The Science of Death and Destruction: Part 7

The Science of Death and Destruction:  Part 7

Plants don’t really enjoy being eaten. They want their offspring, their seeds to grow up as well just like we do. They ran into a problem when animals arrived on the planet, so they became chemists. They use chemical warfare to persuade their predators from eating them. They can paralyze the predator, poison their brain, can make them depressed or anxious, or can make them hurt. A smart predator realizes after awhile that every time they eat that plant they don’t do so well. They decide that they should eat something else. The plant wins, the predator wins everyone’s happy.

Then humans arrived. The problem with humans as most of us know is that we are pretty stupid. When we eat things that are not good for us, make us use braces on our knees so we can keep running, take a Prilosec so that we can keep eating pizza, you have to realize that we are not smart enough to figure out that the plant is trying to tell us that it is not good for us, in this case the plant being grains. If you were to take away the foods that are causing your heartburn you would not need to be taking all these drugs for it. This kind of common sense is almost illegal. As a chiropractor, patients like to bring in the medications that they are taking so that I can see just how sick they are. What I’m thinking is just how stupid they are. It doesn’t occur to them that they should change their diet. If I mention this besides risking getting in trouble with the board, I know 99% of the time that the patient will never do anything that I tell them to do.

Lectins are a plant protein that likes to stick to sugar molecules. Sometimes they’re called sticky proteins. They were discovered in the late 1880s as a way of typing blood. Blood types are determined by taking a lectin and throwing them in some blood. It will cause the blood cells to coagulate. Depending on which lectin you add to the blood you can tell whether someone is a type O or AB negative. Lectins are a main defense system of plants. Raw kidney beans or raw black beans when eaten will agglutinate our blood. Lectin in wheat called wheat germ agglutinin causes our immune system to be attracted to it and it attacks the lining of our blood vessels. This is one reason why eating whole grains is not such a great idea if you want to be healthy.

In spite of this, human beings did really well, up until about 10,000 years ago. We ate primarily a diet of leaves and tubers, which is potatoes. We had a lot of fish. We ate animals as well but only when we could catch them which wasn’t often. 10,000 years ago the climate changed and the glaciers disappeared. We entered a warming period where all the big animals disappeared. We started growing crops. We started growing grains and beans. There is no evidence that a great ape ever ate grains and beans because they’re so toxic with lectins. Unless you cook them they are quite lethal. Human beings shrunk 1 foot in height approximately after 2000 years on this diet. Our brains shrunk 15%. We haven’t yet got back that 15%. The major change in the human diet was adding grains and meat.

2000 years ago, southern European cows suffered a genetic mutation. They made a lectin like protein in their milk called casein A1. This form of lectin attaches to the pancreas that makes insulin. Scientists in China are aware that casein A1 is a factor in juvenile diabetes unlike the doctors at our American diabetic Association. Casein A1 cows are hardier and produce more milk. So of course these cows were bred and most of the cows today are the wrong breed of cow. The right breed of cow is the casein A2 cows. They still exist in southern Europe, France, Belize, Switzerland. Northern European cows, Australian cows, New Zealand cows, American cows are all the wrong breed. Even if they are grass fed they still have a lectin. Many people think they are lactose intolerant are actually sensitive to the casein A1 protein.

About five hundred years ago we all began to be exposed to American lectin. The nightshade family, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers and Golgi berries are some of the culprits. Golgi berries are not from China. They are American and were taken to China for trade. The trade flourished. The berries are called the wolfberry in America.
American seeds and nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, American beans, peanuts, cashews are also not good for us. Peanuts are a bean not a nut. They are very good at attacking our blood vessels. Cashews are a part of the poison ivy family. Many a rash and upset stomach was caused by cashews. Cashew pickers have burns on their hand from the lectins in cashews. Cashews are a big mischief maker for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

We discussed earlier how cancer had decided to use the fermentation pathway for its energy. We ferment beer and wine with bacteria and yeast. They use sugar without burning oxygen. Humans burn sugar with oxygen. The oxygen makes burning the fuel much more efficient. A cancer cell needs more sugar to grow and divide than a normal cell. Approximately 8 to 40 fold more sugar. This is not a mutation, the cancer cell chooses to use this pathway. It has the other pathway available, but likes this sugar pathway. Fructose the sugar in fruit is far more desirable to a cancer cell than glucose.
Squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers are not a vegetable they are fruits. All of our cells have an alternative pathway of using a type of fat called ketones. Our cells can burn ketones as if it were sugar, but cancer cells do not have this ability. Cancer cells need sugar to live and they know how to make you have strong desires for sugar. The theory now for curing cancer is to starve all cancer cells of sugar and use our own fats for energy.

Autoimmune patients typically have very low levels of vitamin D. It takes huge amounts of vitamin D supplementation to get a small increase in patients. Healthy patients used to be over 270 units of vitamin D. Current American wisdom feels over 100 is toxic. It could take up to 40,000 international units a day to get a patient up to 100 which is what you want. One of the mischief makers in our immune system is the T cell. It is resistant to the effect of vitamin D in autoimmune patients. Usually vitamin D makes the immune cell calm down. It makes the T cells chill and not interested in attacking any part of us. In autoimmune patients the T cell does not listen to vitamin D unless you have very high levels. The higher your level of vitamin D the longer your telomere levels are, which is a good thing if you want to live longer. Long telomeres are considered necessary for successful aging.

Ancel Keys is famous for the seven country study but he actually looked at 21 countries and decided that 14 of them would disprove his theory so he cut them out of it. He stated that in the seven countries it proved that the more saturated fat the more heart disease there was, which he knew was a lie although some say he believed it after awhile. This theory was welcomed by Harvard because they were paid large amounts of money from the sugar industry. The government commission concluded that Americans must follow a low fat high carbohydrate diet, which I’ve stated a few dozen times was mass murder, murder that was much more mass than Hitler’s. Keep in mind that the department of agriculture wanted to increase farm production of wheat and corn and the public in the early 60s was bombarded with these unhealthy products. Farmers didn’t mind because they were paid a subsidy for these crops.

From this moment on there have been rapidly increasing rates of obesity, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, coronary artery disease, etc. No one paid attention to that our fat consumption was going down and we were getting much fatter. The rates of heart disease continued to go up not down. So now they figured out how to make more money by blaming it on cholesterol and selling cholesterol-lowering drugs, which in my humble opinion also greatly increases Alzheimer’s since we need fats to have a healthy brain.
Heart surgeons would tell you around this time they noticed a fat in their arteries that they’re operating on call triglycerides. Triglycerides are the first form of fat that we make from sugars and starches. They don’t come from eating fat. If you follow the American medical Association’s recommended diet you will absolutely require statin drugs to get your LDL at the recommended levels. Many people with heart attacks have LDL levels that are perfectly normal because of the statin drugs they are taking. However, their HDL level is still low and that is the good fat that cleans out the arteries. This is because the patient still has high triglycerides. It is desirable to have your HDL at least equal to your triglyceride level if not higher. This will create regression of coronary artery disease. These are things your doctor has been severely trained into not telling you.

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