The Very Big Elephant In The Opioid Crisis Room

The Very Big Elephant In The Opioid Crisis Room

Back pain is the number one reason for prescribing opioids.  The typical response to opioids for low back pain is so small that the patient barely notices the difference, but they prescribe them anyway even after the crisis was at it’s height.  Why are they prescribing them?

During the opioid epidemic the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession got caught and were summoned to explain themselves to Congress.  They were forced to admit that what they were doing was not working. They had to explain why they were prescribing opioids when they knew they were not working because they might be going to jail.  So their answer was, because nothing else works.  When they say nothing they mean anything except chiropractic because they will not refer to chiropractors.

The Manger study back in 1992 stated that Chiropractic was more effective for low back pain than all the methods used by the medical profession.  You would think after all the studies that prove chiropractic to be superior and a much cheaper way to treat back pain, that the insurance companies would want to pay for it.  But they don’t.  They found no evidence to support all the modalities of physical therapy for low back pain, but no one is demanding that a low back pain patient see a chiropractor first.

One reason for this abuse is that the scientific methodology of the studies is incredibly corrupt.  One example is a study that decided chiropractic didn’t work based on the patient only receiving 2 adjustments and then being reviewed a year later to see how they felt.  The researchers when performing comprehensive systematic reviews of the literature set parameters that allow them to throw out all the actual good studies that prove chiropractic superiority.

There are plenty of studies that demonstrate that physical therapy does not work well for low back pain.  There are lots of good studies that prove that Chiropractic is far superior than any other treatment for low back pain, but medical doctors have no idea that these studies exist and they refuse to consider chiropractic to be the number one form of treatment that should be considered for low back pain.

They know that their methods don’t work, but the insurance companies still pay for it while chiropractic is illegally still kept out of the loop, even though they won the world’s largest antitrust suit against the American Medical Association.  The medical profession is so unwilling to use chiropractic that when heroin came along, clinicians were willing to give it to patients because they knew nothing else worked.  With all the evidence that makes it clear that chiropractic does work, they didn’t know that, but they knew that nothing else worked and helped to create the opioid epidemic.

If what they did worked, why would they prescribe opioids? There had to be a market for opioids otherwise they couldn’t have sold them.  They were so successful at selling opioids so quickly because of how unsuccessful everything else was and how unwilling medical doctors were to refer to a chiropractor.  They hated chiropractors so much that they would rather their patients overdose and die.  That is some very sick stuff.  Chiropractic was the hope to turning the opioid epidemic around and that chance had the life crushed out of it.

Stay tuned for Part 2, Things Get Worse From Here.

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