The Science Of Death And Destruction: Part 5

The Science Of Death And Destruction:  Part 5

As a species, we have evolved to starve.  Our bodies were designed to function with minimal carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates that we did have were natural fruits, vegetables, nuts.  We desire sweet tasting food.  Eventually we made grains.  Then we made grains that had a higher sugar content.  The sugar gene for corn was manipulated.  We developed sweet corn, sweet beets, and sugar cane.  Then these things were put into foods to make them sweeter.  This drove us further away from our ketotic past.  You cannot remain in ketosis if your blood sugar levels are elevated.  In today’s society almost everything has carbohydrate in it.  It is very rare to find someone in ketosis today.  The consequence of that is a whole range of chronic diseases.

For example, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease is quite popular.  Then comes things like macular degeneration, kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, skyrocketing autoimmune disease, etc.,  all created from systemic inflammation from our terrible diets.  Specifically,  from diet soda to rich in carbohydrate foods, and depleted of fat.  The diet that our government and scientists have forced us to eat for the past 60 years.

We got here because as a species we love sweet things so it’s not exactly like we were dragged kicking and screaming.  The foods we eat are engineered to be so tasty that we are addicted to them.  All our poor health is as a result of flipping tens of thousands of years of evolution and suddenly getting the population to do the opposite of what gave us the ability to survive, and survive in good health.

We are still programmed to function in starvation mode, but we give ourselves all these extra calories and incredibly unhealthy calories they are.  Our genes were passed down to us from the people that survived the famines from long ago.  We have our old genetically programmed body in a new environment.  Our new environment is a calorie rich sugar filled place that is killing us.

To make things worse, we are deceived by constant advertising for these horrible foods.  Coca-Cola has been around a while, but in the old days it was made from real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup that is killing millions of us in spite of the scientists that are hired by the manufacturers  saying that it doesn’t.  High fructose corn syrup will create obesity much faster than regular old-fashioned sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is converted to fat much faster than cane sugar can be converted.  High fructose corn syrup is dumped into everything we eat.

Medical school students at this point in time, 2018 still believe that eating fat is what is causing people to be fat.  This is absurd because fat is not stored.  It is either burned or excreted immediately.  We do not urinate carbohydrates, we have a very efficient system to retain carbohydrates.  If the doctor finds sugar in your urine you are very sick.  The carbohydrates that are not burned are converted into fat.  The fat that we have on our bodies is the result of carbohydrates consumption not fat consumption.  A ketogenic diet is eating the fat you have stored on your body.

So the new science of the day is the ketogenic diet,  which is based on the Atkins diet which was severely ridiculed in the 60s.  Today it is the greatest thing ever discovered to saving humanity at least if you’re human in America.  One person, Ancel Keys convinced all of us to commit suicide by eating.  If you see something that is low-fat, rest assured you will become fat if you eat it.  Foods that are rich in protein can taste like cardboard and we don’t really like that taste.  So they have to throw carbs in there to get you to eat it.  Artificial sweeteners trigger the same kind of reaction that sugar would so you get fat anyway because you start craving more calories.  The pharmaceutical industry loves this because they are making billions on treating everyone’s disease.

There is a new form of medicine called cancer survival treatment.  If somehow you survive their cancer treatment, you are now a candidate for all kinds of other diseases.  You never had these diseases until you survived their cancer treatment.  Cancer survivors are often depressed or anxious and they can get a lot of good drugs for that.  They have cardiovascular disease, digestive disease, hormonal disease, etc.  They have all these new diseases that require treatment.  They replace one disease with a number diseases.

You can have certain red wines on the ketogenic diet.  There are some carbs that are considered low glycemic.  You can occasionally feast on a pizza because that is what our ancestors did.  Well not pizza, but occasionally they have a big feast before returning to starving.  High glycemic foods skyrockets your blood sugar the second you eat it.  Low glycemic foods ration blood sugar slowly.  Most of the foods we eat are high glycemic.  A grapefruit is an example of a low glycemic food.  You can eat a grapefruit and still remain in ketosis.  A banana will skyrocket your sugar.  A lot of fruit has been engineered to have high sugar in them.

Therapeutic ketosis is healthy if you do not take it to the extreme, which is starvation.  It’s a good place to visit for certain periods of time,  but it’s a hard place to live in all the time.  Women have more body fat than men so can stay in ketosis longer.  Women need to store energy in order to raise children.  Men have more muscle and that muscle is attached to different skeletons that are designed to go on long hikes to bring back that energy for women.  That means they hunted and brought home the bacon.  Therapeutic ketosis is good for about 45 days depending upon how much fat you have stored on you.  A 14 day fast is much easier to do and probably more beneficial since you will not be breaking down your muscle for food.  If you can do that you will reduce your risk for all these chronic diseases that we are plagued with now.  If you can go one day without eating every other week you are doing good.

Autophagy is a self-regulating mechanism within the cell that destroys unhealthy organelles such as mitochondria and redistributes the molecules to healthier mitochondria or for other functions.  When we are in ketosis autophagy can occur and that is a good thing because it gets rid of our week parts and replaces it with healthier parts.  Autolytic cannibalism is different than autophagy.  Some cells in our body are holding the body back by their inefficiency.  The cells will die and their entire structure will be used for other cells.  This is a way of eliminating poor performing wasteful cells and streamlining ourselves into a maximum efficient machine.  So inside the cell is in autophagic mechanism and outside the cell we have autolytic cannibalism.

Glucose comes with four oxygen species attached to it.  While we need oxygen to breathe and other things it can also be quite deleterious to our health in certain chemical reactions that take place in our biology.  They are called reactive oxygen species and it is what creates oxidative stress in our cellular makeup.  Fat has only two oxygen molecular bonds attached to it which makes it a much easier fuel to burn and more efficient.  Elite athletes know this, but sadly most experts that control our health pretend that they don’t.  Athletes are on the Keto diet because it stops them from hitting a wall.  You can only store 2000 calories of glycogen no matter who you are.  If you are 150 pounds and running a marathon, by mile 15 you are hitting a wall.

People like the idea of being healthy and not going to the doctor, so the sick are also doing the ketogenic diet.  They are bucking the mainstream and the mainstream is telling us to have eight servings of high carbohydrate grains.  A few doctors are now willing to say that everything we knew was all wrong.  A calorie is not a calorie no matter how many endocrinologists tell you that it is.  You do not wear the fat that you eat.

Doctors will tell you your triglycerides are too high.  They won’t tell you that they are mostly made by carbohydrates not fats.  However, if you eat more fat than you could ever use they will be converted to glucose and then triglycerides.  If people were to keep their carbohydrate levels down, disease rates would plummet.  Our health care system would collapse because it is dependent on you being sick, which is the opposite of health yet the irony escapes almost everyone.  Our health care system relies on people getting sicker each year.  People on a ketogenic diet that would allow a diabetic to get off insulin within one month is not something the diabetic industry is fond of.  This will cost the diabetic industry a lot of money.  That is a reason why your doctor has not told you the truth.  Eating well is a threat to the health care system.  It would also crush big agriculture not just big Pharma.

The sugar industry paid scientists to keep “the fat is your enemy”,  propaganda going for decades and still is.  Doctors in other countries knew that sugar was that cause heart disease.  Academics were being paid to write articles that were totally false.  The CDC went along with it as well.  A lot of people don’t want to think that the system is rigged, but it is and it is deadly to you the consumer.

We have been brainwashed to think that good fat is bad.  It is very hard to break this dogma.  Worse when your sugar drops you don’t feel well and you are going to want to eat some junk food.  We are meant to be fat adapters.  Fat is the primary fuel not the alternate.  Common sense would tell you that.

If we get more energy and less bad byproducts it tells you that fat is what we are supposed to be eating, not carbohydrates.  Animals use fat and are fat adapted.  There are companies now delivering grass fed raw meat for your pets and animals.  This is because the number one animal on the planet for increased cancer rates are dogs.  Purina dog food has killed millions of our pets.  Dogs are scavengers and are meant to be an intermittent ketosis.  They can go days without eating.  Even organic meat that’s in a can is about 40% carbohydrates.  Dogs should not be eating more than 10% carbohydrates.  Cats are obligatory carnivores and need to eat on a regular basis.  They should only be eating raw organ meat.

Stay tuned for Part 6



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