The Science of Death and Destruction: Part 6

The Science of Death and Destruction:  Part 6

Concierge doctors are treating patients that don’t want to use health insurance and these doctors don’t want to take health insurance. This gives them a kind of advantage because now they can treat patients outside of the expected norms that doctors are forced to practice under by the pharmaceutical industry. This means taking care of the patient’s and they just may. They are not thinking about the most expensive way to bill out a patient.

Again, we have all been led to believe that fats a terrible. There are a handful of fats that are bad that have given all fats a bad name. The trans fats the non-naturally occurring fats that are man-made are most certainly terrible for us. There are a few trans fats that occur naturally, but we’re not talking about those. Hydrogenated fats are truly bad for us. Hydrogenated fats are not naturally occurring and have been adulterated. They have hydrogen injected into them to make a saturated fat unsaturated.

Saturated fats have multiple hydrogen bonds. There are so many hydrogen bonds that they are literally saturated. This is why butter is solid at room temperature. Coconut is solid at room temperature. The more structure a saturated fat has the more stable it is. A stable fat is not going to clog your arteries. A mono unsaturated fat is something like an avocado. Monounsaturated means there is one bond that doesn’t have hydrogen attached to it. It is almost saturated and is not quite as stable as a saturated fat. Polyunsaturated fats are olive oil, canola oil, and a whole bunch of others. While olive oil is good for us it is not as stable. That means it is not so good for cooking, but good on a salad. I don’t know what a canola is so enough said on that.

Polyunsaturated oils have many bonds that are not occupied by hydrogen. The problem with these are they are occupied by oxygen and they become oxidized. That makes them toxic. In simpler terms picture a dinner table that is completely occupied. That means the boogie man can’t come in and take a seat. A mono unsaturated fat means you have one seat available at a table. This means you have a small chance that the boogie man can sit at your table and make everything go bad. If you have a polyunsaturated fat you are inviting in a lot of bogeymen. So that means a saturated fat is least likely to become rancid. A monounsaturated means you have a slightly better chance of something going wrong. A polyunsaturated fat means you hit the lottery for bad things to occur. Not all fats are created equal. Olive oil is very good for us when you don’t heat it and yet everyone cooks with it. Of course it is better than cooking with canola oil and other man-made dangerous hydrated oils like corn oil, safflower, soy, etc. once olive oil is heated it can break apart the bonds that prevent it from going rancid and it can do harm in our body.

Doing a ketosis diet is not all about eating meat and cheese. A good ketogenic diet should be 3 or 4 to 1 ratio of fats to proteins. You don’t need to eat a ton of protein to be on a ketogenic diet. We should get a majority of our calories from things like macadamia nut oil, palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil. Palm kernel oil is different from palm oil. Palm oil is from the outside of this little fruit and palm kernel is from the white inside. The palm kernel oil has more medium chain triglycerides.

The average person only would require 30 to 40 g of protein a day, which would be a protein shake. Saturated fats are not the problem. If we have inflammation in our arteries already, then saturated fats can be a problem. If we have a history of consuming a lot of sugar we probably have inflamed arteries. Sugar combined with the saturated fats can lead to inflammation. Acute inflammation is when you bang your elbow and is one form of inflammation. It is happening very fast and in response to an injury. Chronic inflammation occurs in our cells. It is usually a result of putting something into our bodies that don’t belong there.
Ketosis and fasting are almost the same thing biologically. The ketosis diet was discovered as a way to mimic fasting. In the 1920s doctors couldn’t understand why such miracles were happening when people would fast such as their epilepsy being cured. Many diseases were correcting themselves through fasting. Eventually they realized the common denominator was that ketones were produced by not eating. Fasting is a huge tool to not just lose weight, but more importantly get healthy.

Alzheimer’s disease does have something to do with food. Switching from the convenience food diet to the Mediterranean diet can improve your entire health, not just your brains. In Alzheimer’s, protein deposits known as plaques build up in the brain. They are kind of like waxy deposits. These then go on to form tangles in the brain. The thought at one time was these deposits and tangles cause Alzheimer’s and if you could undo them, you would be cured. This didn’t turn out to be the case with further research. The active ingredient in a drug once thought to be very promising is found in tea tree oil. It is a mid chain branched oil also known as a medium chain triglycerides. Like coconut oil.

Keep in mind that Alzheimer’s is now considered to be a form of diabetes of the brain. With the typical American diet our brain is mostly running off of glucose all the time. The areas of the brain that are affected by Alzheimer’s are seen to have decreased glucose uptake. This gets worse as the disease progresses. This is a problem of insulin deficiency and resistance. It’s similar to diabetes except that people with Alzheimer’s do not necessarily have type I or type II diabetes. There are studies as far back as the 1920s of family members having glucose metabolism problems and developing Alzheimer’s. This alone is not proof of anything, but they did figure out that it takes 10 to 20 years of having glucose metabolism problems before the signs of Alzheimer’s would begin.

When you consume medium chain triglycerides your liver converts part of it to ketones. Again the normal way we produce ketosis is through starvation. This is an evolutionary process that allowed humans to get to where we are today. During the process of our evolution, our brains developed the ability to use ketones for energy and they are far superior to glucose. If you are fasting after 36 hours you’ve used up the stores of sugar in your body. At that point your brain needs this alternative fuel and it should not be alternative it should be the main fuel.

If we did not have fat we would break down muscle. Some amino acids can convert to glucose. However, you would not last very long with this method. When you’re starving the fatter you are the longer you live. Fat will break down the fatty acids, but they do not cross into the brain very well. But our muscles including our heart can use them. Fatty acids when in the liver get converted to ketones. Ketones cross the blood brain barrier very easily. The Alzheimer brain takes up ketones normally. The areas that are affected by not being able to take up glucose work fine with ketones. We want medium chain triglycerides for our brains. Medium chain triglycerides are from 6 to 12 carbon molecules long. Some people will say 8 to 10 carbons long. Coconut oil is an example of a healthy MCT. It also helps control infections in newborns. Every few weeks the medical establishment through it’s media release stories about how bad coconut oil is for you. It is very bad for the medical establishment because you could get healthier with it.

The American Heart Association always gets everything wrong including the recent attacks on coconut oil. They are badmouthing it because it is becoming popular, which means people are not buying their sponsors products like margarine. The FDA finally had to ban trans-fats and food companies are taking it out of their products, but I’m sure their new product is just as bad for you and even if it isn’t why would you want to reward them with the murder of tens of millions of Americans?

Keep in mind that the American Heart Association knew from the 50s that people who ate more saturated fats had less disease in general not just less coronary artery disease. But that did not stop them and their sponsor Procter & Gamble from poisoning us with their horrid products. Again, doctors to this day still believe that saturated fats play a role in cardiac events and strokes and nothing could be further from the truth. Everything that the American Heart Association said was wrong yet people are listening to them today and are avoiding coconut oil.

It’s obvious to layman that sugar is a big robber of health, but not so obvious to the professionals at the American Heart Association and the American diabetic Association.

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