The science of death and destruction.  Part 1

The science of death and destruction.  Part 1

I know, it sounds gruesome and it is because this is going to be about how our government was fooled into killing millions of us with their food pyramid.  The following are notes from what I thought was interesting from a recent 24 hour lecture series.  Luckily for me, I knew a lot of this when I graduated grad school in 1982.  What is shocking is the truth is only slowly now coming out into the public domain.

We have been told a big fat lie about our diets.  We need to eat fat to be healthy, but for 60 years we have been told not to eat the things that we require for good health and we have been like little rodents following along off the cliff.  The misinformation we were given decades ago is the number one reason for all the chronic disease that we are experiencing today.  The misinformation is the number one contributor to all the pain and suffering.  The misinformation began in the 50s during the Eisenhower administration.

Eisenhower’s heart attack is a pivotal point in our medical history.  Previous to this, cardiologists could practice for decades without ever running into a heart attack victim.  This was a new phenomena and was increasing.  This was now becoming part of a trend.  People were hearing the phrase heart attack for the first time and it was terrifying.  In the early 1900s heart attacks were rare.  When Eisenhower had his heart attack they were not even quite sure what it was, but they called it back then a coronary.  He was given the advice to give up butter and eat margarine and avoid red meat.  He followed that advice and eventually died from another heart attack.  He was also a four pack a day smoker.  At this point nobody knew what caused heart disease.  People were afraid because people were dying from this unheard of disease.

Along comes a physiologist named Ancel Keys.  He decided that it was saturated fat and cholesterol that caused heart disease.  This was what was clogging our arteries.  This was called the diet heart hypothesis.  People say that he could convince anyone of anything and that you would be exhausted after arguing with him.  He was able to get his diet heart hypothesis implanted into the American Heart Association.  Eisenhower’s heart attack was in 1955 and in 1961 the very first guidelines were promoted.  Those guidelines were based on Ancel Keys hypothesis that was never proven.  Unfortunately for Americans it has been proven decades later to have killed tens of millions of people.  His research was based on statistics and we all know that statistics can be used to say anything that you want.  An epidemiological study only shows Association not causation.  This was a fundamental flaw in his hypothesis.  He reviewed only the studies that were available at the time and there weren’t many and there was none that would have shown anything else.  Ancel Keys cherry picked the countries used in his research.  He ignored the countries that ate a lot of butter and were not having a lot of heart attacks.  He did not study any of the countries that would have contradicted his hypothesis.  However, his study is the most famous study in all of cardiology and has been cited thousands of times.

This convinced Paul Dudley White one of the founding members of the American Heart Association.  The American Heart Association went from a small underfunded professional organization to a giant powerhouse, because White was a great fundraiser.  He had a strong connection with Proctor and Gamble.  In turn, Procter & Gamble benefited because by coincidence they sold a lot of food not made from saturated fat but from vegetable oil.  This was the beginning of the big food industry and medicine.  Ancel Keys may have truly believed that fat was bad for us, but he was the opposite of a scientist because he fell in love with his idea and did not critically analyze it.  His idea was like a virus, it has reproduced itself and it has made people sick.  We can’t seem to shake it and cure ourselves of it and replace it with a better idea, one that is more accurate.  An idea that reflects what really happens when people have a heart attack.

The cholesterol is not causing the clot.  The clot is caused by many things flowing in the blood and it causes the lining to become inflamed and eventually form a clot in order to protect you from it leaking.  The cholesterol plugs that were found in arteries were the result of not having the proper nutrients.  The cholesterol was in the artery trying to plug up the leaks in order to save the owners life.  Simple vitamin B complex and vitamin C are necessary to prevent the homocysteine damage that causes the heart attack from the blood clots that are there trying to protect the decaying artery.  The clot is not caused by saturated fat at all.  Vegetable oil is one of the things that is corroding our arteries.  Vegetable oil has a caustic effect on our arteries because of the way it interacts with the oxygen and iron in our blood.

Unlike saturated fat that is extremely stable that doesn’t react with oxygen or iron, vegetable oils are high in polyunsaturated fats, which are extremely unstable.  They are prone to oxidizing.  This is what arteriosclerosis is.  These cheap vegetable oils create a yellow greasy glob in the lining of our arteries.  This entire process of inflammation weakens the artery wall.  This is what is corroding our arteries.   The recommendation to eat more polyunsaturated fats and grains has killed millions of people.

K rations used in World War II was the very first processed food.  You could eat it without having to warm it up.  The K stands for Keys as an Ancel Keys.  He did have a little bit of an ego problem and no one was ever known to win a debate with him.  While Harvard lauds him as the father of the diet heart hypothesis, he should be known as the father of processed food.  His theory allowed the food industry to sell us all kinds of poison because it was low in saturated fat.

He studied the effects of smoking as well and knew that smoking was a big part for heart attacks,  but he just never would use that information in his published studies.  When interviewed by time magazine 1961 he was asked about high blood pressure and smoking and said that they don’t play much of a role with regard to heart attacks.  He insisted that it was the saturated fat driving up your cholesterol.  The data was in by 1958 and he was interviewed in 1961 and he knew about the other factors, but chose to promote his wrongheaded theory.  He knew that he was lying.  He lied because he knew it would be good for Procter & Gamble.  What was good for Procter & Gamble was killing millions of Americans.  In the 60s the real cause of death due to heart attacks was due to smoking.  At that point in time there was not that much vegetable oil.

As Ancel Keys theories became more adopted by governments, it became more difficult for scientists to speak out.  Scientists careers were ruined by the diet Mafia.  Scientists that spoke out were severely punished.  The next generation of scientists seeing how their colleagues were destroyed would self censor themselves from speaking the truth.  It was not until around 2010 that scientists began to speak out against this horrid mistake that was done on purpose.  By 1986 there was no opposition left and the crushing hammer of the government made sure that none would come up later.  An article by Gary Taubes on July 7, 2002 titled, “What if it’s all been a big fat lie?”,  was the beginning of the resistance.  Soon around 65,000 people were tested to see if Ancel Keys was right, did saturated fat and cholesterol cause disease and was eating more carbohydrates the cure?  None of these experiments could prove that Ancel Keys was correct.

A long time ago, the average person’s cholesterol level was around 260.  Now it is 200.  This has been accomplished through the use of pharmaceuticals called statins, which cause more harm than what they prevent, which is nothing since cholesterol is not the problem in the first place.  So this means it has worked out great for the processed food industry because it cost more money to use butter and eggs and their new products don’t need to be refrigerated.  It has also worked out even better for the pharmaceutical industry because the only way to get people’s cholesterol levels into their fake healthy zone is to use their drugs.

Before this experiment began and it certainly was an experiment, because the unsaturated oils were not readily available back then, the rates of type II diabetes were almost nonexistent.  The rates of obesity has so drastically accelerated that children at the age of two  are being diagnosed with type II diabetes.  By the time they are three years old they are having complications from the diabetes.  This one idea that saturated fats were bad that came from one man has killed millions of people and destroyed many more lives.  Ancel Keys idea was like an atom bomb to our health.  Time magazine provided this bad idea and it was on the cover in 1984 telling us not to eat bacon and eggs.  Around 2014 that cover was telling us to eat butter.  They did not give a my bad knowing that there total endorsement of faulty information led to the suffering of millions.  Simply just a new cover telling us to eat butter.  However, our government even though they changed their guidelines slightly, still think it’s good for us to eat a lot of carbohydrates.  To be clear, it is carbohydrates that we need to reduce to be healthy.  If you were to do that, the drug companies would lose billions.

Dr. Joseph Maroon neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh was originally interested in psychiatry.  (His book is titled Square One)  He cites the Hippocratic oath, the part that said the first responsibility of the physician is to prevent disease.  He realized about 20 years ago that most of his work was focused on trying to cure problems and if that wasn’t possible trying to relieve the symptoms.  He realized he was doing just about nothing to prevent disease.  He is a triathlete and is aware of the mind body connection.  He became an expert in what are the causes of diseases related to aging.  Alzheimer’s disease affects one in nine patients over 65 years of age.  One in three over 85.  He realizes the metabolic aspects of cancer and that is not all genetic.  Diabetes and the obesity epidemic are tied at the hip.  Two thirds of America are either overweight or obese.  Obesity is the major cause of inflammation in our bodies.  Inflammation is the common factor in all of our lifestyle diseases, i.e heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, stroke, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune diseases, etc.  How do we get to the point that two thirds of our society are very sick?  The common denominator for all this misery is carbohydrates and fats.

Ketones produced from the ketogenic diet are a superior source of energy for our brain.  20% of what our heart pumps goes to our brain.  It utilizes 25% of all the glucose that we take in.  The brain does not need the glucose to function, it works just fine with ketones, but the ketones burn clean and cause much less oxidative damage.  The body requires insulin to get the carbohydrates into the cell.  When we eat pasta and bread our insulin has to go up.  The more you eat garbage like high fructose corn syrup the higher insulin levels become.  Increased insulin levels increases the conversion of carbohydrates to fats.  The fat gets deposited in various parts of our body.

Fats are full of inflammatory agents called cytokines and chemokines.  If you get a splinter in your finger it becomes red, hot, and swollen.  These are the signs of inflammation.  These inflammatory agents get released throughout our body when we eat the plethora of carbohydrates that we do.  This is silent inflammation.  It affects the endothelial lining of our blood vessels.  This is how we get strokes and heart attacks.  Very high levels of insulin is associated with Alzheimer’s disease as well.  Alzheimer’s is now being referred to as type III diabetes.  Too much carbohydrates means too much glucose and our brain cells become insulin resistant.  The more insulin because of more carbohydrates eventually becomes a death spiral and our cells do not respond to the insulin and the energy that is required to run the brain cells in the form of glucose can no longer pass the cell membranes.  That extra glucose becomes fat, but more importantly, our cells become damaged because we don’t have the energy required to maintain them.

Stay tuned for part 2.


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