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If you’ve been watching the headlines lately you might come to the conclusion that half of the country is now seeing how the sausage is made.  People that have not been opposed to vaccines before are refusing to get this current one that we’re being brutally shamed into or just offered free french fries in exchange for our health.  Vaccines have always had dangers, but now people are more aware of it.

Even though reporters are owned by big pharma, once in awhile you might see one ask a pertinent question.  Maybe because they know that their kids are going to be forced to get it?  Even CNN wrote an article that this is a big mistake.

Maybe things are changing because they locked down busy people that were normally too busy to care about their civil liberties being taken away from them.  But now they had some time to read articles on the internet in spite of all the censorship.

When this started out only 1/3 of the population were willing to take it.  But now with all of the pressure and free things being offered more people are caving.  Threatening people that their life will not get back to normal is working.

The Astra Zenica vector virus approach used in Europe, Russia, and China has been a disaster.

This method takes an adeno cold virus and they place a gene into it.  A virus is like a spaceship that will fly into your body and put some new genes in it.  They are hoping that this new information will help you fight Covid 19.

They attempted this approach for an HIV vaccine.  They tried making a common adeno virus a delivery system.  They discovered that this method raises your risk of HIV significantly.  Their studies revealed that the people that were given this vs. placebo had higher rates of HIV.  They were concerned that it was making T Cells more vulnerable to HIV.

Faucci and Redfield at CDC know all about this.  So now they are singing the praises of the Moderna vaccine, the MRNA approach.  This vaccine is sending a coded message to your body to make it believe that the message came from your own DNA to get your own RNA to get your cells to mutate.

There is a new problem with this.  The vaccine has to remain at ultra low temperatures.  This vaccine can only last in a regular refrigerator for 24 hours.  After it hits room temperature they have only two hours to deliver it.  This makes it impossible in our current health care systems and it’s not looking good for Africa either.  We do not have the infrastructure to deliver the Moderna Vaccine.  It’s now much later after this first came out and people are elated that the vaccines have arrived years ahead of schedule.  Me, I’m not that thrilled.

While they were hunting for the vaccine unicorn they destroyed our economy when we had very effective therapeutics that were outlawed because they were very effective.  The people that have been in charge should never have been allowed to operate a fast food drive through.  Science is not their strong suit and the only thing they know about it is to repeat the phrase follow the science while they make a complete mockery of it.  People have been ordered to make life decisions based upon deliberate lies.

The vaccine was killing animals during the trials.  Yet we were told this was our hope and dreams.  Our leaders had the combined brain trust of a 3rd grader and not a smart one at that.  It is a little chilling when we can be persuaded so easily to exit from rationality.  The twilight zone has nothing on what we’ve been seeing.  Our economy and elections were not severely altered by accident.  Something this catastrophic happens by an agenda and we now see more evidence of it daily.  It turns out that Fauci knew years ago that he wanted to risk the entire world to do his gain of function research.

The government and their donators, Silicon Valley, are censoring what you are allowed to know about your health.  You will be somehow punished for wanting to know about health issues. I try not to get political on the health blogs but the democratic party has been very active in burning books and any other information that goes against their party line on vaccines.

Adam Schiff threatened Amazon and Google and ordered them to remove any information no matter how scientifically researched it was, if it was not the party line.  We’ve seen much more severe lockdowns in the democratic states.  I don’t know why the party of science is so against it, kidding of course I do, but that is not for this arena.  But if you want to get people to do something, it seems it would be easier if you didn’t censor information about it because that makes people very suspicious.

We seen other nations arrest people because they didn’t accept their official dogma but it’s quite disturbing to see the United States lose it’s bill of rights.  The good news is if you are a student of history, that was the beginning of the end for those regimes.  Right now half the people at CDC and FDA do not want to take their vaccine.  Almost 50% of our nation is questioning these Gestapo like tactics.  Worse for our government, people are now wondering about the safety of all vaccines.

I have to admit it is quite frightening to witness the cabal of Silicon Valley and Big Pharma.  Every time the word vaccine is written on Face Book, they stamp a warning on that post.  That is beyond Orwellian only it is not a novel, it is real, it is happening.  In the meantime, our cell phones are tracking us to see if we are kissing or hugging someone.

Fahrenheit 451 used to be required reading.  In a nutshell, the book tells us that the government will allow only one idea to be promoted because they feel the people they rule over can’t cope with two ideas at once.  Isn’t that what we’ve been seeing in our politics for the longest time now?

In Australia a pregnant woman was arrested for posting an article about vaccinations on Face Book.  This is what a lot of democratic officials have discussed as a desire of theirs on T.V. ( rhymes with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff )  Joe Biden did say that he was going to mask everyone.  Scary decisions are being made by scarier people.

The mob rule of misguided, uneducated people that do not understand our constitution is reminding me of 1930’s Germany.   We not only lost our right of free speech, we lost the right to object to having dangerous chemicals injected into our bodies.  If you think the zero population desires of Bill Gates is conspiracy theory, well we know for a fact that vaccines have been used to sterilize deer populations and it has been used in Kenya on women.

The same people that are funding our government are funding our press/media and that 4th pillar of our government that was created for the soul purpose of keeping things honest and truthful are doing the opposite. Every other commercial on a news program is selling you a drug with a list of side affects that would discourage the craziest person from taking it, yet they are selling billions of dollars of it.  Scarier though is those advertisers decide what your news anchor is allowed to talk about.  America is in a giant coma because of this.

6 in 10 adult Americans have a chronic disease.  4 in 10 have two or more.  This is not normal and no one seems to be aware that we are the sickest industrial nation in the world.

If you are a healthy person and are afraid of Covid 19 your mind has been taken over by your television set.  CDC states that a quarter of 1%  without a comorbidity have died from Covid 19.  Their plan makes as much sense as putting everyone on earth on chemo to prevent cancer.  But what does this really mean?

94% of the people seriously damaged or died from Covid 19 had comorbidities.  If you have 2.6 comorbidities you are on a lot of drugs.  That means that the population on pharmaceuticals are at risk.  Their solution is to put everyone on pharmaceuticals, forced vaccinations.

Are the people that have had the flu shot being severely affected by Covid 19.  Our military seems to want to know.  The conclusion of this study was that the flu vaccine increased coronavirus risk 36%.  There is no study that disproves this.

In Japan one group was given a flu shot and one was given a placebo.  They discovered that the flu shot did not work at all to protect them from the flu.  But those that did receive the flu shot had a 440% increased risk of other respiratory infections.  So we have government programs designed to make us more vulnerable to other diseases.  It would almost seem like our government is not our government but that they want us gone.

For all of you that want to still believe in our officials, I have two words for you, Sweden.  They did not go through a lockdown and did better than we did.  Sweden treated it as a cold because that is what a corona virus is.  This one was manipulated in a lab and made it more deadly, but it is a cold virus.  The herd immunity would have happened without a mandatory vaccine program and it would have happened a lot sooner if the politicians did not get involved.  Dr. Fauci knows this and purposely locked down our country.

Sweden thrived and we almost went to the brink.  They didn’t lockdown, socially distance, or wear a mask.  Everyone kept working.  Their death rate was lower than almost all major countries that did lockdown. Definitely lower than ours.  They are the only country without a 2nd wave.  What was their secret?

They used the approach that every nation used since mankind existed.  They got natural herd immunity, which means no vaccines are required.  It is impossible to hide from a corona virus yet that is what our leadership did to us for over a year.  They made us hide, but the virus doesn’t go anywhere.  It is sitting there waiting for you so when you open back up you will see a spike.

However, with the PCR test you are not seeing anything that is real.  The test is a total fraud but it was useful in scaring people seeing the number of cases on the news Chryon everyday.  The PCR test cannot diagnose anything.  So if you are healthy you should just go out, catch it, get over it, and have an immune system that will protect you from it for life even though the CDC lied and told you it would only last 5 months.

Unlike Governor Cuomo who got 15,000 old people killed, we should lock down or protect the people over 65 with comorbidities.  The rest of us with a 0.005% chance of dying should go live life.  I find it appalling that people bought his book and worse, with 11 million people dead across the world from Covid 19 Fauci, the man that advocated for the viruses gain of function and signed off on funding of it in China is selling a book.

In NY they did not treat these people like every other cold in history.  They didn’t give their patient’s oxygen because the cold virus was now labeled as deadly.  The oxygen would spread out from the machine and infect other people.  The patients were denied an oxygen mask when they couldn’t breathe.  They denied all treatment and just watched you.  They were denied hydroxychloroquine even though 78 studies from around the world showed it to be affective.

Cuomo would not allow anyone to have treatment, but when you crashed they would put you on a ventilator.  Cuomo was crying for more ventilators.  Ventilators are a death sentence for these Covid patients.  But Cuomo demanded more of them.  9 out of 10 people died from the ventilator.  Finally an E.R. doctor admitted that they were treating people all wrong.

But Cuomo was not done yet.  Because this cold virus was now labeled deadly he cut the hospitals to 1/5th their size.  All of the beds suddenly disappeared because these people could only be admitted into the ICU.  They have much less beds.  He then put these patients in nursing homes next to the most vulnerable people.  Worse, all other aspects of medicine were kicked out of the hospital.  They became Corona only hospitals.  5 democratic governors signed laws to make it mandatory that these people be placed in nursing homes.  They are now being investigated by the Department of Justice because it was well known at that time that the one thing that will get people killed is placing old people with comorbidities near infected people.  This was premeditated murder.  All the people that spoke out against Hydroxychloroquine should be tried for murder.  They denied dying patients this life saving treatment.

They did make everyone wait for their idea of a cure, which is a vaccine.  Here is a newsflash from this morning  June 2, 2021.  If you are young and strong and now become ruined for life because of this vaccine I wonder if you will still be bragging on social media that you got the shot?

While we have protesters burning cities for a year now, the government is only going after people that don’t want to get a possibly very dangerous injection that can destroy their health. Almost all media are calling people that are hesitant to get this jab ignorant white supremacist racists. That should be much scarier to the average person than catching a cold.  I happened to have had it.  I was tired for 2 days and needed to take Nyquil twice for a post nasal drip.  Maybe that is what made me tired?  In any case, this is not the America I grew up in.  Worse, the consequences will be whether we will be a free people or not or just be able to be healthy enough to take a few steps without getting out of breath from the myocarditis our doctors gave us.