The Science Of Death And Destruction. Part 3

The Science Of Death And Destruction.  Part 3

Standby and get ready to die is the usual instructions that you get when diagnosed with a bad disease.  Montel Williams said, “I have MS, but MS is never going to have me.”  He realized that inflammation was his nemesis.  He got over an incurable disease by changing his lifestyle and dietary eating habits.  He changed his epigenetics.  Right now, half of the adults in America have type II diabetes or are on their way to developing it.  One in three kids will go on to get type II diabetes.  If you and I are speaking,  then which one of us is going to get diabetes?  If you have three kids born after 2000, which one is going to get diabetes?  The USDA guidelines is responsible for the exponential skyrocketing of types 1 and 2 diabetes.  Type 2 because we were told to eat more carbs.  Type 1 because it is an autoimmune disease and polyunsaturated fats create autoimmune disease along with many of the toxins we eat like GMO food and the pesticides that farmers are now forced to use.  I’ll tie this together with the rest in a moment.

Butter from grass fed cows is as healthy as high quality fish oil.  Cells are control freaks, they want to control everything.  The reason why saturated fat is not bad for us is because it is naturally anti-inflammatory.  They resist reacting with oxygen.  Polyunsaturated fats have double bonds that allow them to wiggle.  It makes them very susceptible to reacting with oxygen.  When this happens there are spontaneous chemical reactions that are out of control of the cell.  Cells need to control just about every reaction.  Losing control of these oxidative reactions creates oxidative stress.  Oxidative stress is the great disease maker.  Vegetable oils are oxidative stress in a bottle.  Oxidative stress is the reason why cigarette smoking is bad for us.  Cigarette smoking is what caused the rise in heart attacks for which saturated fats were blamed.  Saturated fat became the fall guy for cigarettes.

Farmers used to eat what they grew and some of that was lard.  They used Weston cooking oil to tan the leather hides.  It worked because the oil created a free radical cascade on the leather.  It would create a sort of epoxy.  This is what happens inside the cell membranes of our body.  When our diet is to high in polyunsaturated fats our lipoproteins become like glue and clog our arteries.  The average American is getting about 30% of their calories from these vegetable oils that destroy our health.  They also create pain.  No wonder why there is a commercial for Advil, Motrin, Aleve,  ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol every few minutes.  If you ask your doctor, he’ll most likely tell you to eat more margarine.

These bad vegetable oils are tightly bound and come from seeds.  They are unlike olive oil where you can just squeeze it and the oil comes out.  Thousands of years ago they used stone presses to get oil out of olives.  You can’t press oil out of canola, cottonseed, soy, corn, etc.  To get oil out of vegetables you have to use toxic chemicals and high pressure machinery.  It has to be refined, bleached, and processed some more.  All this processing creates a flavorless oil.  That it has no flavor should be an indication that something is wrong.  The molecules have been mangled.  Some Omega threes and other good oils survive this process.  However, the processing strips away the antioxidants and the vitamin E is going down the drain with certain minerals.  You can only cleanup so much of the mangled molecules.  All of the harsh processing steps including the extreme heat do not remove all of the junk it creates.  Even 100% organic cold pressed canola oil has toxins in it.  If you’re getting 30% of your total calories from bad oils and even only 5% are toxic compounds, compounds that are as toxic as PCBs, mercury, or lead, you are not eating micrograms-invisible amounts you are eating grams of poison that you could visualize and see with your eye, a microscope is not necessary.  The worst toxins in our food supply have been sold to us for 50 years as incredibly good for our health.  People are often brutally castigated for saying someone is worse than Hitler.  But because of Ancel Keys, many more millions of people have died than because of Hitler.

When you put polyunsaturated oils into living cells it can kill the mitochondria.  That in turn kills the cell or severely weakens the cell depending on how many mitochondria are in it and die.  Most research is funded by big agra, the people that profit by killing you with their poisonous food products.  Corn, canola, soy are traded on Wall Street.  Apparently so is our health.  No research is allowed out into the public domain because our economy will collapse if people start eating better.  The country would be in chaos if we took away these crops.  Scientists will lose their career if they declare these oils to be the poison that they are.

The most important thing to do to start your journey towards recovering your health is to decide that this is a priority because the mind is very powerful at helping us achieve our goals.  So your first step is to decide that you are committed to getting these oils out of your life.  Warning, when you decide to eat a healthy salad and put salad dressing on it, that salad dressing is most likely made from these unhealthy vegetable oils.  They will have more calories in them than the salad.  Much more.  Possibly 80% of the calories in that meal will be from poisonous vegetable oils.  Use olive oil and vinegar.  It will take you an extra 20 seconds to pour it.  If you don’t like your broccoli, add more butter.  Butter good, vegetable oil bad.  If you don’t know what it tastes like you probably shouldn’t eat it.  What does a canola taste like?

We know what coconut taste like, olive oil, peanuts, sesame seed oil is also fine.  Bacon grease is good for you.  My neurology professor would always say that if you see your kid out in the back sharpening up his ax, feed him a bacon sandwich.  Our brains are 75% fat, we need good fat to make a good brain.  We now have epidemics of Alzheimer’s, learning disabled kids, and worse.

Fat does not make us fat, carbohydrates are what make us fat and will definitely makes us very sick.  What is bad for us is processed food.  If you want to be healthy then don’t buy anything that’s in a box.  Doctors telling you for 40 years that processed vegetable oil is good for you is completely wrong and you would know this immediately when you realize that mother nature knows a lot more than these guys who went to school whose curriculum is taught by drug companies consisting of three hours of nutrition?  Is that really schooling?

Vegetable oil is more dangerous for you than cigarette smoking.  With cigarette smoking you inhale it and your lungs get affected, your arteries, and some of your excretory pathways get hit hard.  Vegetable oils on the other hand gets into every cell in your body.  While America is a great country we have built the worst health care system because we are profiting off the creation of sickness.  We are no longer just selling drugs that you’ll need to take the rest your life, we are creating sickness that will require you to buy more drugs for the rest of your life that will be much shorter than it would’ve been if you had not encountered the American system.  We have been told to.  If you follow these dietary guidelines for over 50 years that destroys our DNA, you stand a good chance of being very miserable.  This diet disrupts every function in our cells.  This is how we get disease.

The macronutrients are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.  Only carbohydrates can affect your endocrine system.  They will spike your insulin levels.  When that happens it makes it difficult to burn body fat.  Insulin blocks release of fat from storage.  It locks the door to the fat closet.  We need to consider more than just calories, but what do these calories do?  Those calories carry information, which will cause our bodies to react and in this case, not in a good way.   When we eat real fat, we are swapping out the carbs and functioning at a much healthier level.  Even though the USDA told us for half a century to eat more carbs we need to have more fat as our source of energy.  When we eat fat, it is hormone neutral, it does not increase insulin.  It suppresses our appetite/hunger.  It truly satisfies.

It’s obvious since everything has become fat-free that we’ve gotten fatter because we’re always hungry because we are eating carbohydrates that increase insulin.  Insulin is a very harmful hormone when it is in excess.  The treatment for diabetes is insulin and that is going to make the patient sicker.  The cure for type II diabetes is to never eat carbohydrates again.  However, the American diabetic Association will be quick to tell you that it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you eat some pharmaceuticals along with it.  Fat is what your body prefers for fuel.  Our cells work more efficiently when burning fat than sugar.  If you think I’ve been exaggerating, watch those commercials asking for people to call lawyers to sue for wrongful deaths caused by Advandia, a drug used to treat type II diabetes.  My cousin was one of those murdered by that drug.  The drug companies always compute the cost of the lawsuits when releasing a drug that they know will kill people and they know they will make billions before having to give back millions.  Maybe we shouldn’t have so much trust in scientists?


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