The science of death and destruction: Part 8

The science of death and destruction:  Part 8

The following are odds and ends that may seem a little disjointed, probably because they are, but lots of good stuff to understand anyway.

An alien reporting back to high command, stating that ambulances cause car accidents because every time he sees a car accident there is an ambulance there would be comical, yet that was the basic method of evidence that convinced millions of people to kill themselves. Worse, they are still taking cholesterol lowering drugs even after this vicious scam has been revealed. Sure, that would be a correct conclusion from that observation. Or how about sneakers are what cause children to die when getting hit by cars in intersections because that is what they are wearing. Not exactly good science, yet people obviously would rather die and continue to die than question a scientist. That type of reasoning was used to conclude that the cause of coronary artery disease was cholesterol. Statin drugs make billions of dollars so you were not given the opportunity by your local news stations to know that they actually cause heart attacks, which is the reason everyone is scared senseless into taking them in the first place. They don’t want to have a heart attack. But apparently they do have benefits, for chiropractors, half of our patients on statins have bad muscle pains. They are also good for when you want to speak to family members that can’t remember who you are. Remember this, a brain is 75% fat and when you don’t have the right fats, you could see a walloping increase in Alzheimer’s. Bad for you, but good for drug companies because now you have to buy drugs for the dementia that they created.

The plant paradox is that plants can save your life, but they can also kill you and you have to know which one is which. You have to know who your friends are and who your enemies are. The bacteria in our gut are familiar with these plants for millions of years. The bacteria communicate to our immune system and brain that we don’t have to worry about these certain good plants because they know from experience they don’t cause any problems in humans. These ancient bacteria that run us are not so familiar with the new grains that our long-ago ancestors didn’t eat.

The longest living people in the blue zones, the things that unite these different cultures is not grains and beans. The common denominator is that they don’t eat that much animal protein. Animal protein is detrimental to an extended lifespan and health span. To summarize, there are certain plants that can work medical wonders for us and there certain plants that don’t like us.

In the meantime get your vitamin D levels up to 100 ng/mL. Don’t be afraid of vitamin D, it is the most important hormone we have. Ignore the concerted news reports telling you to not take much vitamin D.

We have a profound efficiency of fish oil in our body. People with the highest omega-3 index have the largest brains. They have largest areas of memory. Olive oil is good for you too. The only purpose of food is to get Olive oil into your mouth, I’ve heard someone say.

Diet influences hormones, it increases your risk of cancer, it will change your insulin growth factor IGF-I . We need this hormone IGF-I to become an adult from a baby. But we don’t need it when we are full-grown because now it is going to stimulate other things to grow. We are not growing much anymore at a certain age and this hormone will help grow cancer. Five days of fasting can change your cancer-causing hormones like IGF-I.

mTor pathways (mammalian target of rapamycin) have been studied for awhile now. It is a molecule that the body can produce. Decreased mTOR activity has been found to increase life span. The mTOR inhibitor rapamycin has been confirmed to increase lifespan in mice. It is hypothesized that some dietary regimes, like restriction and methionine restriction, cause lifespan extension by decreasing mTOR activity. Some studies have suggested that mTOR signaling may increase during aging, at least in specific tissues like adipose tissue, and rapamycin may act in part by blocking this increase. Decreased mTOR activity (among other factors) up regulates glycolysis and removal of dysfunctional cellular components via autophagy. Over-activation of mTOR signaling significantly contributes to the initiation and development of tumors and mTOR activity was found to be deregulated in many types of cancer including breast, prostate, lung, melanoma, bladder, brain, and renal carcinomas.
This means when you shut down the mTor pathway it shuts down a whole lot of sequences below it and it starts the production of certain chemicals that tend to favor healing, repair and regeneration. Things that you can do that stimulate mTor is never exercising, too much protein and sugar rich diets.

The most common disease from diabetes is kidney disease. To treat the kidney disease you have to fix the diabetes. To fix the diabetes you have to stop eating carbohydrates. You have to lose weight because if you do not lose weight no matter how much medication you take your diabetes is not going to respond well. This is another example of going upstream to solve the problem.

Your body does not want to grow if nutrients are not available and will shut off the growth hormone pathways. This is really good to know when you have cancer. Prolonged fasting increases stem cell activity which is part of the mechanism for why chronic diseases go away. We do not get the full benefits of fasting for a least 30 hours. That’s how long it takes for your body to recognize that there is absolutely no food hiding somewhere in your digestive system. It takes another four or five days for your stem cells to get stimulated. They have found that even the ketogenic mimicking fasting diet does exactly that, it mimics fasting and increases stem cells in the pancreas of diabetics and new beta cells were produced. That means there may be a cure for type I diabetes. Fasting on just water can be quite difficult. You can get almost the same results if you just ate nothing but fat. This is the fasting mimicking diet.

There are three pathways in the cell that are called the nutrition center pathways. The mTOR pathway, the Pi3k pathway, and the AKT pathway. Fasting impacts these pathways. If we do not eat too many carbohydrates and spike our insulin these pathways will remain silent and we can trick our body into thinking we are fasting when we are eating a special restricted diet. Fasting is now a practical intervention.

Part of the reason why we see a lot of metabolic aberrations associated with aging is because of a deterioration in all the pathways that occur in a cell. A fasting mimicking diet allows you to turn back the clock. It allows the cell’s self signaling pathways in the cell to return to the equivalent of when you were 20.

Autophagy: the cell ends up eating itself to strengthen itself. Picture the cell as a house and it is a self-cleaning house. Originally scientists thought that there was something wrong because why would the cell be eating itself. This process is activated when the cells are starved of amino acids. Scientists consider this process to be essential for self survival. The cell has a variety of organelles. Autophagy has the ability to destroy any of a number of cell organelles that are aged, inefficient, or damaged in some other way. It can remove organelles selectively or can be nonselective and just eat the whole cell up.

Nonselective methods occur when you’re amino acids are low. The cell is just going to chew up everything and supply itself with amino acids. With aged or damaged organelles the process becomes more selective. They are trying to figure out how autophagy can be so selective. Autophagy is the doctor of the cell. It is controlling the health of the cell. If you can get rid of the mitochondria a cell organelle, then you can actually protect the cell from death because the mitochondria is the key for apoptosis which is a form of cell death.

If you engulf the sick mitochondria into an autophagic vacuole, if you sequester them away from the rest of the cell the lysosomes cleanup the problem without having to kill everything. Autophagy will shut itself down when you degrade the threat. 30 years later after discovering this, scientists still do not understand the signals that amino acids provide to turn on and off autophagy. However, there are drugs that can turn on and off autophagy. It is now understood that autophagy is the way the cell protects itself. Before this understanding scientists just referred to it as cell death. Now it is the cell survival pathway. Cells of the heart or the brain that do not reproduce need to have excellent autophagy systems. The kidney is actually the most active in turning on autophagy. Kidney cells are not like liver cells where the liver cells can eventually recover from damage.

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