortly after Procter & Gamble bought the American Heart Association their advice was eat polyunsaturated liquid vegetable oils.  The scientists were paid to come up with this as a solution to coronary heart disease.  They know how to manipulate the science at the root.  They know they can fund the science to have it  come out the way they want.

Just about all the medical associations are funded by the people that profit off of our illness created by their products.  The pharmaceutical industry does not have a pill to lower your triglycerides or raise your HDL so they promote a theory that makes LDL the culprit because that’s how they make billions of dollars, selling a drug that lowers your cholesterol, which is vital to your health.  The early scientists that were getting paid well could not believe their own data so they just ignored it.  For many of these professionals it is an insurmountable obstacle to admit that their entire career has been a lie.  Institutional science is an oxymoron.  Science must shift their positions as data proves new conclusions.  Institutions cannot make a profit on that.

With obesity still exponentially growing, amazingly they continue to give the advice that created all this horror.  They blame it on the American public.  You are not exercising enough, you’re eating butter.  Our government has spent billions of dollars on research to try and figure out if saturated fat is bad for your health and none of the studies have been reviewed by dietary guideline committees that understand science.  While it seems impossible, that is what happened.  One reason is because when you try and do reasonable science the entire nutritional industry scientists will come down and destroy your career.  There was no rigorous science in the guidelines created by the scientists that work for private industry that would profit off of bad science to manipulate you into thinking that you were doing things that would create health when they knew all along that it would damage your health.

There guidelines that change the way we all ate was supported by a minimum of evidence and the evidence was cherry picked.  If you wrote a paper contrary to their belief the entire community, perhaps hundreds of nutritional scientists would demand that you retract your study.  The effort to silence all dissenting opinion in nutrition sciences has been going on for decades.  We don’t hear the results from all this government research because the research that did not support Ancel Keys research was buried.  The famous Framingham study demonstrated that the more saturated fats you ate the less likely you would die from heart attack.  Those results remained in an NIH basement and were never published.

The largest study ever undertaken the woman’s health initiative on over 49,000 women, where women followed a low-fat diet for seven or eight years had its results buried because those women didn’t do well on that diet.  Those results were never discussed by any dietary guideline committees that were not on the take.  The conclusions were not allowed to be public.  By not talking about it is covered up.  No studies have ever shown any benefit to eating a low-fat diet.

Certain people when asked why they didn’t publish this information told the truth, that there was nothing wrong with the study they just didn’t like the results.  What we now know is the men that were most successful in lowering their cholesterol were most likely to die of a heart attack.  The people that are most successful at losing weight were on the Atkins diet, which is low carbs and high-fats.  Atkins was ridiculed for most of his career. Many people on the expert panel have ideological reasons for being there such as animal activists and vegetarians.  The DASH diet, which our government recommends has not been proven to be good for much.  It’s based on the research done on 2000 people which is nothing.   The dietary guidelines that are the gold standard from our government, that they try and influence the entire world with are good for producing very sick people.   There’s an incredible lack of science from our scientific community when it comes to nutritional guidelines that are correct.

Just about every doctor downloads their information from government guidelines that are incorrect and then they disseminate that to their patients.  This also influences the feeding programs throughout the country so of course the recipients of that generosity are going to end up using Medicaid funds, which support the doctors that are helping get them sick. The military is having an obesity epidemic and of course their rations come from food guidelines.  There is no exercise shortage in the military yet they are gaining weight and the scientists can’t possibly fathom that could be from the food that they are eating.  The guidelines are obviously very influential and I’m saying you’d be better being influenced from what you been reading here.

The labels that you are reading on the packages of food that you’re buying are based on the faulty guidelines.  It affects our food supply because when the government tells the country to go on a diet the livestock had now become lean.  Lean pork lean everything low-fat milk.  The consumption of full fat milk has dropped by 79% since 1970.  Red meat is down.   Americans did what the guidelines told them to do.  Yet they are being blamed for their obesity and poor health.  They bought the food pyramid, they did the my plate, they started eating vegetables.

Obviously the vegetables alone were not the key to good health.  Now hundreds of thousands of people are proof that by ignoring the guidelines they were able to regain their health.    The establishment is fighting back hard.  They beat up on anyone that speaks out.  They will claim that you’re only out to sell books.  Scientists think their job is to silence the scientists if they don’t agree with them.  Many scientists will do anything to avoid being attacked professionally.

The rise in the consumption of vegetable oils is the largest increase in any food consumption of the 20th century.  First it was the artificial lard Crisco, which is just hardened vegetable oil.  Then came actual vegetable oils in a bottle, which was quite difficult to figure out how to keep liquid.  Procter & Gamble’s products became the staple in the American kitchen.  Now soybean oil is the most used oil.  These products would kill rats in animal experiments, experiments that the public cannot hear about.  These products would make cells rigid and thickened cell membranes.

If nobody is funding the research it disappears or doesn’t happen.  NIH and the American Heart Association, felt vegetable oil should be promoted and the people making it are not going to fund research that would say otherwise.  To make it’s oil stable at room temperature you have to hydrogenate it.  One of the byproducts is a trans bond.  They eventually found that the trans-fats were bad for health.  They had to get rid of trans-fats. The trans oils were not stable and they were oxidizing and degrade into hundreds of oxidation products.  These products turn into a witches brew.  They get hard like polymers.  They were having to scrape these things off the wall, they were clogging the drains, and destroying the Friers in all the hamburger joints.  The oxidation products was so unstable that when the workers took off their uniforms  and put them in the trucks to go to the dry cleaners they would spontaneously combust in the back of the truck.  They would catch fire in the dryer’s.  We were consuming these products.

They cause massive inflammation, septic shock.   The amount of these products necessary to cause septic shock is easily acquired with the American diet.  The major companies had all kinds solutions to make these products more stable.  They used little silicon beads to try and absorb them.  They would put special covers over the deep fryer’s so that the products would not get out.  The smoke from one of these oils is dangerous, but also the level below the smoke point is also dangerous.

Polyunsaturated oil means many double bonds that when get heated or even just sunlight, grab oxygen, which causes inflammation in humans which is the root of all disease processes.  Olive oil is a little bit safer because it is a mono unsaturated fat which means only one double bond being oxidized.  Oil is stored in dark bottles because even sunlight will destabilize it.  Saturated fats have no double bonds and they cannot react to oxygen like the cheap government recommended fake vegetable oils, so they are much better to cook with.  Lard, butter, coconut oil are safe fats to cook with.

Again, if you are wondering why I dedicated 14 blogs to the Science of Death and Destruction, then you need to read this last one again.


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