The World’s Largest Anti Trust Lawsuit did not really result in any changes.

Just saw this and the first thought out of my head was, well, there they go again. I didn’t even bother to read the article but I’m pretty sure I can safely bet that the word chiropractic didn’t come up once in it.

In 1990 Chiropractors won the world’s largest anti-trust lawsuit in history against the American Medical Association for boycotting chiropractors. Even though we won, they still basically boycott us. When they boycott us that means their patient’s suffer and in this case the suffering is an epidemic of narcotic addiction that is constantly in the news lately.

If the medical doctors would have sent you to a chiropractor at the time of injury so that you could have been treated properly for routine musculo-skeletal injuries perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing so many of these articles.

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