The Science of Death and Destruction: Part 10

The Science of Death and Destruction:  Part 10

We are destroying the food at its genetic level, it’s not just our genes that are being poisoned.  Current high-capacity animal farming is inhumane and brutal.  The animals that we are eating have been under stress from the day they were born and that affects the muscles that we eat.  Chickens are now being sold to eat at six weeks of age.  From chick to full-grown boiler chicken in six weeks takes a lot of chemicals.  In just those short six weeks one third of the chickens raised this way die from infection because they are so weakened by the way they are being raised.  You can be sure that the chicken McNuggets are more likely than not very diseased.

Their genome is damaged from all the stress and their micro RNA that travels into our bodies can communicate with other organisms living within us.  They can determine which genes get turned on in humans.  One third of the genes circulating around the bloodstream at this moment are not from human sources.  They are from bacteria, fungi, viruses, and the food that we eat.  That fight or flight state of the animal, which is cortisol and it gets wired into the micro RNA, giving us that stress.  The tortured animals DNA can now alter our DNA and we too are tortured, but we are not really aware of it so we go to the doctor and ask him for some drugs.  This will explain why we are having a massive epidemic of anxiety in our children.  Panic attacks are becoming normal.  The victims will tell the doctor that they feel like they’re actually going to die and there’s nothing going on out of the ordinary.

Even corn has feelings that are transmitted into the DNA.  They just want to be an ear of corn, but they have been thrown into a mono culture of thousands of acres of corn in a field and this is not what nature had intended for them.  Everything we eat has high fructose corn syrup added to it.  It turns out the corn’s DNA through micro RNA can communicate some of these bad things into our genome.  No, we will not grow corn off of our ears, but some signaling will occur on a metabolic level that will affect us.  Most corn is not even raised to be nutrients anymore, they are designated to be torn up for fuel or toxic food additives.  Our food has been separated from its nature.  Our food is transmitting fear and anxiety into us.  We are incredibly disconnected from our nature.

In the 1960s the rate of chronic disease in children was approximately 4%.  Today it is 46%.  The greatest humanitarian crisis of all time is happening now to our children.  In less than 60 years half of our children under the age of 12 have a chronic disease that you would only see an adult before 1960.  When you think in terms of evolution this is an incredibly short period of time to see such drastic breakdowns in DNA.  Just a rate of autism is a major tragedy.

While the scientists will say they just got better at detecting autism it was never typical behavior for a kid to bang his head against the wall for four hours a day and not be able to look at their parents.  Trust me, that would’ve been noticed.  Just from 2012 to 2015 we have doubled the rate of autism in our country.  These kids have absolutely no future.  We will not be able to sustain this level of disease burden.  Combine all that with a huge geriatric population and it is fiscally unsustainable.  The financial wellness of this nation is being destroyed.  No politician has mentioned any of this let alone provided an economic plan to get out of this mess.  Our only hope is in the consumer forcing produces to make things that are consumable that will not kill us.  Legislators, big business, and scientists are not going to change this disaster, they created it.  Only the consumer at this point can solve this problem and that is why I put out these notes.  The consumer has to save their sick child and understand why and demand better food products and associated methods.  As parents and consumers we have to wake up and realize that this is what we are facing.  We need to demand a different social structure.  Certainly not communism, which is the only thing I see being demanded these days.  I’m talking about how we treat the planet, our ecosystem, our internal ecosystem our microbiome, and all aspects of our food supply.  If we do this right we will not have a crippling health care bill that no one can afford.

During World War II there was a demand by society for patriot Gardens.  By the end of World War II, 45% of the nation’s food supply was coming from backyards.  Now we grow less than 1/10 of 1% of our food on our property.  We have completely outsourced our food and have lost control of it.  We created the monster Monsanto by dropping our responsibility to grow our own food that we once did during World War II.  Monsanto continues to come up with new ways to wreck our health.  They count on our laziness and will come up with things like Round Up.  They know that we would rather kill ourselves than pick weeds.

We now know that the microbiome is responsible for one hundred percent of these deleterious metabolic changes. We knew in 2010 that the microbiome was involved in our increasing disease rates and in 2018 we know much more.  I don’t think anything in this article was known when I graduated medical school.

Scientists have discovered that if you take the bacteria out of a thin animal and transplanted it into a fat one it makes it easy for them to recover their normal weight.  In the animal studies there was no change in calories or anything that would affect weight just the DNA of bacteria from a healthy a person.  Yes, people are actually getting fecal transplants to help them lose weight.  This means that there are bacteria in the gut that are demanding you eat foods that you shouldn’t be eating.  Bacteria can change your behavior by the chemicals that they put out in the gut.  You can have only so much willpower over millions of little bacteria.

30 hours after you’ve eaten that slice of pizza, it is still being transported through your gut, yet you have been hungry way before those thirty hours were up.  This indicates that our digestive system never anticipated that we would develop such crappy foods.  This causes us to end up eating breakfast while there is still food in our gut.  We never get a break and that is one reason to fast for a number of days.  Five days have been determined to be pretty good.

Leaky gut means our ntestinal walls have become damaged from the food that we eat.  If you have a leaky gut every meal is perceived as a threat to our immune system.  We are constantly exposing our immune system to things that don’t belong in that area.  Our bloodstream is transporting undigested or improperly digested substances.  Most of our immune system is in our guts because that is where we need the most protection from foreign invaders.  The chances are low that you’re going to catch up and rebuild yourself.  We have a reservoir of inflammatory compounds that is affecting our immune system and our sympathetic nervous system, which puts us into a constant fight or flight chemistry.  Chances are if you’re eating American food you are not going to be able to repair yourself.  The typical teenager right now has never had a truly quiet gut and therefore a quiet immune system.  When the immune system is constantly revved up it begins to get confused and attacks us and your doctor will tell you that you have one of 100 possible autoimmune diseases.  It gets to the point where even anything you breathe will become reactive to your body.  You owe it to yourself to give your gut some quiet time for the first time in it’s life.

Mercury has different forms and is known as Mercury speciation.  They act as if they were different metals.  When we eat fish we get a form known as methylmercury, which is very well absorbed in the G.I. tract.  It goes into the blood and can get into the brain.  It is very mobile and has a certain nature to it.  When it comes out of us it is going through the liver and gallbladder in the G.I. tract, but not the kidneys and urine.  With dental amalgams you are inhaling the Mercury.  It is going to your lungs and has different pathways from there.  Knowing where and what forms the Mercury are, makes it easy to figure out how to detox from it.  15 years ago if you were not excreting Mercury from your kidneys they thought you were done with the treatment for removing Mercury.  We now know that it’s more complex than just that and even more specialized treatment is required to remove Mercury from humans.

We want bile to circulate and move because it eliminates toxins.  When we eat fats our bile is moving.  By coincidence, kidding, not, fat is where toxins get stored.   We have nerve endings for bitter herbs and anything that is bitter.  Bidders were very common in the old days.  Now maybe just for a drink.  The gallbladder is very sensitive to bidders.  In the old days when people have a drink with bidders they would call it their constitutional.  If we consume a lot of fat and move toxins into our G.I. tract it is important for us to use binders.  Charcoal and clay are binders.  They are used for when we are poisoned because they take it right out of us as the toxins are absorbed by the binders.  A high-fat diet is a great complement to detoxification.

Omega-3 and Omega 6 are essential nutrients.  That means we cannot make them from anything else, we have to have them to survive and they must be taken in from the outside.  They are different, but both are essential.  The deficiency symptoms are degenerative in nature and get worse over time.  Eventually you die.  But before you die, if you want to get them back into your diet all the symptoms can be reversed.  We have lowered our omega-3 intake way down.  It is the biggest nutritional deficiency of our time.  We have raised our Omega sixes.  Omega sixes are not bad the problem it is how we processing them.  We make them with Drano, and then we bleach them some more.  That damages about 1 to 1 1/2% of the molecules in the oil that we need.  In a tablespoon of oil that equals 6 million damaged molecules for everyone in your body’s 10 trillion cells.  These molecules never existed in nature and interfere with our health.  We may get more than we need of Omega sixes but they are damaged.

Stay tuned for part 11.



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