The Science of Death and Destruction. Part 9

The Science of Death and Destruction.  Part 9

Fix the cell to get well.  Conventional medicine is downstream.  For example, if you are contaminated with mercury it is probably because of exposure to it from downstream sources such as food.  What’s more important is to go upstream to the factory that is releasing the Mercury into the environment.  To detox yourself with upstream methods you should think about the actual functions that are going wrong in the cell.  We are all exposed to toxins and that’s why it’s an epidemic.  This is one reason why people don’t feel well and are gaining weight, their cells are toxic.  The five R’s to getting healthy are as follows:

  1. Remove the source. Whether it is Mercury that the dentist put in your mouth, or mold because drywall is the perfect food for mold, you need to remove it before anything else.  Toxins are unavoidable and it is a generational problem since most kids get their lead poisoning from their mother.  Additionally certain genes get turned on by certain toxins and that causes health problems.
  2. Regenerate the cells. A layer of fat known as the cell membrane is the cells action center and everything that comes from the outer world happens on this membrane.  Our genes turn on and off based upon the health of that membrane.  When we regenerate the membrane we have the ability to turn off for example, the obesity gene.  Our brains are 75% fat.  Were told not to eat fat.  We can’t remember what is good to eat because we now have Alzheimer’s.  We need cholesterol and saturated fat because every cell in our body is working because it is surrounded by a fat sandwich also known as the cell membrane.

All of our hormone receptors are in the cell membrane.  Every hormone has to attach to the cell membrane in order to get its message into the cell.  If your thyroid hormone can’t connect to your cell you are not going to lose weight very well.  When our cell membranes inflamed, genes turn on that we do not want turned on.  It gets to the point where we do not have the ability to turn off the bad genes.  Cholesterol and saturated fats balance out the function of our cell membranes.

  1. Restore, you have to restore cell energy. The key to detox is to increase your cellular energy.  You need a certain amount of ATP to produce glutathione.  Glutathione is a strong detoxifier.  You need a certain amount of energy to run every pathway in the cell.  Often patients that don’t get well lack cellular energy.
  2. Reduce, cellular inflammation. Inflammation is not just a sore shoulder.  Cellular inflammation is much more problematic.  Hormones enter into the cell through receptor sites.  Receptor sites are basically very specifically structured holes in the membrane.  If the cell becomes inflamed it changes the shape of the membrane and now vital hormone messages cannot regulate the cell and things go wrong and your doctor has no idea what he is going to do for you.

This is how we become hormone resistant.  We have all heard of insulin resistance by now.  This makes sense when you think about the increase in obesity and diabetes from around the time we’re told to go on a diet that would inflame us.  America is taking more synthetic hormones than the rest of the world and that partially has to do with this mechanism.  An analogy for hormone resistance is you shout at you kids and it works in the beginning, they listen.  Eventually it no longer works and you find yourself shouting louder to no avail.  That is basically hormone resistance and how American medicine addresses the issue.  They up the dose of hormones and in the beginning you feel a little better, but then you need more and it doesn’t work any longer.  When you get the receptor to work correctly by reducing inflammation you don’t need extra synthetic hormones.  The key to longevity and health is having low hormone levels that your cells respond well to.  This is also the key to weight loss.

  1. Reestablishing-methylation. As methylation drops so does your ability to detoxify.  All stress, physical, chemical, and emotional depletes methylation.  You can go downstream and take methyl donors and if you go upstream you would have to get rid of what is stressing you out.

When someone can stay on a diet but not lose weight it could be a hormonal problem.  By the time their blood work is off it could take 20 years to detect.  A patient can be 90% dead and the blood work can look good.  T-4 is the typical hormone doctors give for thyroid conditions.  T-4 needs to be converted to an active form called T3 and that is the hormone that gets in the cell and makes you feel good.

Many people can’t convert T4 to T3 which occurs in the liver.  A toxic liver can be interfering with your thyroid function and chances are if you go to an endocrinologist you’ll simply be given at hormone that you already have enough of because your thyroid gland is making plenty of T-4.

Mercury can bind up selenium and you need selenium to make that conversion from T4 to T3.  Mercury also affects the pituitary gland.  It can accumulate in the pituitary and the pituitary gland controls the thyroid gland so you can get hit from a few angles.  Toxins can destroy your receptors so even if T3 gets there it can’t get its message into the cell.  Were talking about just one hormone, but they all can get affected.

Leptin tells us to stop eating and is a fat burner.  Leptin attaches to receptors in our hypothalamus.  Toxins have an affinity for leptin receptors and if the leptin cannot get into the cell and give its message to stop eating you get fatter.  Toxins interfere with many areas of the pathway.  Not being able to lose weight is usually a hormone issue, but it is being driven upstream by toxicity.

Fasting allows us to harness our inborn wisdom called innate intelligence.  Innate intelligence knows how to heal the body it occupies, but if there is an interference with its expression we get sick.  By not eating we are clearing out some of the interference and our innate intelligence starts to repair us.  When you give your body nothing it gives it a chance to rest and heal.  Every time you eat you are putting stress on yourself.  We all know that eating less increases your longevity.  Unfortunately, Americans think that eating less means that they are going to eat only half of their meal, but that is not how losing weight works.

Ancient cultures also ate less, but they fast by eating less often.  This is intermittent fasting.  By eating one or two meals a day we are optimizing all hormones.  Even just a 15 hour fast, where we skip breakfast, autophagy begins which means you’re losing bad cells.  The innate intelligence will burn the bad DNA out first.  Eating in that small window of time will increase growth hormone, so bodybuilders are adapting this method.

When you are fat adapted you won’t be hungry.  Burning off the tens of thousands of stored calories prevents hunger.  Most Americans are not fat adapted.  Again, we have only two fuels sugar or fat.  When you are a sugar burner, which is most of us because of toxins and the standard American diet, you either have a craving that you cannot resist or if you force yourself not to eat your body is not able to burn fat and it breaks down muscle instead, which is not good.  When we fix the cell and get the body to become an efficient fat burner our health miraculously returns.  We can achieve mitochondrial fitness by slowly breaking the fast further in the day.

Getting into ketosis can be quite hard for many people especially if you tried something like the Atkins diet previously.  Varying what we eat can help get our cells to adapt quicker.  Bad cells do not adapt.  Good cells get stronger.  Ancient cultures were forced to change their diet.  We’ve been eating the same bowl of cereal for 50 years.  With this in mind the Paleo diet people are right, the vegetarians are right, all the different diets are right, for awhile.  When the Hunza people were studied the scientists originally thought that they were vegetarians, but they first visited them during the summer when they were eating that way.  In the winter they were in ketosis they were eating high fat.  Back in the day the seasons forced us to change our diets.  Now I can get fruit that is out of season shipped to me from where it is in season.  Fasting has been around as a healing modality longer than anything else.  It is very underutilized now.

When we are burning fat as our only source of energy the body tries to outsmart us.  It wants to automatically conserve what it is losing.  The DNA of the cell sends a signal to the insulin receptor and lowers the function of the receptor because it wants to store fat.  Our body wants to survive first before anything else.  It blunts the insulin receptor to hold onto fat as its fuel source.  It’s analogous to if you are living in the wilderness in the winter time and your stack of wood is dwindling.  You must slow down your rate of logs on the fireplace.  If someone was to drop off a new supply would you start firing up the stove again?  So by occasionally switching up your diet and putting the carbohydrates in you get more efficiency of the cells.  You are reminding your body that is not starving.  Even if you just add carbs one or two days a week your body is benefiting.  Knowing that it has carbs coming once in a while it will burn the fat easier.  Bodybuilders didn’t know the science a long time ago but they knew that this worked.  This is just taking advantage of our inborn physiology.

Nutrition is simply the delivery of building blocks.  It allows the innate blueprints, the DNA to manufacture life.  At the molecular level, the DNA level where we have the blueprint to make a human body we have a few options.  Our genome is static for our entire life.  The genes are not going to change, but from those same genes we could make 4 million different bodies.  Each gene can make over 200 different proteins and that’s what we are.  It all depends on the environment and the biggest environmental factor is nutrition.  What you put in your mouth today is what you are becoming.  It is shaping everything, from your consciousness that you are, to the metabolism that burn our calories.  The way we store fat, all the factors that affect our health are being influenced on a genetic molecular level by the food that we eat.

The number one thing that we are doing wrong is the care of our microbiome.  Our microbiome is a predictor of how we’re going to prevent and manage disease.  Our microbiome is I ecosystem and if we fix it we fix our health.  Our food is steeped in antibiotics at every level and they kill our microbiome.  Glyphosate the active ingredient in roundup has taken over the planet.  Monsanto will say it does not harm us yet it harms the entire planet.  It destroys all the nutrients that will become our future hormones, cells, everything that we are.  We are destroying ourselves and the world because we are to lazy to pick weeds.  That is what it is known for when marketed as roundup, but was never intended to be a weed killer.

It was originally designed as an antibiotic because it kills everything.  Our food is deprived of vital nutrients and so are we.  Because of greed our crops are prone to disease and pests, which is an excuse for Monsanto to destroy the earth even more than it already has.  The more chemical warfare the more the pest’s DNA mutate and make them stronger.  This requires more chemical warfare.  This makes sense to Monsanto because they are the originators of Hitler’s nerve gas.  A typical glass of California wine has over 64 herbicides and pesticides in it.  A typical hamburger at a hamburger chain will require seven years before you can digest all the chemicals in it.  The load of toxin being put into our food chain is exponential and never-ending.

Stay tuned for episode 10.


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