The very big elephant in the opioid crisis room. Part 2

The very big elephant in the opioid crisis room.  Part 2

The U.S. is 4.6% of the world’s population, but Americans consume 80% of the worlds opioid supply and 99% of hydrocodone. That this many prescriptions are being filled is because of greed, corruption, ignorance of the literature, and stupidity. In the late 1990’s opioids became a routine treatment for chronic pain. Drug company executives assured congress that their pain medications were affective and safe. Perdue said that addiction was rare. Doctors prescribed this not because they were evil, but because they were kept ignorant. Pharmaceutical reps don’t come around each week for lunch with chiropractic research.

The drug companies pumped opioids to U.S. communities knowing that people were dying. The opioid crisis was allowed to spread aided by congress. The industry allowed tons of their drugs to go pharmacies that were selling legal heroin. In one town, 392 people ordered 9 million hydrocodone pills in two years. The drug companies business plan was to sell a lot of pills and make a lot of money. Our jails are filled with citizens that smoked marijuana and these drug executives are considered esteem members of society.

One drug company paid a 13.2 million dollar fine. Cardinal Health paid a 34 million dollar fine. Lately they’ve been fined about 340 million dollars. They make that in one month. They don’t care about these fines. When DEA lawyers leave their job they go to work for drug companies. The best former DEA attorney’s are now working for the people they used to prosecute and know how to get around the system. Recently, 46 DEA investigators and supervisors have been hired by the drug companies. The drug companies now with this staff have successfully lobbied Congress to get the DEA to stop going after drug companies.

Drug companies spent 102 million dollars in one year to lobby congress to get known deadly addictive drugs that don’t solve the problem of low back pain into the market place. They also spend a lot of money lobbying to make sure that people don’t go to chiropractors. At the height of the epidemic, in 2016, the Marino bill was passed by unanimous consent in the Senate and the House. Obama signed it into law. One politician that started this bill that would stop the DEA from cracking down on drug companies became a senior vice president at a drug company and Tom Marino was nominated to be Obama’s drug czar. The whole thing is a total farce. They are making a mockery out of all of our suffering.

Why are so many people in pain? Back surgery is the number one reason for an opioid prescription. Orthopedics prescribe the most narcotics. Of course we don’t want patients to suffer, but studies have demonstrated that most back surgery patients notice only a small difference in perception of pain with the narcotics. The same thing for muscle relaxers and all forms of physical therapy. The chances of disability increases over 500% with surgery as opposed to not having surgery. 66% of patients continue opioids after surgery.

Personal note, I had a spinal cord tumor removed and it was brutal pain. Without very strong and aggressive opioid therapy I wouldn’t have survived. Luckily for me it took one day to withdrawal from the drugs and return to normal. I feel that if I would have went to rehab I’d probably still be addicted. The Manger report said that Chiropractic was better than all other treatments combined. They suggested that more studies be performed to justify medical care for low back pain. The cases treated by chiropractors have had less surgery and opioid prescriptions. The first choice should be mandatory chiropractic care. The researchers for medicine throw out all good chiropractic studies. The methodology for their studies is a total fraud. But they win, they get the research dollars.

How superior is chiropractic to everything that medicine has? A study compared 4 weeks of chiropractic care vs. 16 weeks of total medical care including P.T., drugs, massage, kinesiology, they could have anything they wanted for a full 16 weeks. The chiropractic group only got the patients for the first 4 weeks. Then they re-evaluated at the end of 16 weeks which means that the chiropractic group at time of reevaluation had not received any care for the last 12 weeks. Again, the medical group had all the care they wanted for 16 weeks. The study found that the chiropractic group was 2700% better off than the medical group. Approximately 68% of the medical patients were still on opioids at the re-evaluation and the chiropractic patients felt better than the drug addicts. The most common cause of death after back surgery is opioid overdose.

Why do people get low back surgery that doesn’t work. Because the M.D.’s refer them for it after their medication doesn’t work. Studies don’t refer to physical therapy anymore as physical therapy. They call it usual medical care or non pharmacological care. They don’t name it anymore because it has no evidence of it being effective. So now they redefined physical therapy as manipulation. They not only have condemned chiropractic, refused to utilize it, but now they are trying to steal it.

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