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Out to Get You

When you do computing modeling you can make any outcome you want and that is how the rapid PCR test for Covid is performed.  The test is a computer model.  The premise of science is to try and disprove the current prevailing theories.  We should have skepticism about science and today it is practically outlawed.  Did they really prove this?  We’ve had a spike in psychiatric cases and crisis due to the lockdowns.  The current concepts of Covid 19 are not valid.  We need to drill down to the basic elements otherwise we can easily be misled.

Everything is predicated upon that they found a new virus in people.  We were told that it is very dangerous in spite of the numbers showing us that it is not. They have evolved this field of virology to perform experiments that couldn’t possibly demonstrate a virus.  They are misinterpreting the evidence.  They have no idea what it is.

They are looking at a mix of stuff under the microscope.  Or they are looking at the fragments of genetic material.  These fragments are human not a virus.  It’s probably human because they took it out of a human.  They don’t know where these separated out sequences come from.  If you were to put bees and wasps, butterflies, and beetles in a blender and pulled out some DNA, you would not really know what you had.

They say the full length of the virus genome is about 30,000 bases long. They are basing everything on fragments that are about 200 bases long.  So we don’t really know where these small fragments came from.  We never knew this virus existed, it’s Novel.   We have nothing to identify what it is.  We’re pulling these sequences out of a person and saying it is from a virus when we don’t actually have the virus to compare it to.  This is horrid scientific procedure.

They don’t even perform a control experiment.  In grade school we were taught that you have to do a control because there are many things that could effect the outcome.   Have we seen the same particles in healthy people?  For some reason they have not done those experiments.  It’s beyond understanding how these papers get published without a control experiment.  This methodology is seriously flawed and can’t prove anything.

They say that they sequenced the genome, but they didn’t.   They didn’t have a virus that they pulled RNA out of so they used lung fluid that was filled with all kinds of unknowns.  Lung fluid has RNA from hundreds of sources.  They were examining all the different bacteria that live in there, different human cells, etc.  Then they sequenced about 20,000 different fragments.  They put that into a computer.  The computer pieced them together.  The computer filled in a lot of gaps from libraries of other sources.

This means they made it up.  It’s a computer model of a virus that has never been seen.  This is their evidence that the virus exists.  The PCR test was designed on this, which makes that test totally invalid.  It’s not meant to diagnose anything.  Even the scientist that invented this test said it is of no diagnostic value.   It is measuring sequences that they don’t know where it is from.

We’re told to follow the science, but the science is not true.  People say that the Chinese gave us the genome.  I wouldn’t bet your life on that.   If you drill that deeper, they say isolate but they don’t mean isolation.   What they mean is that they put lung fluid in a culture and it produced toxins.

Virologists have changed the meaning of the word isolation.  When the scientists that said they isolated the virus were asked if they had any micron electrographs they said no.  This information is in the public domain, but you would have to look hard for it.  So far there is no basis at all for any new infectious agent for this pandemic.  This could be a fictitious disease, but it’s real how it has changed our lives.  If it was this bad to require this gigantic policy shift we should be seeing people dropping dead in the streets.  If you weren’t watching T.V. you wouldn’t know anything was going on.  The only serious death and destruction is coming from government policy.  Most of the dead are people that are very old that were going to die.  The average age expectancy in some study groups is 73.  The average age of the people that died from Covid 19 was 80.  That means they were due to die anyway.  They outlived the control group.

There is a lot of erroneous data reporting, but there is also criminal reporting with regard to death certificates.  You do not need a degree in science to know if we had a crisis as big as we’ve been told we have, that there would be an increase in the overall death rate and there has not been.  The CDC can tweak their data anyway they want.  However, the number of total deaths from 2018 are identical to 2019 and 2020.   Instead of deaths from cancer, heart attacks etc. they put the cause of death on the death certificate as Covid.

There was a spike in mortality in April after the WHO made the announcement that there was a pandemic and the lockdowns were put in place.  There was a campaign of fear based on erroneous computer models predicting 30% of us would die.  This fear had a profound effect and traumatized people.  Now health care was not meted out.  No one was allowed to be treated with therapeutics.  They had to wait for a vaccine while being placed on the ventilator of death.   Fauci only mentioned vitamin D once and never told us that the people that were dying on ventilators were very low in Vitamin D.

Covid patients were sent to understaffed nursing homes.  Or healthy people were put on ventilators and they died.  People that had diabetes and other chronic diseases did not go to the hospital and died.  So the bad government policies could explain the spike in mortality.  Suicides were part of this.  On November 13, 2020 it was reported that suicide claimed more Japanese lives in October than 10 months of Covid.

Hospitals were given incentives to report false death certificates.  If someone was diagnosed with just plain old pneumonia they would get $6,000.  If they had Covid they would get $13,000.  If they were placed on a ventilator they would be reimbursed $39,000.  We’ve all heard varying degrees of payments, but this seems to be a true story.  If they died they had to put Covid on the death certificate otherwise they would be investigated for fraudulently trying to obtain those funds.  If we had autopsies we would have known the truth about this pandemic

Allopathic medicine is not helpful and probably responsible for more deaths than any particular illness.  The basis of medicine is identifying the pathogen and they have not done that with Covid 19.  In the future artificial intelligence will be making the health decisions.  They are taking the decision making away from doctors and that is why they want electronic records.  We think that illness is incurable,but almost everything can be recovered from without medical intervention.  I’m not saying that doctors are not necessary, they do amazing wonderful work when they get it right.  But most of us can get over a typical illness.  Especially now that we have indoor plumbing.