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Despite what big tech and the media are ramming down your throats, all is not wonderful in Vaccine World.  The DPT vaccine was replace by the DTap in America, but it was never taken off the market place and is still used around the world.

15 countries in the European Union do not mandate vaccinations probably because countries that are mimicking our vaccine schedule are getting more damaged kids.  Do you want to sacrifice your child at the alter of vaccination?  It is recognized after the Disney Measles outbreak that it was not a failure to vaccinate, it was a vaccine failure.

The chicken pox vaccine at one time was never going to be mandated because it was not necessary.  It is now mandated, but nothing has changed except now everyone gets shingles because adults are not being exposed to children with chicken pox.  Chicken pox is a very low risk illness.  Very few children die from it.  And that was before we have the modern medical care available at E.R.’s that we do today.

Merck who made the vaccine for chicken pox is the only company that sells the shingles vaccine.  Vaccine is categorized as artificial immunity.  It doesn’t work as well as natural immunity.   Immunity is no longer taught in medical schools the way it was up until the 70’s.  NIH stated that they do not fully understand the mechanisms involved in natural immunity or artificial immunity.  There are big gaps in knowledge about how the immune system works.

Autism is autoimmune brain dysfunction most likely caused by the attack on the immune system that creates catastrophic inflammation.   The drug companies call it something else on the label so they can dismiss it as them causing it.  The war on disease has become a war on values and beliefs.  There is a concerted effort to marginalize, demonize, isolate, and sanction people that do not agree with the vaccine manufacturers, concept of one size fits all no exceptions vaccination approach.

It started with no shots, no school, around the 1970’s with the MMR vaccine.  Then it went to no shots no health insurance.  No shots no medicare or medicaid.  Doctors will refuse to treat you if you don’t succumb to their pressure to vaccinate with a long list of things that you may not require.  No shots, no Visa.  The healthcare system has become marginalized by drug salesmen.

Health care workers cannot get a job.   Even if you are pregnant and don’t want to get vaccinated, if you are a health care worker, you have to.  If you have a history of bad reactions to vaccinations in the past, it doesn’t matter, you’re going to be forced to get more.  They want to extend this mandate to child care workers, teachers, to anyone that works with the public.

After 911 the CDC spent a lot of money to get a law passed that increased the police powers of state Governors to enforce whatever they wanted to enforce with regard to health programs.  Oppressive action could be taken.  People could be quarantined, forcibly vaccinated.  Since 911 they can do this whenever they want.   The federal government is now in an actual business partnership with pharmaceutical companies.  The federal health agencies are responsible for regulating the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.  Congress has seen fit to create federal legislation where the companies pay the FDA to fast track their product to licensure.

Fast track means you can bypass the normal regulatory standards  for safety and take shortcuts to get their product on the market quicker.  They have placed deadlines on how many drugs they want licensed in a certain period of time.  That has put everything on their fast track.  They have quotas to meet.   The FDA workers have two competing goals, to hurry up and rush drugs to the market place and to make sure that they are safe and effective.  This is not humanly possible.

The public interest is not being served by the government that we pay for.   The staff of the FDA is being paid by the drug companies fees for fast tracking their drugs.  The workers should not be placed on a deadline to release a certain number of drugs.  If they fail, they will not be funded by congress.  HHS and other government agencies were opposed to the vaccine compensation act back in 1986 because they felt that would be admitting that vaccines caused damage.  Everyone involved with vaccines is threatened by people that just ask for informed consent.  What are they afraid of?  If there program was so good why wouldn’t they want the truth to come out?  The goal should be about achieving long term good health.

Americans spend 6 billion dollars a year on alternative medicine and medicine resents that. Most M.D.’s believe that we get our diseases because of genes.  Science now understands that it is the epigenetics that determines if we are going to be sickly.

That means it is our environment acting on our genes shifting the phenotype from a healthy person to into an inflamed sickly diseased phenotype.  95% of the risk for developing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, neurological problems, dementia, psychiatric problems including schizophrenia, autoimmunity diseases and cancer are from these epigenetic factors.

Diet, lifestyle, toxin exposure are going to be 95% of the reason why you get a chronic disease.  It is now being realized that children that get early childhood infections have less incidence of autoimmune disease.  They think these organisms are sending genetic messages.  They speak to our immune cells. They may help regulate a healthy immune response instead of the one we are seeing in so many tens of thousands damaged children after receiving a vaccination.

Our government and doctors are performing an unintended experiment on the world.  By removing these once normal childhood infections through antibiotics and vaccinations, we may be altering the maturation process of our immune cells. It may be only one factor of many such as nutrient deficiencies and environmental toxins.

Vaccines are most effective when using a live agent, but when you use a live agent there will be some individuals whose immune functions are so compromised that the live vaccine can kill or seriously harm them.  Medicine used to be about do no harm.  So they adapted this to using an attenuated virus, one that was not quite alive.  Our bodies know that the attenuated virus is dead so it does not initiate an immune response.

To get that to work they have to inject you with heavy metal toxins to assault your immune system into responding.  That is how they get your body to react to this dead infective agent that they inject into you.  There are no studies that determine how much of these adjuvants you could handle in one day. A lot of diseases that vaccines are for are not fatal, just inconvenient.   There are public health benefits to vaccines, but there are many risks as well.  We really don’t need vaccines for conditions that are not fatal.  Many people believe that as long as we have the internet dissemination of this information will grow.  In 2020, we witnessed severe censorship on the internet.

New York State Law requires that a child must receive 77 doses of diseases by the age of 14 in order to go to school.  They have made it almost impossible to opt out.  The only excuse considered is religion and that will be over ruled by a court case in 1920 Massachusetts called Jacobson.  He didn’t want to get vaccinated for only one vaccine back then.  The courts ruled that the government could force him to get that injection or pay a $5.00 fine.  That law from back then is used today to inject kids with many dozens of toxic shots.

It is almost impossible to get a court to recognize the constitutional right to refuse the injection.  It appears that no court understands the constitutional right to Due Process.  It is being denied when you are forced to take a shot.  Congress recognizes that people do die from vaccines.  New York and California certainly do not recognize any of this, you are getting the shots.

A medical procedure should not be forced upon anyone is one lesson we learned after WWII.  Nobody likes the Nazis and yet these are Nazi like tactics.  Supposedly no one likes bullies and yet the industry has terrorized everyone into submission.  In the U.S. we are supposedly not allowed to experiment on children.  Well that is the way it used to be.

In the Vioxx and Avandia trials there were court documents that revealed that the pharmaceutical executives ordered that certain doctors be neutralized.  The courts are supposed to fairly decide whether the government can mandate that you force your child to take a vaccine that could kill them.  The manufacturers claim that your child must die for the greater good.  This is a due process issue.  This is a human rights issue.

Are they safe when the U.S. Congress has awarded billions of dollars in damages from them?  Worse, they are coming from China and secret labs around the world.  Are they staying refrigerated on that long journey here?  Milk can go bad from the farm up state on it’s way to the city. Why does a new born baby have to go to a doctor every two weeks?  To get a vaccine.  This is a very profit driven industry.   Does a perfectly healthy baby truly need to be injected with hepatitis?  Ancient religious texts warn about defiling the blood with foreign substances.  Religious people don’t want fetal pig cells injected into them, but most are not aware that is just one of the many goodies in that injection.