The Science of Death and Destruction: Part 13 The end is getting nearer, promise.

The Science of Death and Destruction:  Part 13 The end is getting nearer, promise.

A lot of odds and ends in this one that are essentially really good.

Essential means any nutrient that your body can’t make, but that you have to have, that you therefore have to get from the outside is called essential. It means that if you don’t get enough, your health goes down, you get deficiency symptoms that are degenerative in nature, they get worse with time. If there’s any essential nutrient that you don’t get enough of long enough, you die.   If you’re going down because you’re not getting enough of an essential nutrient, but before you die you bring enough back into your diet because death, by definition, is not reversible, but if you bring enough of the essential nutrients that’s too low back into your diet, then all of the symptoms that come from not getting enough are reversed and you get your health back. That’s because life knows exactly what to do with those nutrients, with those with those essential building blocks.

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are the two essential nutrients that come from fats. If you go on a no fat diet, that will eventually kill you because you will not be getting those two essential nutrients from fats or from oils that you cannot live without, that you have to have if you wanna live and be healthy.

The essential fatty acids, the Omega 3 is alpha-linolenic acid and its richest source is flax. The Omega 6 is in pretty much all seed oils, it’s called linoleic acid. When you get enough of both of those and they’re balanced properly then your body will make what the fish oils contain, contrary to what the fish oil industry tells you for turf protection.

All life on earth evolved to survive.  Survival includes working with the rotation of the earth.  Circadian rhythms applies to the 24 hour rotation of the earth around its axis.  Certain creatures to better at surviving during the daytime and others at night.  Humans are metabolically active during the day and are hungry.  Our immune systems are working stronger at this time in case we get cut and acquire an infection.  At night our immune systems are replenishing themselves.  Our brains are healing.  Our metabolism slows down.  Our temperature and blood pressure go down.  We are not supposed to be eating at night.  We are supposed to be in sync with the rhythm of the earth.  We evolved like this over many millenniums.  We are now living very differently, but our genes have not changed.  People are suffering with a multitude of medical problems because of this.  Up until recently we did not know there was a circadian rhythm in human beings.  One third of all the genes in our body are clock genes.  We are supposed to learn how to live with our inherent rhythms.

Every cell in our body has clock genes we are working with a clock.  All of our metabolic processes are aligned with the clock.  When we live off the beat we can develop immune dysfunction, mental health problems, cognitive decline, emotional problems, obesity issues, diabetes and a host of others.  Everything can go into malfunction when we fight nature.  This has only been discovered in the 1990s.

An obvious sign of circadian rhythm and balance is anxiety and depression.  Brain fog is another clue.  We now know that GERD, gastroesophageal reflux disease is related to stress and a lack of sleep besides achlorhydria.   The entire enteric nervous system, which is the guts own nervous system runs on circadian rhythms and if you have no rhythm you’re going to have gut problems.  We have a giant civilization living in our gut call the microbiome and the microbes that make it up all have their own clock genes as well.

When we go to bed we should have a rhythm between our cortisol and melatonin.  We do a lot of things that will disrupt that rhythm.  We are designed to go to bed by 10 to 11:00 PM.  All the hormones in our body are on the clock.  Melatonin peaks at 2 AM.  If you go to bed too late the production of melatonin will be off.  Melatonin is a very strong antioxidant that protects us not just helps us sleep.  We should not be changing our routine on the weekends.  That is known as social jet lag.  To promote proper sleep you need to have a very dark room with no ambient light.  The pineal gland is the master clock and it sits on top of the optic nerves so it is very sensitive to light.

What goes on in the gut affects the liver through the portal vein.  Poor bacteria in your gut will lead to poor liver function.  Artificial sweeteners harm the gut biome.  Artificial sweeteners have no calories in it yet is promoting obesity because it is disrupting the microbiome and its clock and that is disrupting the liver and you get a fatty liver.  The herbicides, pesticides, emulsifiers, artificial flavors, and antibiotics which are in our food are also killing us.

Certain bacteria will only work correctly in the presence of melatonin which is produced at night.  Bacteria make neurotransmitters like serotonin.  Pharmacies sell serotonin drugs which we would not need if we lived right.  Sleep affects every organ system and disease state and everything is better with a good nights sleep.  You can lose weight by getting better sleep.  When you become sleep deprived your metabolism slows down.  Eight hours is a myth.  Not everyone needs exact amount of sleep.  Our DNA tells us how much sleep we need and when.  A general definition of sleep deprivation would be anything less than six hours.

When we are sleep deprived the hormone Gruellin increases and  makes us hungry.  Conversely, leptin which tells us when our hunger should be satisfied is decreased by 15%.  Sleep deprivation is related to metabolic syndrome.  Our cravings increase because our cortisol levels increase.  The brain wants to lower its cortisol output. If it desires high caloric, high-fat foods, it increases serotonin and settles the cortisol down, but it also makes us fat.

It is a good idea to stop drinking alcohol three hours before we go to sleep.  More exercise equals better quality sleep.  However if you do it too close to bedtime it interferes with your sleep so do it at least four hours before you going to sleep.  You should try to get 15 minutes of sunlight after you wake up.  When son comes into the optic nerve it resets your brain by turning off the melatonin in your brain.  Melatonin is the key that starts the engine for sleep.  We want to make sure that is turned off when we wake up in the morning, so get some sun without the toxic sunscreen.  You should have a consistent wake up time seven days a week.  I wish I did.

When a cell gets glucose it is being affected by the molecule Adenosine, which goes a very specific receptor site in our brain.  The more dense it gets and builds up you get sleepier and sleepier.  It’s molecular structure is very similar to caffeine.  When you drink caffeine it thickens the receptor site and blocks the adenosine from entering, which is why you don’t feel sleepy after drinking caffeine.  A buildup of adenosine makes you sleepy and caffeine stops that build up from occurring.  Progressive cancer centers realize that they can give less chemotherapy if administered during certain times of the day when your body optimally functioning and that is a good thing.

The amino acid glycine helps you to sleep.  Glycine is present in bone broth.  Bone broth can be used for fasting and still fooling your body into thinking it’s not eating.  It helps reduce inflammation and that is what gets people healthier and well.  Mice and rats that had access to food 24/7 got fat.  Those same mice and rats that ate the same food, but only in a very short window of the day did not.

There are two types of carbohydrates, one for energy and other ones that have fiber.  Fiber stabilizes blood sugar, which makes us less hungry.  That’s green vegetables.  The green vegetables have more energy such as potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, hicamer, carrots.  We do not need much protein, but digestive enzymes make protein work more efficiently.  Berries are the best fruit.  Very nutrient dense and they also protect the skin from the sun.

A.I. amplified intelligence not artificial intelligence.  A ketogenic diet will amplify your intelligence.   Brain drive neurotrophic factor BDNF is stimulated by exercise.  Ketone esters can also increase BDNF.  This would be very important to do if you had a brain injury. Beta Hydroxy Butyrate is an important factor in the ketogenic diet.

There are two boogie men in the room with regard to protein.  It was long thought that too much protein damages the kidneys.  This turns out to not be true except for people with pre-existing kidney disease.  As we age we not just become insulin resistant, we become anabolically resistant.  Anabolic hormones no longer can stimulate us to build muscle.  High mTor and IGF1 signalling is a problem because in primitive life forms that have been studied the higher the mTor the shorter lifespan.  Just eating protein stimulates mtor.   We should stimulate mTor intermittently because that is the spark that starts muscle protein synthesis.  This helps us to recover muscle and maintain skin as we age.  A ketogenic diet elevates mTor in a very specific way.  Circulating mTor is not good if it is at a high level all day long.   Right now apparently too much of a good thing can be too much.  In mice on a ketogenic diet, mTor is reduced in the liver but increased in the muscle tissue.

Fat cells can be converted into other types of cells despite what I was taught in med school.  You can kill fat cells.  You just have to be in the right metabolic state.  Absence of inflammation is one of the key factors to convert fat cells to other cells.  Adequate sleep, lowering stress and cortisol, a proper mental attitude, limiting exposure to toxins, breathing fresh air drinking clean water all help to decrease fat cells.  Large amounts of fluorescent light can be inflammatory.  Light from monitors and digital appliances can accumulate and interrupt our metabolism.  Leutin and Xanthin from kale, eggs, spinach, fish can mitigate some of the damaging of the cumulative effects of blue light.

Yes a lot of odds and ends in this one and it require some work on your part to make all this information workable for your benefit.

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