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THE WORLD IS OUT TO GET YOU. PART 31 OF MANY ABOUT MODERN HEALTH CARE. You should seriously consider reading this one.

Viruses existed for 3.5 billion years before humans evolved.   As humans, we’ve had about 6,000 years of dealing with Corona Viruses.  The average consumer is familiar with the common cold.  There are about 120 different viruses that will give us cold like symptoms/syndromes.

The Covid 19 virus affects more than just upper respiratory tissues.  The first time we saw something like this was SARS that came out of China around 2002.  It burned itself out in about 20 months.  Viruses burn themselves out when humanity reaches a new homeostasis with it.

With the first SARS, patients suffered from a sudden lack of oxygen, hypoxia.  It was if they were instantly transferred to a very high altitude.  Giving them oxygen did not help.  Within two days they developed secondary pneumonia.   At that time they did not track all the people that did not react that way.  The people that just got kind of a cold or flu were not counted in that event.  Only high mortality events were tracked.

Around 2012 we got MERS a middle eastern respiratory virus.  SARS, MERS,  Covid 19 are descriptive of the syndromes, not the actual virus.  When they state that there are a certain number of Covid 19 cases they do not know if the virus is in their blood stream.  They are saying that there are cases showing up with a loss of smell, taste, headache, fevers, etc. These mild syndromes were not counted during the first outbreak of SARS.  They are being counted now because we are using a laboratory science tool called PCR tests that does not diagnose the virus.

The inventor of the test states that it was not designed to detect the virus.  It fails because there are so many corona virus fragments/proteins already in us, since mankind evolved. This is why we see so many false positive tests.  The test is as accurate as flipping a coin as to whether you are positive or not.  SARS and MERS was gone in two years without a mass vaccination program.

A real scientist would predict based upon previous information that Covid 19 will be gone in two years whether you wear 3 masks or not.  Whether you vaccinate or not.  But the vaccination may make humanity worse off.  Every year we have to create a new flu vaccine because they mutate after we’ve adapted to them.  The vaccine year after year has never stopped the flu from occurring.  The most successful people in flu vaccine studies, the 40 to 65 year old male group gained a total of 6.5 hours of less symptoms from the vaccine.  Is it worth it?

Meanwhile physicians are not told that they have a new tool, the PCR test to make tremendous health decisions with relating to Covid 19 and the test is worthless.  M.D.’s do not have any education to ask the question are these giant trusted national laboratories to be trusted with this?  The thought never occurs to them.  They just trust what they’ve been told.  PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction.  It was developed in genomics to be able to amplify tiny little signals or the tiniest presence of genetic information.

The PCR test is a way to determine what genetic decisions the cell is making at that time.  They can even tell you what proteins the Mitochondria within a cell are making from incredibly small particles of RNA.  They run an assay that amplifies everything in the background.  Then you run it again to amplify everything you just amplified.  And then you repeat this many times.  You could run this 150 times but by the time you ran it 40 times, everyone has tested positive for Covid 19.

When you are running at 40 or more amplifications you could be finding genetic material from many years ago.  You could have breathed in a bacteria a week ago and it left some genetic information in you and the PCR test will detect that.  So this does not make for a diagnostic tool.  Someone in the hospital with chest pain and are having a heart attack may test positive from the PCR, but all that means is you might have been exposed to something a few weeks ago.  Of course if the hospital gets extra money to say that you died of Covid and not a heart attack, well so be it.  These people were never sick from that genetic information, they died from a full on heart attack that a high school biology student could recognize.

Lately some governors are realizing that they are being tricked into making emergency decisions based upon the fallacy of the PCR test.  They should have said that if you have to amplify this more than 5 times then there is no way of knowing what you have.  The typical amount of amplifications being done at these PCR labs is 25-40.

The methodology is extremely flawed.  Medical doctors are employing this in masses because they do not understand what you now do.  The doctors are not stupid.  They were told that all you need to know is the CPT code in order to bill for the test.  Doctors are data analysis experts, not data production scientists.  They have no idea how those values show up on the report they receive from the lab.  They don’t have time to know this nor do they typically need to know that, they have to know what to do with it to make decisions for what to do with their patient.  They think certainly the CDC can be trusted.  Our policies are being made on false information.

So what was stated above is for the people that ask how can all these doctors be complicit in this be that stupid.  They are not stupid, they have been misinformed by the people that they trust, just like our general population.  But in the end, all causes of mortality have not changed the overall death rate annually for across the world.  This pandemic did not threaten human existence.  It did not change our population growth.  This is not the plague, not the Spanish Flu, it is nothing like that.

The most that we can say is there was an interesting pattern of respiratory death in some countries.  In some countries it was predictable because we see it every flu season.  In the U.S., Canada, and Australia, where we came under one control narrative we saw some strangeness because PCR testing was used.  We wound up with a wrong picture of the mortality.

It wound up misdiagnosing and over diagnosing.  That in turn caused us to misunderstand the real situation of the pandemic that seems blatantly used for political gain.  12,800 pandemics have occurred since 1976.  The CDC lists 12,800 respiratory pandemics that have occurred in that time period.  This is a part of nature and now that we have air travel at the rate that we do, these thousands of different viruses get to visit more places to set up home.  This pandemic is not made up.  It is a normal thing with the exception that it was manipulated in a lab to make it more contagious.  Hundreds of viruses go pandemic every year if you want to use this term.  We have global travel and new viral genomic sequences that are spread by humans.  This is what happens.

What never happened before was mass hatred of a president that was so severe that people gladly destroyed their own businesses or were forced to not so gladly.  The mystification of where did these things come from is overplayed.  Typically, the reality is, humans take these pieces of genetic code into our cellular machinery.  Some of the virus’s genetic information has now been implemented into our protein making machinery.  This is why so many viruses die out over time.  We come to terms with them and use them for some good.  Here is an article about that.    However, in this particular case we have the extra added attraction of a manipulated gain of function virus, yet we are still developing herd immunity without mass vaccination programs.  See Sweden and some red states that did not lock down.

Before Covid 19 the non manipulated viruses is how we evolved.  This may sound new to you, but this is most definitely how humans got here.  This is how we were created.  50% of the genes that we now map in the human genome are able to be directly demonstrated having been inserted by a virus into our overall Chromosomes.  Mammals became possible only through viral adaptation.

The information supplied by these viruses provided us with critical proteins millions of years ago.  These are critical genes.  The gene that allowed us to have a placenta came directly from an mRNA virus.  A placenta is what makes us mammals.  The gene that allows for the male sperm to provide it’s mitochondria before injecting it’s nuclear DNA into the egg is another example of a critical gene given to us by an mRNA virus.

We couldn’t have had the first intrauterine pregnancy without some virus.   Some viral update for a gain of function.  Way before Wuhan was doing gain of function experiments, nature was doing it and doing it better.  Viruses are there to increase adaptability through gain of function.  So we’ve had 12,800 genetic updates since 1976, not 12,800 pandemics.  We’ve rejected some of this genetic information and taken up the ones that our bodies thought we needed for some use further down the road.

The year before of this pandemic we had the lowest death rate from respiratory illness, which means we had a lot of extra people on the checkout counter for the next viral update, called Covid 19.  The people watching these numbers should have known that we would have more respiratory mortality the next year. We could have pegged this upon any respiratory virus because we knew by the statistics that this was going to happen.  To say the least, this has been politicized in all the wrong ways.

There are more viruses on Earth than there are stars in the universe.  You want to get vaccinated against each one of them?  There are 10 to the 31st power of viruses in the air that we breathe.  They are very small. .1micron.  There is also a very small amount that can gain access to your cellular machinery and take over.  In other words, there are billions of viruses that we have had an innate relationship with.  Yet, somehow, we still got here without a vaccine.

So when one of these viruses do cause some kind of syndrome that means that a part of their genetic code that produces proteins over stimulates our immune system.  Our immune system is not there to fight off the entire world.  We are not at war with the virome.  I’m neither pro or anti vaccine, but more anti than pro because I’m for common sense and that tells us that our innate immune system is far superior, well if we have one left.

Medical science has been at war with our immune system for decades now.  Our innate immune system is responsible for our second by second decision making on what to do with all this genetic data in our environment.  As I type this, there are 10 to the 15th power viruses floating around in my blood stream.  Our innate immune system is responding to them.  Deciding on whether they are a threat or not.  They are all not, otherwise we would all not be here.

However, our innate immune system is analyzing their RNA and deciding which ones they are going to hijack into our cells so that they now become useful for producing a protein segment that we may need, either now or in the future.  In the future means getting ready for next years flu virus that you will be heavily pressured into buying a vaccine for.  If you did get an influenza last year that means this year you are more resistant to adenoviruses, echoviruses, corona viruses, etc.

If we give a vaccine for flu the next year you are weaker, your mortality risk to these other viruses has increased.  This happens because you did not get the whole immunity process, you received a single protein that was mimicking the disease and you developed antibodies to only that protein and not the whole picture.

Worse, we are now going to raise an immune attack on a protein that might have been an innate protein, something that we needed.    We have scientific data that shows that a flu vaccine makes Covid worse and the commercials on television are ordering people of low economic communities, mostly black people that are at high risk already, to get a flu vaccine.

This could be considered ethnic cleansing.  They are targeting the minorities that are most at risk of contracting Covid.  It should be illegal, but we’ll be taught to shame people that find this science objectionable and they’ll follow the anti science.  It is not even that often that we get good science these days and we have good science warning not to do what they are doing and they are doing it anyway.  The people giving these shots probably are not even aware of this factual science.  For some reason it is hard for the world to realize that our scientists are crazy if they think they can wipe out our entire virome.  This war guarantees that we lose.

We need the gain of function to navigate our more toxic world and we get these updates from viruses.  The paradigm of if we don’t beat nature it is going to beat us is nonsense.  Is that 0.002% fatality rate really warrant us to continue down this dangerous path?  It sounds crazy so that is why they stepped up the fear leverage to preposterous levels.   We didn’t show up out of the garden of Eden of life. We showed up out of this journey of evolution.  The deity of life or if you believe in God is that life is in us.

We became human with the help of bacteria and viruses.  We can’t kill them all and we don’t need to. The 5 extinction events were a part of how we got here.  From religion to social science, we are convinced that we are against all of nature.  Genomics is the new telescope and we are discovering things that were as revolutionary as that we are not the center of the solar system. We were not just orbiting the sun, we were orbiting the galaxy and the galaxy is one of billions.

This discovery was very destructive to the church that wanted to control everyone.  It destroyed some of the image of who we were, maybe we were not divine creatures, not the center of the universe.  Of course the theory of evolution made it worse if you were religious.

The new telescope is definitely the genome sequencer.  We’ve found out that we are the result of 10 to the 15 viruses in our blood stream at any moment.  We have 30,000 species of bacteria running us.  We have a few million species of fungi. This is a vast network that grossly out numbers the amount of human cells in our body.

Just like earth is no longer the center of the solar system, the human cell is not the center of our health.  It depends on these microbes that scientists want to kill.  We are not against nature, we are the result of nature.  We need to make that paradigm shift in public health because right now our public health officials have betrayed all of us.

Spraying the alps with snow blowers filled with antimicrobial toxic agents is 1820’s science, but they just did that last year.  Viruses don’t live in the air, they need humans. We have receptors on our lungs that pick up corona viruses because that is where we need the gain of function that they are providing us.

It’s a better choice than breathing in cyanide used to kill the viral updaters.  I don’t want to go to an airport because they are spraying it silly with Chlorox.  It says on the bottle to not ingest it.  All these things that our public health officials demand that we do are increasing our percentage of autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.  The nuclear approach we are using right now to kill Covid is going to be a problem down the road.